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 Rules on Yen

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PostSubject: Rules on Yen   Rules on Yen Icon_minitimeWed Jun 10, 2015 4:56 pm

As of now I am instating the rules of Yen and what they will be used for, and how to obtain Yen. First let me explain what Yen is before I go any further than I already have. Yen is this site's currency, it is very valuable and can either be hard or easy to obtain, you need Yen to receive certain items, these items do not include your Zanpakuto, Quincy Cross, or the like.

What is Yen used for: Yen is used to buy items that will help you like a Giga, which is an empty vessel for Soul Reapers to enter in while in the human realm to research odd attractions such as hollows. Many more items will be added to the list such as a Mod-Soul which is a pill that is used to transfer a laboratory made soul into a vessel that is dead or has no soul at all such as a stuffed animal, these can be used for things such a companion and the like.

How to Obtain it: Well for starter the first five people who full registered everything and has gotten everything approved, this meaning zanpakuto, abilities, character, organization{if apart of one}, have received a grand total of 10,000 Yen. Those who register and get everything approved only get 2,000 Yen which is the start off every race gets when starting off. You can get Yen from various things such as GFX Shops, Gambling, Events, Missions, even the leader of your division, espada, or sect can give you Yen, the leaders receive 5,000 Yen to start with.

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Rules on Yen
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