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 Senji Kimura

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PostSubject: Senji Kimura    Senji Kimura  Icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2015 8:04 pm

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»Name:Senji Kimura


»Age:Looks 23, Actual age is 742


»Birthday:August 24th



Senji Kimura  HukDJzE

»Personality:Most of the time, Senji can be seen as a hard ass, usually trying to always be serious in order to ensure that the members under his division and all others around him remain sharp and that their duties are performed and done well. However to those that know him and are around him when he is off duty, Senji can be a very free flowing and fun individual. He is a very passionate person, caring deeply about the members of the Seireitei and always willing to give his all to protect and care for them. In fact Senji enjoys his free time so much, that he usually jumps at the first chance to relax and is often irritated when his free time is interrupted. Senji is also a fairly heavy drinker, often performing his duties either drunk or with a hangover and constantly drags those who are under his division to go out drinking with him.


  • Order- Senji enjoys it when all the members under his division know what their jobs are and are doing them well, it gives him less to do and makes him look good.
  • Training- Sparring is a recreational activity for Senji, it gives him the chance to improve his skills and blow off some steam.
  • Relaxing- Whenever Senji gets the chance to relax, he can be himself and it allows members of his division to get to know the real him.


  • Disrespect- Senji values respect above all else and teaches it to all members under his division. Being disrespectful in any manner is extremely insulting to Senji.
  • Enemies of the Seireitei- Any enemy of the Seireitei is a hated enemy of Senji, even if they were once his friends. They threaten the peace of not only the Shinigami but of the Humans as well.
  • Disobedience- As free flowing as Senji can be at times, he understands that the rules are in place for a reason and breaking them should always follow with the appropriate consequence.

Senji Kimura  ElJDUNc

»Appearance Picture:

»Eye Color:Yellow



»Hair Color:Dark brown

»Extra:Dragon tattoo spiraling up his left arm.

»Appearance Description:Senji is a tan skinned, tall man with dark brown hair and bright yellow eyes. His hair is long, reaching all the way down to his next and is slightly wavy. He is fairly muscular and has a dragon tattoo spiraling all the way up his left arm. Senji dresses in a variety of clothing, which is unusual for a Gotei 13 captain, although he can be seen with his captain's haori at most times. Most of Senji's clothing comes from the Human world, another oddity for a Shinigami. His human clothes usually consist of some combination of jeans, a V-necked shirt and a jacket.

Senji Kimura  DlSAAwc

»Historical Information:'Where...where am I? Everything is so dark and cold...", Senji's eyes opened slowly, the bright white light flooding into the darkness and blinding him. It was several moments before his eyes were able to adjust, once they did he noticed that he was surrounded by a group of people with concerned looks on their faces. He was confused, he had no idea where he was and he was wearing strange clothes. The more he began to think, the more he realized that he didn't know anything about himself either, the only thing that was resounding loud and clear in his head was his name, Senji. Some of the crowd surrounding him began to disperse once he regained consciousness, while others stayed and began to place their hands on him and smiled, one of them was an old man who said "Don't worry son, everything will make sense to you soon enough, just give it time. In the meantime, we have a spare room that you can rest in for a while." The strangers helped Senji to his feet, leading him into a small house not far off from where had awoken and lay him down on a bed.

It was only a short while after that until Senji lost consciousness again, eventually awakening the next day. When he awoke, he awoke with more knowledge and understood about where he was. He didn't remember how, but he knew that he had died and that this was the afterlife, a place called Seireitei. When he awoke, the old man informed him that he was welcome to stay as long as it was needed, since housing was very hard to come by in the poor district of Seireitei and everyone needed to do what they could to help out. It was this policy that dictated the next couple years of Senji's life. Senji did whatever he could to help out and earn his keep around his town. Most of the time, however that mean growing food for the villagers to eat, though they needed to eat much less than Humans did. This was Senji's life for almost five years and had every expectation of it staying that way.

However, Senji eventually became restless. There was a longing inside of him that he couldn't explain. Every night, he found himself staring at the gate of the Gotei 13. He marvelled what they did, every day they were venturing out into their world and the human world and saving people. Senji began to have dreams every night that he was a captain of the Gotei 13, revered by all others and one of the most powerful Shinigami to ever exist. Eventually, Senji's longing became a craving and it was one that he could not resist. He knew that he had to try to become a Shinigami. It was a few months later that the Academy began accepting new recruits, it was that day that everything changed for Senji. The day of the entrance exam, every aspect of Senji's being was tested. His strength, his speed, his intelligence, his aptitude, his natural skills, no area was left uncovered. It was the most exhausting day of Senji's life. At the end of it all, Senji returned home to his bed with no confidence whatsoever. He had to wait three whole days to see if he would be accepted or not and he had the feeling he had failed every single test.

