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 Ōchō no umi no ō (Dynasty Sea King)

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PostSubject: Ōchō no umi no ō (Dynasty Sea King)    Tue Jun 09, 2015 9:50 pm

Zanpakuto Name: Ōchō no umi no ō (Dynasty Sea King)

Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance: Ōchō no umi no ō takes the appearance of a shark-man to resemble the King of the Sea, a Megaladon.

Zanpakuto Spirit Personality: Known for being one of the most powerful predators in history, Ōchō no umi no ō has a very powerful demeanor and sometimes can seem overbearing. He enjoys being used as a weapon for utter destruction first and foremost. He is extremely cocky in the sense that he will act as if all else is inferior in his wave as he leaves a path of utter destruction. He likes to act as a bit of a devil on Raios's shoulder when they're in combat together because they have such a strong bond together and Raios has no real reason to not trust him, Ōchō no umi no ō combined with Raios's own sword skills are the only reason that Raios did survive his time in Hueco Mundo.

Inner World: Raios's inner world depicts a completely sunken and ruined city reminiscent of the lost city of "Atlantis", many buildings crumble now and then or at least parts of them, fish have made the place their home and if you look up you can see the faint light from the sun shining down from the ocean surface.

Sealed Zanpakuto Appearance:

Release Phrase: "Devour, Ōchō no umi no ō."
Bankai Release Phrase: "Eliminate your prey, Ōchō no umi no ō"

Shikai Appearance:

Shikai Abilities:

  • Tsunami Force: This is a passive ability that is attached to the activation of Raios's shikai, Ōchō no umi no ō generates water which will accumulate around the blade and form a coating around the blade which enhances the force behind his melee attacks as if a tsunami were following behind his every strike.

    The weakness of this ability is that, when facing heat type users, if the blade of his sword is struck by extreme heat, namely enough heat to be able to evaporate water, it would evaporate Tsunami force off of Raios's blade, though this heat would have to be at an ability power greater than Raios's own, it would take two whole posts for the water to re-accumulate around the blade and sheath it in water once more meaning that on the third post after, Tsunami Force would come back. Please note that this does not actually boost strength but simply adds a higher force behind the strike making it much harder to full on block, requiring a parry more likely as well as increasing knock-back chance/force.

  • Riptide: Riptide is an ability which is used in unison and is completely dependent upon the status of Tsunami force. Following suit with Raios's fighting style which is mostly all out sword combat and relentless offense, Raios can utilize the water that is coating his blade in order to fire off an arc of pressurized water that can easily cleave solid rock and steel.

    The downside to this ability is that it is completely reliant upon the status of "Tsunami Force" and if Tsunami Force has been removed from Raios's blade then this ability cannot be activated until Tsunami Force has returned.

  • Predators Blood: Predators blood is yet another abilities which in turn relies on firstly the use of Tsunami Force and secondly the use of Riptide unless Raios has simply struck his opponents with Tsunami Force which in turn would not only damage them but get them wet due to the water surrounding his blade. When Raios activates Predators Blood, Raios is able to cause water that his Shikai form has produced and boil it to the point of extreme heats in order to deal damage. As stated before.T

    he downside to this ability is that, if Raios hasn't been able to get his opponent wet with his own created water via the use of Tsunami Force or Riptide, the ability has no point in being used because he can only boil water that he himself has generated.

Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Abilities:

  • Hunting Grounds: Raois instantly exudes a massive dome of water around himself within a 30 meter radius which acts as a shock wave the instant it is used as it engulfs all things around him in water, having a heavy impact as the surface of the dome reaches its targets. This water acts just like normal water meaning that targets caught within it must swim around in it and most certainly cannot breath while in the water unless they have an ability or technique to allow them to do so. Because Raios exudes this dome from his very own body, Raios acts as the focal point for the dome as it will move with him as him being the epicenter. While within this dome.

    The downside to this ability is that Raios has also trapped himself within a massive dome of water and so if it comes into contact with Lightning element, there is no escape for Raios as the dome will conduct the entire attack whether it misses him directly or not. Also, similar to Tsunami Force, when in contact with a heat that is powerful enough to evaporate water with a power level high than Raios's own, this dome can be evaporated, rendering it completely useless.

  • Predator Mode: This ability passively activates itself whenever Raios finds himself within the confines of any kind of water. When in water, Raios will go through slight physical changes, his hair will grow slightly darker gray, his teeth will become sharp and shark-like, he will gain claws, gills and his tattoo's will glow bright blue on his body as well as allows Raios to be able to breathe underwater.

    If Raios is outside of water and in predator mode, first and foremost he will not be able to breathe because of his gills and will need to exit predator mode making him also lose his claws, and sharp teeth.

  • Mega-Hunter: Raios slashes his blade towards a target, during the slash his sword will exude a high amount of water which will form into the visage of a Megaladon which will attempt to engulf its target causing impact and slashing damage due to its size and its teeth. The projectile is roughly five meters around and 10 meters long.

    On the downside, an ability of equal proportion and equal power that is heat based is capable of completely evaporating the entire amount of water used in Mega-Hunter. The ability travels at the save movement speed as Raios and so, opponents that are faster than him should be able to dodge this ability with greater ease than someone of lesser or equal speed.

  • Predatory Dominance: Due to the clear lack of skill in the Art of Destruction (Kido) as well as no real proper means to counter kido with kido, Raios is able to use the power of the ultimate predator to trump kido whom's power is lesser than his own by using the mouth at the end of his blade to devour it, avoiding the need to block it and possibly suffer from an explosion or repercussion of said kido.

    This does not allow him to use the mouth to eat other types of abilities however, this includes Shikai, Bankai, Ressurection and other energy based attack that are not kido. Again this can only be used on Kido and nothing else, this also requires the power of the kido to be lesser in power than his own strength or this ability with indeed fail.

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PostSubject: Re: Ōchō no umi no ō (Dynasty Sea King)    Wed Jun 10, 2015 12:13 am

Completion Bump~!
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PostSubject: Re: Ōchō no umi no ō (Dynasty Sea King)    Wed Jun 10, 2015 11:21 pm

Approved, on high watch
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PostSubject: Re: Ōchō no umi no ō (Dynasty Sea King)    

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Ōchō no umi no ō (Dynasty Sea King)
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