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 Eleventh Division Captain "White Sake Dragon" Raios

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PostSubject: Eleventh Division Captain "White Sake Dragon" Raios    Eleventh Division Captain "White Sake Dragon" Raios  Icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2015 7:35 pm

Eleventh Division Captain "White Sake Dragon" Raios  BQz9Ofj

Eleventh Division Captain "White Sake Dragon" Raios  EH2MFos

»Name: Raios

»Alias: Rai, "White Sake Dragon", due to his ability to consume an insurmountable quantity of sake as well as his love for sake. It is said that his 'sake burps' resemble the sound of a roaring dragon.

»Age: 364 years old.

»Gender: Male

»Birthday: March 16th.

»Rank: Captain

»Division: Division Eleven

Eleventh Division Captain "White Sake Dragon" Raios  HukDJzE

»Personality: Raios could almost be described as two different people, one of which would be considered his normal every-day self that people get to see during normal every-day sorts of activities and encounters. The second would be the much more animalistic or in-human side which generally comes out when Raios is in a pinch, extremely angered or near the point of death. The switch between personalities which almost seem like 'modes' that he can enter to help him out in a certain situation happens very quickly and violently as if something in his brain has snapped despite the ability to bring himself back under self control once he gets a moment to himself to calm down.

Generally Raios is considered to be a great leader type of person whether he be the most popular or not, he firmly believes that when it comes to leadership, it's not a popularity contest at all. To Raios it all comes down to doing what is right and what is best for his squad. Raios is very serious without having to be a complete stick in the mud, stern type of leader. Raios's mindset could be compared to 'Business first, party later' or even another term that had become popular with the humans, 'work hard, play hard(er).' Raios is an avid fan of drinking and having fun but he will make sure that everything he must do is done first and he gets very angry when he catches his subordinates slacking on their duties because they want to go have fun, his solution is to simply make them work harder to get their task done faster.

Raios could be considered a very 'Lion-Hearted' individual, he holds loyalty in extremely high regards, if Raios feel's betrayed he will completely shun or 'cut off' whom ever has made him feel this way, the only way he would reverse such a thing would be if said person were able to prove that they have not indeed wronged him or if the line of duty called for such occasion of Raios having to associate with such individual(s). Raios would do almost anything for his squad members, friends and loved ones and sees himself as a protector to those people regardless of whether they need his protecting or not, he is similar to a 'big brother' figure. Raios also holds his beliefs in extremely high regard, they could be considered as chiseled into his mind, because of this Raios is the type of person to always get back up if he happens to be knocked down though for him this is such an intense thing that sometimes it can appear as if he were a zombie, simply refusing to die or give up no matter what.

In conclusion, Raios makes for an incredible friend, ally or loved one because he will never give up on you and he will push you to your limits to better yourself the same way he does himself, he believes that there is no such thing as 'trying' but simply 'do' or 'do not'. Doing what you are suppose to do is extremely important to him and it really gets on his nerves if someone, especially someone who is considered his subordinate isn't doing what they're suppose to be doing. Lastly, there is a side to Raios of which he has almost no control over for a certain time frame after it has been brought out of him, it takes him a few moments alone to quell this side of him and of course, never get on his bad side.


  • Loyalty: One of the most important things to Raios is loyalty because it is something that you should give to everyone that you respect and because once Raios feels betrayed by someone or a certain party he can become very cut throat around them in terms of communicating and reciprocating said loyalty.

  • Fighting/Kenjutsu: Following suit with the duties of his Division, Raios is not only a master of said art but a major enthusiast that there of. The art of sword only combat has been a personal passion of Raios's since he was young enough to wield his own sword.

  • Drinking: When Raios is not on duty he is one of those members of the soul society that are revered for their drinking abilities and are not the type of person that you want to go to the bar or have a drinking competition with unless you yourself are also just as experienced, Raios has earned himself a title due to his drinking habits. (see Alias's.)


  • Insubordination: Raios does not treat his job like a popularity contest nor tries to be the 'coolest' captain ever in terms of letting his division slack off or do as they please, Raios makes sure that they work hard in order to be strong and because of this, Raios becomes very frustrated when any one of his division members is slacking off or not listening to orders.

