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 Staff List

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PostSubject: Staff List   Fri Jun 05, 2015 8:56 pm

Confused on who exactly is staff, want easy access to messaging a staff member?  Well look no further this here is the list of all staff that are apart of this site.  If you see a free spot and wish to fill that spot feel free to message one of the High powered staff members and we will discuss the matter together Very Happy.

The administers of this site are in charge of the overlook of the whole site, they have access to the administration panel and overall have say on every application if need be.  The administers run the infraction system as well.  If you are having difficulties with your app or need help or have any questions it would be best to message would of the administers.

The moderators are in charge of certain fields of the site such as over looking events, applications or the like.  There are several types of mods, Creations Mod which over look the application forms of the creations made.  Event Mods, these moderators overlook the events of the site. Finally, Battle Mods, these are mods who are well acquainted with the battle system of this site and over look all training and fighting threads to make sure god modding is not happening.

Creations Mod

Event Mod

Battle Mod

The chatbox moderators are in charge of maintaining the chat box. This means any moderators with the @ next to their name are in charge of keeping the balance of the site.  They often can help with any questions that are asked in the chat box, they are also in charge of keeping the peace in the chat box.  They are also in charge of keeping lag to a minimum in the chat box by clearing every now and then.  Most new applicants will start off as a chatbox moderator.

Chatbox Moderator:

Designers are staff members or even users of the site that helped code and design the site. They are in charge of GFX of the overall look of the site and will overlook all GFX requests on the site as well as coding request.  If you wish to have some avatar's signatures, or even coding done for you it is best to contact these members of the community.

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Staff List
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