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PostSubject: Forumotions Rating   Forumotions Rating Icon_minitimeTue Jun 09, 2015 9:03 pm

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Bleach: Lucid Dreams

Forumotions Rating E6ep1z10First ImpressionsForumotions Rating R910_z10
Forumotions Rating 2hewum10General Forum Appearance Forumotions Rating R710_z10
Forumotions Rating 2vd37s10Forum ActivityForumotions Rating R710_z10
Forumotions Rating 20iz7210Staff & UsergroupsForumotions Rating R1010_10
Forumotions Rating 2na4qb10Forum OriginalityForumotions Rating R1010_10
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Forumotions Rating 16hlu611Grammar & SpellingForumotions Rating R710_z10


  • My first impressions about your forum are pretty good. Bleach Lucid Dreams has the potential to become one of the most successful and largest role play games communities. However, you may want to take into consideration some of the propositions that I am going to mention. Regarding your forum’s appearance and design, I am huge fun of your current theme and logo. They fit perfectly. Everything seems beautiful, but you could improve a couple of things. For example, there is a bigger gap in the navigation bar between the button FAQ and Members. Also, the text for Overall, Today's top 20 posters etc are not well structured. Furthermore, your forum’s activity is decent. Most of your registered users connected in the last 48 hours, but there is a lack of content. Guests and users enjoy seeing categories full of messages. A nice way to do that is to encourage your staff to post more. All in all, your staff is as effective as possible, but, especially at the beginning, every needs to put more effort. Moreover, your community is unique and original and the categories look okay. There are too many animated images which are a bit annoying for me, but that is just my personal opinion. With reference to your forum’s grammar and spelling errors, there are some tiny mistakes. For example, Want to make some Yen or even progress your stats on your character, well come here and look at the mission board and take the challenges requested of you. There is a missing question mark between the two sentences. The same mistake can be found in more descriptions. No worries, it is not that important! 

Forum Strengths 

  • Forum's Appearance
  • Forum's Originality
  • Forum's Structure

Forum Weaknesses

  • Forum's Activity
  • Grammar/Spelling mistakes

Average Review Score: 8,5

Proof of Rating: http://help.forumotion.com/t141115-bleach-lucid-dreams-simple-review?nid=19#960965
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