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 Yuel Kenpachi [Vizard] [WIP]

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Yuel Kenpachi [Vizard] [WIP] Empty
PostSubject: Yuel Kenpachi [Vizard] [WIP]   Yuel Kenpachi [Vizard] [WIP] Icon_minitimeWed Jun 24, 2015 12:01 pm

Yuel Kenpachi [Vizard] [WIP] SXghjM
NAME: Yuel Kenpachi
ALIAS: Unequaled Sword; "Strongest Swordsman"; Tensai Jidai no Nana; The King
AGE: 197
SEX: Male
RANK: Captain
SQUAD: Eleventh

Apathetic is arguably the best adjective to define Yuel. In a broad range of meanings Yuel is what defines apathy. While he cares not for a person's background, their appearance, or status, he neither cares for their well being. His lack of sense of responsibility and pride contrast widely as negative and positive traits. On one hand, you have a man who can brush off the harsh words of those that might disapprove of his actions, or the taunts of those desiring a more tangible substance to oppose. On the other hand, the man brushes off responsibility over his own words and actions.

Despite his imbalanced nature, as an open-minded guy who finds no interest in what was or could be, preferably living in the moment and in reality, one could describe Yuel to be charismatic and social. Preferring tangible substance himself in clear, physical form--materialistic on some occasions--Yuel extends himself in conversation, almost always taking the initiative in social situations.

Taking into account his less desirable traits Yuel--whom lacks the capacity to earnestly care--can be seen as cruel in many instances. For example, before him is a man blatantly being beaten and bashed to a bloody pulp, crying out for any man or woman to grant him salvation. The filled coin purses of the local guards give hints to what sort of situation this is. Enter Yuel. Assuming he is even capable of alleviating the man's pain in the slightest? It wouldn't matter. Yuel may like to meddle in situations, but only in self-interest. If he was to get involved in the matter, it would be out of selfish volition, and not a shred of sentiment towards the assaulted present.

To that extent, Yuel is not a vengeful person. Lacking pride also results in lacking wrath. The existence of anger within him is questionable. Of course, in such a situation as provided Yuel wouldn't go so far as to completely ignore the crime. At his core, Yuel is simply "chaotic neutral". Driven by impulse and apathy--ironically--there's the high chance that Yuel wouldn't intervene, but inquire the situation. Naturally, meddlesome people are unappreciated; the inevitable reaction is an aggressive response, which--despite being his fault--involuntarily draws Yuel into the situation. And now, he either flees or fights. At this point, it's a matter of "Should I? Should I not? Nah, it's tedious."





Durability: Trained (2)
General Speed: Trained (2)
Strength: Trained (2)
Weapon Skill: Master (7)

Willpower/Determination: Trained (2)
Mental Deduction: Skilled (6)
Pain Endurance: Trained (2)
Focus: Master Skilled (5)

Kidō: Trained (2)
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The Founder

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Yuel Kenpachi [Vizard] [WIP] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Yuel Kenpachi [Vizard] [WIP]   Yuel Kenpachi [Vizard] [WIP] Icon_minitimeWed Jun 24, 2015 10:06 pm

You can use fancy HTML all you want but you can not modify my template this is denied until fixed even if wip, also kenpachi can not be your title as that goes to the first captain who maxes out all stats, please fix.
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Yuel Kenpachi [Vizard] [WIP]
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