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 Races of Lucid Dreams and Their Rules

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PostSubject: Races of Lucid Dreams and Their Rules   Fri Jun 05, 2015 12:30 am

001 Humans
Humans are a self explanatory race that live within the realm of the living. They are limited to exactly what they can do and can not see those who are dead or the like. The only exception to this case is if they become fullbringers.

A. Humans and Their Limits
As explained before humans are a very limited powered race, meaning they don't have access to abilities shinigami and the like do.  In fact the only thing humans can do is what they are depicted of, walking, sleeping, eating and the like. Any abilities they can do are that of natural abilities such as hand to hand combat and swordsmanship.  Often the humans of Lucid Dreams are seen in the High School and attend normal every day lives however they can gain abilities through the visit of a Hollow.  The only time a human can see that of someone that is dead is if they are a Hollow.

B. The Possibilities From a Hollow Visit
Humans are limited to exactly what they can do until they are visited by a hollow, what I mean by visited is well. . .attacked.  The human can choose to fight the hollow but normal weapons in the realm of the living will just break against it's body and fail to work in any attempt, however if the human survives the attack for whatever known reason they become a fullbringer which is a race of humans that gain super human like strength and the like from the attack of the hollow.  If the human dies they have a chance at becoming a hollow or a shinigami.

C. The Choice of the Hollow
In order for a human to become a hollow is if they know that of sin, have evil in their hearts and are filled with hatred and regrets.  Children can not become hollows as they don't know any better to their actions. In order to become a hollow when the human is killed they immediately become a spirit with a chain connected to their heart.  The user has a total of 3 posts to hit 5k words to purify their soul or the chain takes it's course kills the user sending them to hueco mundo to become a hollow.  In this state the user is now a hollow and must kill to survive as well as gain access to become a Vasto Lorde or Arrancar. The form of the hollow the now dead human will take is that of what ever shaped their regret and often is a demonic like creature and bares no resemblance to a humanoid figure until made a vasto lorde

D. The Choice of the Shinigami
In order for a human to become a shinigami is if they know that of repentance, have no evil in their hearts and are not filled with hatred or regrets upon their death. Children instantly become shinigami and once shinigami are forever locked into their body of a child like form until access to bankai.  In order to become a shinigami when the human is killed the immediately become a spirit with a chain connected to their heart.  The user has a total of 3 posts to hit 5k words to purify their soul if successful the chain will disappear and they will awake in the Seireitei in their form they were killed in and forever stuck in that body until access of bankai.

002 Shinigami
As many of you know Shinigami are soul reapers of the Soul Society, these members are formed from those who died and came back in a new life to fight and protect the Seretei.  If you wish to be a Shinigami you must know of the rules that coexist with being a member of the Soul Society.

A. Soul Reapers and their Zanpaktou
If you are new to the Bleach universe do not fret I will tell you about the basis of this group.  Soul Reapers or Shinigami have a companion that is linked to their spiritual being.  This companion is known as the Zanpaktou, with it being inactive it will look like any ordinary standard Samurai Katana, however when unsheathed it can take the appearance of something very different like a kunai, dual swords, or the like this will be the initial appearance or the appearance that has no activation. Every zanpaktou has a total of two forms.  The first form of activation is known as a Shikai and can be obtained when the reaper becomes well aware of their spirit that lays dormant in their blade, this requires plenty of training to hit shikai and only very few can reach it, their shikai will have powers dependent on their style of fighting but are easy to break if facing a bankai user.  The second and final form is known as bankai, this form is much like the shikai but at a different more powerful level, the bankai has been known to shape and change the appearance of the user as well.  Much like the shikai bankai requires plenty of training as well as a gruesome fight between their spirit which will make the bond between the soul reaper and their zanpaktou strong.  Zanpaktous, however, are not the only means to a Soul Reaper's defense.

B. Kido
Where as it is great that Shinigami have access to such a strong weapon known as the Zanpaktou they also have access to various techniques of which are called Kido. Kido are unique abilities that require incantations to activate much like shikai and bankai form of Zanpaktou.  Only strong users can wield kido without the incantation.  Kido falls into three specific categories.

  1. Bakudo: Supplementary spells which can immobilize an enemy or have an effect besides a direct strike. They may seem subtle, but these spells can give their users a tactical advantage when used properly. These are a broad category of defensive spells which block/repel attacks or freezes enemies in place. This class of spells include Kido Barrier and Seals.

  2. Hado:Offensive spells which inflict direct damage to the enemy. Their effectiveness differs depending on the user. It is said the effectiveness of the higher-ranked spells are beyond imagination. This specific Kido has another genre to it called Gisei Hado which is a certain type of offensive skill that requires the user to sacrifice a certain portion of themselves to use.

  3. Kaido:These spells do not have known names, numbers, or incantations to cast, and simply heal the target. As the user holds his/her hands above the patient's wounds, his/her palms glow with green spiritual energy to facilitate healing. When one heals with regular healing kidō, they perform Reiatsu restoration first. By doing so, one can attempt to recover the physical body using the patient's restored reiatsu and the healer's external reiatsu. Therefore, restoring the reiatsu when the physical body is in a fully healed state is no trouble at all.