  • His own anger: Raios becomes someone completely different when he 'loses his top' and goes into a sort of blind fury when he becomes extremely angered. Of course this would not be one of his favorite things at all because this can cause him to do irrational things or just create more stress for himself which he most certainly does not need.

  • Kill-Joys: While Raios is an incredibly firm believer in hard work, it is that very belief that also makes him feel as if he is entitled to have as much fun as he wants because the only reason he is having fun would be that his work is done completely and to the fullest of his ability and that he is not on duty, anyone who would dare to disturb Raios when in his happy place would be marking themselves as a dead man.

Eleventh Division Captain "White Sake Dragon" Raios  ElJDUNc

»Appearance Picture:

Eleventh Division Captain "White Sake Dragon" Raios  Profile

»Eye Color: Slitted and Yellow with an orange-ish outline.

»Height: 6'2 and a half.

»Weight: 168 lbs.

»Hair Color: Silver/Gray/White

»Extra: All along Raios's body (upper chest, both arms, face, back and legs)  he is covered with what appears to be tribal tattooing, some appearing more tribal in look than others, some looking more 'flame' like and all of them are in a blue color-scheme.

»Appearance Description: Raios would be considered a fairly tall man, standing at six feet, two and a half inches tall. Body type-wise, Raios has a very cut figure which is built for both power and speed, not just simply power. His muscles are very defined though not to a freakish looking point. Raios has very long and very wild silver/gray/white hair which reaches lengths comparable to that of Super Saiyan 3 Goku. As far as Raios's outfit goes, he prefers to shy away from what a traditional captain would wear, customizing his outfit to fit his personal comfort. Over his body, Raios wears his original captains Haori which overtime has become very tattered and battle-worn. His original Haori had a rather high sided collar and now is worn much more like a cloak than how a haori is suppose to be worn, leaving the open size of it to expose his left arm, side and part of his chest as he wears nothing underneath the haori. As for pants, Rai wears black combat pants which are topped off by an off-gray sash, on his feet he simply wears tabi. Around his neck is one of Raios's prized possessions which is a Hollow-tooth necklace made from the teeth of the most powerful hollow he had slain in his younger years which serves as a constant reminder to him of his hard past.

Eleventh Division Captain "White Sake Dragon" Raios  DlSAAwc

»Historical Information: Raios was born in a very poor part of Rukongai to a very underprivileged family, his father never had the skill to become a shinigami and so he was working day in and day out simply to provide what food he could for his family which was rather large for what he was making in Kan. Raios was the oldest of seven children and so at a very young age, Raios also had to begin working, doing whatever he could for money which often led him to do things that were not necessarily looked on as an approvable job by society, he was more or less a young street thug. Often he would have to fight or get into fights and he was actually rather strong, able to beat most of his opponents with his bare hands despite the fact that they had weapons. Raios's real skill come out whenever he was using a weapon however, particularly swords or elongated blunt weapons, he was very good at handling it and could disarm several opponents even if he was by himself. Raios did this because he would do whatever it took to make sure his brothers and sisters had a better life along with his parents despite his parents and him not ever getting along very well due to his gang involvement.

One day, Raios's gang leader had tasked him and two other people on a job that was sure to pay them the 'big bucks' to the point where they may never even have to work again and they could live a good life, they were not told what the job was however, Raios didn't care though because he always saw himself as fearless. All that the group of them knew is that they were intercepting a shipment that was being sent down from the Soul Kings Palace so Raios knew that it had to be something important. The three of them set out, arming themselves with weapons because they were told that this shipment was going to be protected by three academy students, their leader was basically testing their strength. The three set off to the point where the shipment was to be delivered during the cover of night which was when the shipment was set to move. Scoping the area out they pin-pointed the three wanna-be Shinigami and planned their attack, getting into positions and waiting for the shipment to reach their choke-point.