On the third day, Senji approached the gates with low expectations. There was a huge crowd and Senji witnessed as many passed and failed. By the time he got to his name, his hopes were even lower than normal. Most of the others that he was sure were better than him failed. In fact, after watching so many pass and fail, he had no idea what it took to pass the test, it always seemed to vary. Senji slowly looked up to the list, anxiously scanning for his name until finally he found it and it and his heart sank. He dropped to his knees, his eyes widened and he let out a scream at the top pf his lungs, "I passed!" It was the happiest moment of his life, he could hardly believe that he had managed to pass. Knowing the procedure if you manage to pass, Senji ran back to his house and packed all of his possessions into a sack. He thanked everyone who had helped him through the years and ran back, all the way through the gates of the Gotei 13.

After being enlisted into the Academy, Senji made a lot of new friends and even made a few rivals. He trained hard every single day, always with one clear goal in mind, that he wanted to become a captain. Many other Shinigami were hesitant about trying to achieve that level of skill, whether it was because they didn't believe in themselves or they didn't want the responsibility. There was only one Shinigami that he had met that wanted to become a captain just like Senji did. His main Rival, Raios. He had met Raios in the first few weeks of the academy, noticing something was different about him because he wore a necklace made out of hollow teeth around his neck. No matter how hard he trained, it seemed that Raios was one step ahead of him. Senji continued to train for years, motivated to beat Raios and to become a captain. It was much harder than he ever imagined it being, but after centuries of training he finally succeeded in becoming the captain of the eighth division. However, once he became captain his training didn't stop. In fact, he began to train even harder. Now he leads the eighth division, confident and strong, yet still looking to achieve his next goal.

Senji Kimura  GNn23KI

See Stat System For More Information

General Skills

  • Durability:Advanced

  • General Speed:Skilled

  • Strength:Expert

  • Weapon Skill:Master

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination:Advanced

  • Mental Deduction:Expert

  • Pain Endurance:Average

  • Focus:Advanced

Racial Skills

  • Kidō:Average

Senji Kimura  P7fgKAs

»Your Sample: Senji awoke to the sound of birds chirping and a light breeze touching his face, the light shining gently on his eyes. He sat up from his bed and yawned deeply, rubbing his eyes and began to make his way over to his wardrobe. He browsed all of his outfits and decided to wear his normal captain uniform for today and began getting dressed. As soon as he'd finished getting dressed, he felt his stomach growl. "Ah, guess it's time for Breakfast", he said with a slight smile and began to make his way towards the mess hall. Exiting his room, he was immediately greeted by several passing Shinigami, hurrying off to do their daily chores. Senji walked leisurely towards the mess hall, greeting several others on his way and even giving a few orders to some new recruits.

Finally reaching his destination, he grabbed a tray of food and sat at a table, where he was instantly greeted by his Vice-Captain. "Good morning, Captain. I have a few things here that you need to review", his vice said to him while handing a chart out to him. "Geez, don't you ever relax," he asked with a mouthful of food while grabbing the chart and perusing it. He could tell that his vice did not respond well to being presumed as a workaholic by someone such as Senji, who was normally much more worried about business than others. After reading the chart, Senji gave his vice captain the necessary orders and proceeded to finish his breakfast. After his breakfast was finished, he began to make his way to the training grounds.

Rather than train himself, it was time to watch the members of his division and review their training. Senji watched with intense focus, the sword skill, strength, speed, and overall skill of each of his units. This was an important process for ensuring that every unit progressed properly through the ranks and that Shinigami who needed a higher level of training received it. After charting down his notes, he left the training grounds and began to walk back towards his division's barracks. Senji looked up at the sky, noticing that the sun had raised noticeably higher in the sky while he had been in the training grounds. "The day sure is going by fast, looks like today will be rather uneventful. I suppose that's not so bad," he said just before entering the barracks.

Noticing that many of his units were close to finishing their daily chores, an evil smile began to grow across his face. He walked slowly across the room, turning to everyone in the room and letting out a slight chuckle before slapping a new list of chores on the board. "Divisions three, five, and seven are in need of additional help, so as soon as you finish your duties here, head on over there to provide assistance. Oh and don't forget to smile, remember that you're representing the Eighth Division!" Senji's announcement was met with a resounding, "YES, SIR!" before they all quickly returned to work. Afterwards, Senji returned to his quarters and began preparing himself some hot sake. Compared to other days, Senji's schedule was practically empty today, giving him plenty of time to relax. Once his sake was ready, Senji began pouring back shot after shot of sake, eventually slipping into a drunker slumber.