There are certain forms of going about the incantations as well to use the Kido.

  1. Eishōhaki:A class of Kidō Incantation where the Kidō practitioner forgoes using a spoken incantation at all. While it decreases the time needed to release the Kidō, it drastically weakens the spell.
      While anyone well versed in Kidō can use this technique, it is most effective when done by a skilled practitioner, otherwise the spell could utterly fail (e.g. explode in the user's face). The most skilled experts are capable of using this technique to amazing effect.

  2. Nijū Eishō: a class of Kidō Incantation where the Kidō practitioner mixes the incantations of two entirely separate Kidō spells together to save time and confuse their opponent at the same time.

  3. Kōjutsu Eishō: A class of Kidō Incantation where the incantation is recited after initiating the spell in order to power it up.

C. Reiatsu:
This is where the power for the shinigami user comes from, this is also known as spiritual pressure.  This is the direct power source for a shinigami to use their Zanpaktou or even Kido.  It is physically possible to manipulate and shape your Reiatsu so long as you have undergone the training required to do so.  Reiatsu generally takes on a different color dependent on the user's Aura or Spirit present within themselves.  It is said that which ever member of the Soul Society who possesses the strongest Reiatsu would be named Kenpachi.

D. Positions:
The Shinigami are split into several sections of 13 total each section is in charge of a given field within the Seireitei. This is known as the Gotei 13.  Each section has one Captain and one Lieutenant aside from First division which will have two Lieutenant. Each division will also have members lower than the Lieutenant who are loyal to their captain and superiors.  The rolls of each Division are as followed.

  • First Division:This division is in charge of all thirteen divisions, any members within this division are well respected and are known as the elite of the thirteen.  Even the lower members of first division are held highly.

  • Second Division: This division is in charge of military combat and the like, this is the only division that will speak directly to the captain of the first division.

  • Third Division:As it is stated for now this division is rather well to be unknown for its requirements, they often help with a little of everything.

  • Fourth Division:This division is in charge of medical care, these members are well known for their medical habits.

  • Fifth Division:Much like the third division it is unknown as to what they are responsible for but they are too seen helping around with what ever the other divisions require help in.

  • Sixth Division: This is the law abiding division, not to say the others aren't, but the members of this division are often seen as strict and do not tolerate foolish behavior.

  • Seventh Division:Members of this division are free flowing and often live life to the fullest so to speak.

  • Eighth Division: As it is seen the eight division has never been noted on their requirements.

  • Ninth Division:Those of this division are often seen as a security force and guard the Seireitei with their lives, they are also in charge of art and culture.

  • Tenth Division:As it is seen the tenth division has never been noted on their requirements.

  • Eleventh Division:Those who are of this division are combat specialists skilled in weaponry, they are often seen practicing with their swords rather than Kido.

  • Twelfth Division: This division is responsible for creating new spiritual technology and research.

  • Thirteenth Division: As it is seen the thirteenth division has never been noted on their requirements.

005 Captains and Lieutenants:
Believe it or not Captains and Lieutenants are put in the spot that they are in because of their spiritual pressure and as such have access to do certain things that their fellow underlings can not do.  Captains have access to learn Shikai and Bankai and can even shape their reiatsu where as Lieutenants can learn Shikai.  Bankai form for lieutenants is hard to learn but it can be done but they can't shape reiatsu. Underlings can only learn Shikai.  Captains and Lieutenants, however can be challenged for their spot much like the wielder of the title Kenpachi as well.

003 Vizards
Vizards are Soul Reapers that gain access to hollow like powers. Because of this instead of repeating myself please go ahead and read this information the information on the abilities of shinigami before you read any further.  All caught up on what a Shinigami can do?  Well Vizards can do that as well as have access to hollow powers now let me try and explain.

A. Vizard's and their Mask
Soul Reapers with a massive amount of Reiatsu are actually able to form a hollow like mask around their face, this mask grants them to access that can be equal to Bankai or Shikai form depending on which form of the mask the user has access to.  This mask also has a third appearance which alters the over all look of the user all together.  This form is known as a Hollow form.  So as a recap the Mask has three forms, Half Mask where it will be seen covering have the face whether it be on the side of the face or even on the lower or upper half of the face, it is in this form the Vizard has little control over their power until fully mastered and will go on a full rampage.  The second form is the full mask where the mask fully forms around the user, in this form the user has fully mastered their mask.  The third form being Hollow form is the dangerous form as much like the first form it is uncontrollable here and can not be mastered.  

B. Cero
This is a hollow variant move of which spiritual pressure is focussed into the center point of the user's choice.  From here the charge is released into a beam of energy that attempts to penetrate all in it's way.

C. Shinigami and Vizard Differences
All Vizard's were either ex captains or lieutenants of the Seireitei of which chose to leave.  In order to be a Vizard you must do the training required to reach Vizard level but as such you will be forced to leave Seireitei.  Keep in mind Vizards can also use Zanpaktou abilities such as shikai and bankai.

