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 Neo Hollows

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PostSubject: Neo Hollows   Mon Jun 08, 2015 4:15 am

Oh you thought we were using the hollows from the actual anime? Ha, boy were you wrong, I introduce to you the Neo hollows. You see just because this is a different dimension that has the canon races doesn't mean we can't change them up a bit.  Want to know what the difference between the Canon Hollows and the Neo Hollows? Well Neo hollows have the option of having an actual mask or not, in fact the Neo Hollows look much like a demon than a monster with a mask, though the classifications for neo hollows still stands.  So here we go, Neo Hollow classification.

Neo Menos:

Neo Menos are considered the weakest class of hollows, this is due to the fact that they can't take on a human like shape in fact most of the Neo Menos are stuck in an animal like form till they can successfully kill several humans, shinigami, or hollows.  Neo Menos can only use Bala and aren't very fast nor very strong, up against a human a Neo Menos might win or loose depends on the strength of the human alone.  Neo Menos is the first class of the Neo Hollows.

Neo Menos Grande:

Neo Menos Grande is the next step up from Neo Menos, this type of hollow can still not take on a physical human shape however it is closer to looking like one.  The body shape is human like where as the feet and legs are animal like, these creatures look like shadows mostly and move like shadows the only way to tell the difference between them and an actual shadow is the glow of their bright red eyes.  Neo Menos Grande can use Bala and Cero.  Against a human a Neo Menos Grande would most likely win hands down.

Neo Adjuchas:

Neo Adjuchas is a type of hollow that takes on a form much like Neo Menos Grande but more human like.  Their body is cloaked in shadows as well as chains they appear to resemble the appearance of the grim reaper.  This class of Hollow can use Cero/Bala and against a human no doubtably would win unless vs. a fullbringer.  This class of hollow is the last level before turning into a Vasto Lorde which is the form of an Arrancar or Espada.  Neo Adjuchas can choose whether or not to turn into a Vasto Lorde or not but this form of Neo Hollow is a force to reckon with, shinigami members have a tough time killing this class of Hollow.  Many Arrancar and Espada came from this form of hollow.
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Neo Hollows
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