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 Chance Meeting After School(Private/ Reika and Seijuuna)

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PostSubject: Chance Meeting After School(Private/ Reika and Seijuuna)   Wed Jun 10, 2015 1:22 am

The school bell tolled through out the halls of high school, letting everyone know it was time to head home for the day. Reika packed up her book bag and headed towards the library to do a little manga reading before heading home. She exited the classroom, walked down the hall, went up the stairs, turned the corner and headed inside the school library, and straight for the manga section. She picked out a shoujo manga book that caught her eye and took it to a table to read.

She finished reading the book twenty minutes later and put it on the book cart before taking out another book and checking it out at the front desk. She put the book away in her bag and headed out of the library. She headed back downstairs and towards the exit of the front of the school. Reika stopped in front of her shoe locker to put her room shoes away and put on her normal shoes. As usual, when she opened the locker, at least ten love letters were piled on top of her shoes. The fullbringer let out an exasperated sigh before stuffing the letters into her book bag and putting on her normal shoes.

Reika heard her stomach grumble, it made an embarrassing gurgling sound, causing the girl to blush a bit. She decided it would be best to go grab a quick bite to eat before going home. So, she headed for the local burger place up the way from the school.
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PostSubject: Re: Chance Meeting After School(Private/ Reika and Seijuuna)   Thu Jun 11, 2015 12:58 pm

"Mission: Complete." Seijuuna said as she slashed a menos's head. The scarlet haired captain wouldn't normally say those kind of words but since she watched some people play 'The Arcade', if that's what they call it, and everytime she watches some human creatures play a game that has missions. Seijuuna started to walk away, her hair swaying a little from left to right as she walked her way to wherever fate was taking her to. It was rather a boring walk for the shinigami, unlike that day, before, everything was awesome but human creatures today got even more lazier... probably like Seijuuna.

As Seijuuna was loitering and roaming around somewhere in Japan, she happened to pass by a 'Burger Place' that is called by humanity. It was oddly weird for Seijuuna since she had never tried such a thing in her life... when she was still a human that is. Of course, it was understandable. Most shinigami had never tried it anyways, maybe not most but all... though there is still a possibility that someone in the shinigami race tried it. Seijuuna would enter the place if only the people that are around wouldn't be scared and mistakes her as a ghost. Then it will spread like wildfire globally and after that... is probably the end of her. Seijuuna sticked her palms on the window and watched everyone, as if she were a child looking for a toy , outside a toy store.

One way or another, Seijuuna made a swift move inside when a person was about to enter. She was sure that the person felt a gush of wind because of her speed or if she is unfortunate today, the person will see her but... luckily for her if she encountered someone that could see ghosts or shinigami, her attire is far off a shinigami but is near a human's. Though, it would be best to avoid people interacting to her or else the other ones that are around will think that the one talking to her was crazy. She could have used an artificial body though, her mind was slow to process whenever she thinks of alcohol.

Her eyes scanned the are and found it too bright for her taste, she wasn't a fan of the darkness nor is she a fan of the brightness. Though, between the two, she prefer to be in a place that has neutral brightness. The captain has a feeling of something that she couldn't tell, it was unpleasantly pleasant and these words will make her think on how literally illiterate she was at that time. It was like a paradox that could make someone have a headache. Seijuuna ruffled her hair slightly since it wasn't like it was going to be messy anyways. She might have spent five hours combing her hair but her scarlet locks cannot be messed that easily, unless if she was wearing a hair accessory or a pony tail. It was a surprise that she doesn't wear a pony tail today since she often ties her hair when in the human world.
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Chance Meeting After School(Private/ Reika and Seijuuna)
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