004 Arrancar
This is a race of hollows that were transformed into a humanoid like species that have the ability of shinigami like aspects.  Unlike Vizard's Arrancar bear an uncompleted or broken piece of what was left of the hollow mask they once wore before they were changed into Arrancar.  If you wish to be an Arrancar please read this information.

A. Arrancar and their Zanpaktou
Arrancar wield a zanpaktou much like that of a shinigami but their zanpaktou is completely different to that of a shinigami.  Unlike shinigami, arrancar can not achieve shikai or bankai form but in fact have a similar like ability which is known as Resurrection.  This skill is when the arrancar unseals their zanpaktou, in this form they take on the appearance of more of a hollow than that of a human, in this form their hollow powers also increase and is equal to the hollow form that Vizards have but has complete and full control.  In order for the arrancar to take a human like form again they must seal their weapon, this does not require an incantation like shinigami do. An arrancar's zanpaktou also can take a different appearance of a sword from sais, tonfas, guns, ect.

B. Appearance
As explained before Arrancar have a broken piece of their once full masked hollow form once had, they also bare a hole somewhere on their chest which is completely see through. The hole indicates the missing heart that they don't have due to being hollows turned into humanoid like creatures.  Arrancar's also wear the apparel of the colors opposite to that of the Soul Reapers, generally the Arrancar's overall appearance is relatively close to the hollow they once were in some form of way.

C. Abilities

  • Cero: This is a hollow variant move of which spiritual pressure is focussed into the center point of the user's choice.  From here the charge is released into a beam of energy that attempts to penetrate all in it's way.
  • Bala:A technique that fires hardened spiritual pressure. Less powerful than a Cero, but can be successively fired at 20 times the rate.
  • Descorrer:A technique used by Espada-level Arrancar, which allows them to tear a rift between the world of the living and Hueco mundo

D. Positions

Much like the Gotei 13 of the shinigami, Arrancar have a similar set up.  This is known as the Espada and their purpose is to destroy the seireitei and the living realm.  Each Espada member will have a tattoo somewhere on their body and will have arrancar that serve under them. The Espada as followed.

  • Cero: This Espada carries the Death aspect of Rage and bares the tattoo of the number 0 which forms into the number 10 at the form of Resurrection.

  • Primera: This Espada carries the Death aspect of Solitude and bares the tattoo of the number 1

  • Segunda: This Espada carries the Death aspect of Aging and bares the tattoo of the number 2.

  • Tres: This Espada carries the Death aspect of Sacrifice and bares the tattoo of the number 3.

  • Cautro:This Espada carries the Death aspect of Emptiness and bares the tattoo of the number 4

  • Quinto:This Espada carries the Death aspect of Despair and bares the tattoo of the number 5

  • Sexta: This Espada carries the Death aspect of Destruction and bares the tattoo of the number 6.

  • Septima: This Espada carries the Death aspect of Intoxication and bares the tattoo of the number 7.

  • Octava: This Espada carries the Death aspect of Madness and bares the tattoo of the number 8.

  • Noveno: This Espada carries the Death aspect of Greed and bares the tattoo of the number 9.

005 Quincy
Quincy are human medium like beings that have the power to know of the presence of Hollows.  Such as the shinigami they are tasked in killing the hollows but they also kill shinigami as well.  They do not agree with the roles of Hollows but they too also disagree with the habits of Shinigami as well.

A. Quincy and Their Abilities
Unlike shinigami they do not have weapons such as Zanpaktou to slay Hollows, in fact they have an item called the Quincy Cross.  This item allows them to form what they call Reishi into a weapon of sorts, without it, it can not shape, manipulate, or form the weapon.  These skills are used to slay Hollows and Shinigami alike.  The weapons that are formed from they Quincy like abilities are that of Bows, Arrows, and Swords though swords are made in two handed form and require a great amount of reishi to maintain.

B. Quincy and Their Appearance
Much like the arrancar Quincy are seen wearing white like attire but unlike the arrancar the attire is equal to that of the appearance of a priest or monk.  Quincy is not bound to one gender so a quincy can either be male or female but in the realm of the dead they take the appearance of a monk or priest/priestess.

C. Quincy Family Affiliation
Quincies are not all related, in fact various quincies come from different family ties or clans.  As such each Quincy may bare a Quincy Cross but each may also be tied to a different belief of the clan they belong to. These clans do not alter the ability of what the quincy can create but simply states the morals of their being.

D. Sternritter
Sternritter are Quincy who have been studying the arts of their Heritage for years, they are the most powerful and are usually associated with a letter that is in Direct correlation with their Unique power they each obtain. There are five Sternritter picked out to be the Schutzstaffel , the leader of the Sternritter themselves and four others, their main goal is to protect the Leader of the Wandereich, More or less their King. To Become a Sternritter A Quincy must prove themselves to the Leader of Wandereich, who will then have them drink a bit of his blood, which then enables the leader to etch a piece of their soul into the Sternritter which will Carve the letter for them, this will also allow the Sternritter their Unique powers, (This is just for Story purposes, You get to pick the letter).
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Races of Lucid Dreams and Their Rules
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