Launching their attack, all of them had engaged an academy student and continued to combat them, Raios was the first to beat his opponent allowing him the luxury to check the shipment to see what it was, to his surprise it was a shipment of swords, grabbing one, Raios checked the quality and was amazed by it, those swords had been perfectly made and it seemed to him as if there was something special about them and so he cast aside his old sword and grabbed on of the blade and took it with him. Looking up from the shipment, Raios could see that his partners were not having the best of times with their fights and that there were reinforcements coming and closing in fast, far to many for Raios to be able to fight off with just two mediocre allies. He had no real option but to run for the woods despite how dangerous they were at night time. Raios was chased into the woods for quite some time, they seemed to not want to let that cargo go which only told Raios that it was extremely valuable, looking at the new sword which was attached to his hip he could only wonder why it was so special.

Unfortunately for Raios, the fact that he was paying more attention to the sword than to where he was going, it caused him to make a mistake and fall down a very large hill, it was a pretty violent fall and a long way down. As he reached the bottom he continued to roll, seeing an extremely large creature which hadn't noticed his presence, ahead of him. He watched as some sort of weird hole opened up in front of the monster as it started to step into it. Raios quickly got to his feet as the Shinigami's were right on his tail, he had no other choice, he was going in also and so he ran and jumped in. As soon as that happened Raios blacked out and as soon as he came-to, he found himself being blinded by a very high intense light and it was very hot out. Sitting up and looking around, he was extremely confused as to where he was, seeing the sword roughly ten feet away from him, Raios got up and quickly ran to it, picking it up. It was clear that he was stuck in some sort of desert but "where" he was, was something that really bothered him because he didn't even feel as if he were in the Rukongai anymore, nor the Seireitei.

Raios would come to find out that he was trapped in Hueco Mundo, all alone and in the den of the wolves, the Hollow that hunted human and Shinigami souls. He would also soon come to find out that the weapons that him and his group had found were the swords that eventually would become the Zanpakuto of a shinigami, they were simply in their blank form, waiting for a warrior to find them and imprint their very soul onto the blank canvas of the blade, Raios was fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience this bond in a much more different way than most shinigami ever would. His life had practically depended on Raios's connection with his Zanpakuto and very quickly unlocked its power as he fought for his life with his partner.

Raios lived many years in Heuco Mundo, in fact he had lived there for so many years that they had outweigh the amount of years he had lived in the Soul Society and he sure had become completely acquainted with the rough lands of Hueco Mundo. The rough environment had changed the young punk kid that Raios had been before into a complete beast of a man because of the harrowing events that had transpired as he almost died many times, fought very strong opponents and simply grew all together. One day, a party had been sent to Hueco Mundo and they had just so happened to run into Raios, immediately however they were not able to recognize him as a human and thought him to be a hollow or a Vasto Lorde as he was wearing his tattered clothes, a necklace of hollow teeth and a mask over his face, his hair extremely long and wild. Eventually after doing combat with him they would come to find out who he was and so they brought him back with them.

Finally back in his original homeland, he was taken to the Gotei 13 in order to display his impressive skills and the ability and knowledge of not only swordsmanship but also Kenjustsu, Zanjutsu and the name of his Zanpakuto as well as an extremely strong bond with it. He was placed into a squad and was made to work his way up until he had finally become on par with a captain long before he actually became one. Due to the intense bond that he and his zanpakuto shared, Raios was able to access his Bankai much earlier than many if any Shinigami had ever done. After years of loyal service to his squad, Raios was finally promoted to Captain of Division Eleven.

