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PostSubject: STAFF MUST READ!   Wed Jun 17, 2015 1:03 am

This is how I would like all staff members to assess applications.

It doesn't have to look exactly like this but please be formal and polite and explain the way you will be going about assessing the app.

Hello ______, I will be discussing with you on your app.  Anything that is out of place or needs editing will be in this color. Hope that you understand that there will be no biased grading on this application, any and all issues dealt with on this app is strictly based on the rules of this site.  Now then without further adieu, your over all assessment.

Assessment in Quotes:
Anything that you are assessing must be separated in quotes without any corrections, underneath the quote you are either to use the correction color you chose to explain what needs to be fixed or use black color font saying you approve of the item.

It does not have to look like this but give an overall assessment of the app what you though about it, what it lacked, how well structured it is ect.

Overall Assessment:
Overall this application is very short and vague, I suggest you add more abilities that use the ideas of the shikai and bankai abilities so that I can get a more descriptive version of the abilities themselves, this is a suggestion this isn't needed if you would like just an offer.  You have some changes you need to make, which are small. I look forward to reading your editing. I or another staff member will assess this once more once changes have been made.  Thank you for reading and understanding.

Make sure the apps have the following set up on them 

  • Cool Downs
  • Durations
  • Resists
  • Range
  • Make sense
  • One element if any
  • Summoning is a trait allowed only if elements are not involved
  • no stat boosting

If Staff have any more to add then please feel free to add what you will in the reply box down below.
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