Several hours later, a member of his division burst into his room in a panic, quickly waking Senji and causing him to give a fierce look at the man who just burst into his room. The look he received by Senji caused him to panic even more, "Captain Senji, please forgive me! But a swarm of hollows is wreaking havoc in the human world, we've never seen anything like it! We have the situation contained and the humans protected, but there's too many, all available squads are dispersing to eliminate the hollows!" Senji ran his hand through his hair and sighed, slowly coming to his feet. "I was actually hoping today would be uneventful," he said while exiting his quarters slowly, looking out into the night. "Send every capable unit we have, but be careful and don't form squads in less than five. I don't want any casualties."

Afterwards, Senji shunpo'd away, appearing moments later at the large Senkaimon leading to the human world. Without hesitation, he entered and arrived in the human world to find a very unexpected situation. Hollows were swarming all over the town, rampaging and destroying anything that they could. The night sky was filled with clouds and rain poured down on the sky, although it was not natural rain, this rain was caused from the amount of unnatural amount of energy flooding the human world.  Senji quickly realized how much damage that a situation of this magnitude could cause, he quickly drew his sword and unleashed a large amount of Reiatsu, attracting the attention of most of the hollows in the vicinity. Luckily, most of the hollows attacking the town were Menos class, "With me, form a circle!" he yelled to the Shinigami in his vicinity. About a dozen Shinigami just out of the Senkaimon quickly rushed to his side, forming a defensive circle with him.

Instantly twice as many hollows rushed to his location and Senji and his squad began tactically striking at them. Whenever a menos would attempt to attack, they would parry and as many of them would attack the same hollow at once without sacrificing any of their defensive stability. Unfortunately, Senji was the only one capable of keeping with this tactic for an extended period. "I'm going to break off the circle, close the gap as soon as I leave, don't give an inch! This will be over sooner than you think!" Senji sprinted out of the circle, straight towards the rest of the incoming hollows. Using his speed to his advantage, he slashed straight through as many of them as he possibly could in one dash. In doing so, he took most of the attention off of the others and began to carefully assault one hollow at a time on his own. He jumped onto the first hollow and stabbed his sword through the hollow's head, jumping to the next and repeating to the process. This strategy allowed him to take down a sizable number of them, but it wasn't long before his body started to give out. While he was in mid jump to destroy another hollow, two hollows launched a simultaneous attack that hit Senji on the upper torso and lower back, causing him to spiral down out of the air and slam into a nearby tree. The force of the attack caused quite a bit of damage, but he was still able to fight.

Senji kicked himself up off the tree, launching straight onto another hollow and plunging his sword into its skull with all of his weight. However, this was a foolish move as another attack was quickly incoming for Senji's stomach. Just before the attack could hit, the rest of the Shinigami stabbed the hollow from behind, destroying it. They proceeded to form another circle, all of them completely exhausted. The fighting continued for a while longer, before all of the hollows in the area were killed. He breathed a sigh of relief as the members of his squad collapsed from exhaustion. Senji looked towards other areas of the town, assessing the situation. However, it seemed that most of the hollows had been eradicated and everyone was starting to return to the Seireitei. Following suit, Senji and his squad returned to Seireitei and he began helping wounded Shinigami to the medical barracks. However, it wasn't long before he was called to appear before the Captain Commander, along with all of the other Captain to report the situation. Senji arrived to find everyone arguing among themselves. He slammed the door behind him, gaining everyone's attention and looked directly at the Captain Commander, "This was not a freak incident. All of the hollows there were menos class. This was a planned attack and it isn't the last one. There is going to be another attack, except next time it isn't going to be a minor distraction. Next time it's going to take everything we have to stop it. Sir, what I'm saying is...this was a test." The room fell silent, everyone's gaze turned down to the floor until finally the silence was broken by the Captain Commander, "Then it is time we start preparing Seireitei for a war."


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Boop, done!
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in your stats you are -1 please lower one of the stats.
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Excelent RP Sample, you are all set

 make your application to the organization by using the template located here.http://bleach-ld.forumotion.com/t27-organization-template

then posting it here http://bleach-ld.forumotion.com/f12-organization-applications
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Senji Kimura
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