Eleventh Division Captain "White Sake Dragon" Raios  GNn23KI

See Stat System For More Information

General Skills

  • Durability: Expert

  • General Speed: Expert

  • Strength: Dangerous

  • Weapon Skill: Master

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Trained

  • Mental Deduction: Trained

  • Pain Endurance: Expert

  • Focus: Trained

Racial Skills

  • Kidō: Average

Eleventh Division Captain "White Sake Dragon" Raios  P7fgKAs

»Your Sample: Leon could hear the chanting from outside of the place which was also packed with people, drunks everywhere flirting with rather trashy looking woman and tough guys thinking they were the strongest but most of them were mere humans or at least the ones that were not ballsy enough to step into the ring, Leon did not fall into that pathetic category. Leon had to push his way though to overcrowded entrance into what seemed to be a bar at first glance but people had weapons everywhere and in the basement there were extremely expensive training rooms developed by the army to let people experience real combat without actually having to be in the combat, there were 10 of these chambers and Leon came here often to train himself though tonight he would fight for money. He was an Angel and held justice above all else but with his current situation he was forced to have to submit himself to cage fighting in the Alterian underworld, pretty ironic place for an Angel to be doing business. Leon wore his usual all black battle gear outfit and his large harness accompanied by the presence of an even larger sword on his back, the blade was his trusty weapon from Heaven and inside of it was the Angel core, a Heavenly object given only to the strongest of gods guards the Arch Angels. A sleazy looking guy in a beat up suit threw his hands in the air as soon as Leon entered the place which read "Hell hole" on the front. "Leon my boy! I trust you are prepared for the fight?" The man said as he put an arm around Leon's shoulder. Aside from the mans suit he was a tall man, about the same height as Leon which was a good six feet tall, he had long black hair which went well past his shoulders and it was incredibly straight as well, his eye's were a creepy piss yellow color which made it hard to look directly into them and he smelled of cheap perfume and hair jell, just the king of man Leon hated yet some how this man was his "manager" at the Hell hole.

Leon averted his eyes from the man and shrugged his arm off of his shoulders, "Get off of me Zidane. Just tell me where the fight is so I can beat this guy to a pulp and get out of here." Anyone could tell just by Leon's tone of voice that he was disgusted to even be there, he hated the scum of the earth that seemed to find themselves attracted to such a place with the name of "The Hell Hole" but then again Leon also felt like a bit of a hypocrite at this point. "Oh oh oh, I don't like that attitude my boy.... your opponent is none-other than Maldread Seigraine, a top notch fighter and a demon ta-boot, some call him the Shepard of fire so you better watch your ass." Zidane chuckled, it was very obviously that Zidane cared more about the money he would make for the commission of Leon's fights than Leon's actual well-being which always gave Leon a bad feeling. As Leon and Zidane were talking they were walking over toward the metal staircase which lead down to the lower levels of The Hell Hole, it went down 10 levels and each level was a training room and these rooms proved to be very large being able to simulate any terrain one could imagine and even some you couldn't imagine, it created the ultimate battle field from nothing and made it feel real. "The shepard of fire.... Well im Leon the Arch Angel, ive never lost a fight to a demon and I never will." Leon said aloud even though he was really just thinking to himself. Zidane laughed once more, "Yes yes yes, Leo the White Lion of Heaven was it?..... hey.... maybe Maldread know's Zero, you should ask him." Zidane said leaning in close to Leon's ear so no one else could hear him. Upon hearing the name Zero, Leon instantly became pissed off and he grabbed Zidane by the collar of his beat up suit and shoved him against the wall, "Shut your silver tongue mouth and never speak that name around me again." Leon said in a very serious tone, he gave Zidane one more strong thrust against the wall and stared him in the eyes for a long moment as people stopped to look at them, "Tell me what damn training room the fights in before I throw you down the stairs."

There were ton's of other fights there at the arean's but fighting someone that wasn't human was rare and as far as the people knew, Leon's power was from his sword. None of them knew he was actually an Angel and if they did know he would probably be kicked out because his kind wasn't welcome there. Leon was in a fierce eye lock with Zidane for a long moment as he kept his mouth shut but then he talked, "Arena 6 kiddo." Zidane said in a bit more of a serious tone as he took a gulp. Leon turned away from Zidane the moment he spoke and took off down the metal staircase which led to a lower platform with a network of elevators that took you down to each arena, the arena's were very large rooms at least 3 times the size of a high school gym and were created of indestructible and translucent panel's which had a white tint to their exterior. Large viewing area's were set up outside of each arena so people could watch these fights, some to the death and others for pure sparring purposes. Leon could hear Zidane's last words to him before he stepped onto the lower platform and the way he said it bothered Leon, "Good luck kiddo, you'll need it." Zidane said chuckling out loud and vanishing back into the sea of people in the bar area. Leon stepped onto the elevator platform and one of the two guards stopped him with a forearm, "Hey, who the heck are you?" One of the guards said and before Leon could respond the other moved the first guards arm out of the way, "It's fine, he's that Leon kid." the second guard laughed as he let Leon pass. Leon just frowned and stepped past the men. Once he was on the platform he stood at attention looking out over all of the stands and he started to sink down with the platform going down level by level until he reached the 6th level. The platform came to a halt and a door slid open in front of him, Leon took a few steps out of the platform elevator and into a lobby like room which was attached to another room which was more like a locker room for a fighting to prepare himself for battle. Leon took his harness off and threw it aside onto a couch with his sword too. Leon sat down on a chair and slouched in it so he could relax. He took a deep breath and thought over what Zidane had said to him earlier, it bothered him but then again there wasn't a thing that Zidane did that didn't bother Leon so he just ignored it.

Suddenly an electronic dinging sound could be heard over a loudspeaker in the room then a robotic voice spoke over it, "Warrior's prepare for battle, 5 minutes until the match." Leon got up and walked over to a kitchen-like area and grabbed a cup and filled it with water and ice then sat back down for the remaining minutes. The same voice came over the loudspeaker once more with a minute warning, Leon took one last sip of his ice water then put his harness back on and walked over to the door that had been previously locked, Leon pulled it open and stepped into the tiny room which was a horizontal elevator to take the participants to the stage. Leon was focused as the elevator reached its destination, the doors opened slowly to reveal the interior of the white tinted translucent cubes Leon had been now accustomed to fighting in and the most interesting part about that is that in another few minutes the inside of the cube would look like a real life terrain they could fight on and in, even being able to create solid objects. Across the way, in an identical entrance chamber too his a man about Leon's height stepped out of it, he was in a full set of armor save a helmet adorned in black and red and over his black mail shirt was a black tabard trimmed with red to match everything else, even his long blood red colored hair. His eye's seemed lazy and green and they seemed to be staring right at Leon and he spoke, "SO. You're Leon....huh." Maldread said, "You don't look as tough as most people make you out to be, you shouldn't be much trouble." Leon smirked, he liked when his opponent was cocky. "That's some awful big words coming from someone shorter than me, my sword is taller than you." Leon said with a laugh, he was more of a prideful person than a braggart. Both Leon and Maldread had their swords sheathed as they stepped into the main square of the arena and the second they did that the entrance area closed off so now they were both sealed in the arena. Leon and Maldread circled each other just waiting for the fight to begin, "I wonder what type of terrain they're going to give me to kill you, you pathetic human...you just don't get it, us Demon's are much stronger." Leon had no real response he simply snorted at Maldread's ignorance and waiting for the moment the battle field was created because right after that the fight began. In the cube's current state Leon and Maldread were also able to see outside of the cube but once the terrain changed they wouldn't be able to see all the fan's, Leon just watched the yelling of all of them because inside the cube they couldn't hear a single cheer.

Maldread and Leon continued to circle each other and keep the same intense eye contact that they had the moment their eye's met. Leon reached behind him and lightly gripped the handle to his interlocking sword and brought it in front of him holding it at the ready and Maldread reached his hand down to his left waist and drew his long sword out of its sheath and held it at the ready as well, it was obvious that the second the match began these two would be at each others throat until the bitter end, it was a classic battle of Angel versus Demon. There was a light humming noise as color began to swirl violently around the entire arena and in a moments time they were in what looked like a deep underground base. There were military grade metal doors and railing as well as piping and large creates filled with god know's what all over the place. In between Leon and Maldread was a large metal door that was now slowly closing so Leon rushed forward and slid on his hip under the doorway as it closed, Leon got back up to his feet and Maldread was attacking full force with a flurry of strikes. When it came down to their swordsmanship their skills were about on par with each other though both fighters had their advantages, Maldread had a long sword which was double sided and could be used for easy quick strikes but Leon had his large interlocking buster sword which offered high defense and powerful strikes, the only thing you needed with a sword like that was timing and Leon had that down. Leon side stepped a few attacks and used the wide part of his sword to block some of the attacks before he went on the offensive against Maldread. Maldread dropped back a foot and Leon began his assault taking the hilt of the blade in both hands and swinging the blaze horizontally at his hip bone. Maldread was able to block this powerful swing with his sword though the recoil knocked the sword back a bit exposing the other side, Leon used the momentum of the first swing and spin in a 360 degree's motion and aim for his rib cage, this would have been a devastating attack but luckily for Maldread he also had speed on his side, he was able to dodge backwards far enough to just barely get out of the reach of Leon's blade, the tip barely kicking his tabard leaving a cut in it. The two went on like this in intense close quarters combat as they exchanged blows and both displayed a high level of battle experience as they were able to dodge, parry and attack like a professional swordsman. After a good solid 5 minutes of the sword scathing each other with their weapons and dodging it was time for the two to stop and catch their breath, they both retreated a little bit as they caught their breaths holding their weapons at the ready. Leon wiped some blood off of his arm and smirked, "We'll I guess you've at least seen real battle before. I may not be as strong as I use to be but im sure I can beat you, your just a weak demon." Leon said with a slightly taunting voice, he was trying to get Maldread to be the first to reveal his power so he could at least have a more information about him than he had about Leon.

"HAHAHAHAHA, im going to make you bleed more boy." Maldread laughed falling for the bait perfectly. "I guess you just don't understand why human's don't rule the world anymore... its because your weak." Maldread yelled as he paced around getting a bit closer to Leon, "I'll show you how unforgiving fire can be." Maldread cackled as his sword burst into flames and he charged at Leon. Leon smirked and held his weapon in front of him as he whispered in Celestial Angelic language which only the Arch Angel's were taught, "Caerel, Ziltea, Cygnan." As Leon whispered the names of the other three Arch Angel's in the holy language to the Angel core little spirits seemed to come out of it, three to be exact. Suddenly Leon's sword seemed to fly apart into 4 different swords, the one in Leon's hand still resembling a buster sword but the other three parts were floating in the air attached to the little spirits and as Maldread rushed into Leon their blades met in front of each other in a deadlock, Leon's sword now glowing a bright blue color, if he hadn't activated that then Maldreads attack would have been able to knock Leon back but as Leon held Maldread in a sword lock the other three sword took aim and went flying right towards his back. Maldread pulled away from Leon and defended himself now taking a more defensive position. The 3 floating swords kept on attacking at Maldread as if they were crows with very sharp talons swooping down on him and attacking then floating back up out of his reach and while this went on Leon waited, he knew exactly how he should finish this fight. A good 20 minutes of fighting had now passed and Leon grew tired of this fight, while Maldread was defending himself against the 3 swords Leon waiting but now it was time for him to strike and finish this once and for all, "Your a damned fool Maldread." Leon said before his whole body was covered in a blue aura and Leon point his sword at Maldread, a moment later Leon's blade was in the motion of an uppercut swing at Maldread who was caught off guard by the gap Leon closed in a split second and as the sword swung Maldread put his sword up to block Leon's only to have his sword knocked up and out of his hands as Leon's sword swung high in the air, he had saved himself from the deadly slash but now he had 3 swords stabbing into his back and Leon about to deliver the finishing blow. "This is it, good bye." Leon said in a low voice before preforming a downward slash on Maldread while releasing a powerful arc of blue energy which tore right through Maldread cleaving him in half. With Maldread now dead Leon stayed in the position he had finished in as the crowd went wild, it was so loud this time that Leon could actually hear their faint roar through the arena.

Instantly after winning Leon had a bad feeling in his gut. He stood in the position he finished Maldread in for a long moment as he caught his breath and listened to the crowd. The room began to hum again as colors and shapes seemed to swirl together until there was nothing left but the white cube once more, it was perfectly white except for the area where Maldread lay slain, that area was stained red with his blood. After a moment of cathcing his breath Leon stood up and looked around the translucent cube, he could now see the crowd going wild over his close victory, he was a little cut up and bloodied but he would manage just fine, he was tempted to show off in front of the crowd but reserved himself. Leon slowly picked his sword up and placed it in its harness which rest on his back and he talked to himself in a low voice, "I told him I was going to end him...he shoulda listened..." As Leon began to walk away towards the locker room area the door's were usually open by now and workers would have already been in the arena working on cleaning up the mess from Maldread and preparing for the next battle, the fact that this wasn't going on added to the bad feeling Leon already had. To put Leon's frustration at it's limit a voice came over the loudspeaker's except this one was a broadcast over the entire place and the voice made Leon's spine tingle. "H-helloo~! Is this thing on? Hehehe well if everyone could please direct their attention to training room 6 because boy do we have a show for you now~." Zidanes voice echoes throughout the entire place.

"Ladies and Gentleman im sure none of you are aware but the fighter we have here is none other than the Arch Angel Leon, now.... tell me....do we welcome those type of people here? Last time I checked they stayed in Heaven and let us demons be here on earth so why don't we send this lost Angel back home the only was we know how?" Zidane said laughing over the loudspeaker as his voice trailed off. Suddenly the entire place began to rumble and a large crashing sound could be heard starting from the lowest level of the training rooms. Every couple of seconds there was a loud crashing noise and then suddenly Leon was shot backwards as an explosion happened right in the center floor of his training room. Leon landed on his back and he sat himself up to see what had happened and what he saw terrified him. Zero floated above the massive hold in the floor of the cube, his large black wings spread wide and his 8 foot long nodachi in his hand. He gave a dark chuckle as he gathered dark power around himself and sent it out in a shock wave, it seemed to damage nothing but the training room its self breaking all the circuitry and cutting off all the lights, leaving only a faint glow from the sparks and barely working lights. "So I finally see you again Leon. Zero said. His outfit was very similar to Leon's, an all black leather coat which metal pauldron's on the shoulders, black leather pants and black combat boots. Zero's hair was long enough to reach his back and snow white, his eye's a demonic red color.

Leon scrambled to his feet and drew his sword at the ready so he could defend himself, it was obvious that Zero was going to attack the only problem was that he liked to stall with words so it was only a matter of time. "Zero! what do you want!" Leon yelled at him, not being able to keep his cool, in the time he was gone there was no telling what Zero could have accomplished. Zero gave Leon a large grin, "What do I want? I was just paying a dear old friend a visit, I haven't seen you ever since you and your little friends sent me back to hell but im back and this time Leon, I will be sending you into your own personal hell." Zero said, starting out in a playful and jester-like tone but ending with an angry and vengeful tone. Zero floated slowly too the ground just past where he had broken through the floor, his feet made a gentle tapping noise as he reached the ground. Zero's wings folded up and then slowly vanished out of site, the only thing left was the extremely long nodachi in his right hand which he had leaned against the ground. Zero Laughed more and put his arms out and spun around looking at the crowd, "You filthy maggots, recreating your own underworld as if you could ever match the beauty of hell, its a disgrace. I have come here however to offer you along with this Angel something very special, I have come here to offer you salvation...a free ride to hell."

Leon had heard enough of this madman's nonsense so he picked his sword high up into the air and charge at Zero, closing in on his position he swung the sword downward right at Zero's head but in a split second Zero had his nodachi in a defensive position blocking Leon's. "I'll send you back to hell demon." Leon said with gritted teeth as he made eye contact with Zero. Zero remained perfectly clam as he returned Leon's gaze, Zero spun around as he parried off Leon's blade and slashed at Leon's mid section. Leon jumped back avoiding the strike but Zero had already closed the gap in between them already, Zero jabbed his sword at Leon's shoulder and Leon ducked and swung his sword upward in an uppercut motion. Leon's attack was aimed right at Zero's left arm pit in an attempt to cleave the arm off entirely. To Leon's surprise Zero put his free hand in the way of the blade and stopped it with his palm. "You've lost your touch Leon...where'd all your power go?" mocked Zero as he grabbed Leon by the collar and threw him across the room. Leon hit the wall with his back and slid down to the ground with a hard thud, he was now in a good amount of pain as he struggled to his feet, things were starting to look bad for Leon.

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