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 Chikyū no chi (Zanpakuto)

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PostSubject: Re: Chikyū no chi (Zanpakuto)   Tue Jun 09, 2015 2:18 pm

Please note that your zanpakuto stats are equal to yours. Meaning it can't increase strength stats or speed stats but the power it has in general like making fire into magma and the like.
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PostSubject: Re: Chikyū no chi (Zanpakuto)   Wed Jun 10, 2015 11:18 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Chikyū no chi (Zanpakuto)   Tue Jun 16, 2015 11:49 pm

Hello Kazangan, I will be discussing with you on your app.  Anything that is out of place or needs editing will be in this color. Hope that you understand that there will be no biased grading on this application, any and all issues dealt with on this app is strictly based on the rules of this site.  Now then without further adieu, your over all assessment.

Quote :
Chikyū no chi, often shortened to Chikyū, is very aggressive, often times yelling and attempting to assert his dominance over Kazangan, but it never works. In truth, his over abundance of aggression is mostly an act, being truly meek by nature. He may seem mean, but he's pretty nice, and fittingly warm hearted.
Can you be a little more descriptive on this please, I just need a little more detail on the overall personality as this is a little vague.

Quote :
Oh now where to begin. His inner world is a fiery place, free-flowing lava everywhere. When first entering said world, there is a circular platform, having a radius of roughly 10m. In front is where Chikyū no chi usually is. On either side of him, are small gaps maybe a meter in length, that lead onto the dirt inside of the Volcano they're in.

If Kazangan were to travel further up, which he did during his Bankai training, he would see a world filled with erupting Volcano's, that would only stop when he dies. Between them are rivers and even lakes of Lava, with large slabs of stone on them. The Lava flows at his will, and the will of Chikyū no chi. The sky is blood red, while the stone beneath is the usual brown.
This is acceptable, this is approved.

Quote :
The Main change is the lava around him. When put into a ball, it's about 10 meters all the way across, and when stretched thin, 30. He wills it to move where it goes, being able to use it and his sword. He can cool the Lava and harden it into rock at will, and rapidly heat it back up, and even brighten or darken it. The Blade helps with movement, allowing him to be more flexible when moving around. He is immune to his own Lava. 

The downsides to this, is that if cooled down to stone by any means except his own, he can't heat it back up himself. He has to exit, then enter Shikai again, and in the heat of battle, that's nearly impossible. Next, he can't create any more than what he had at the beginning. Meaning if he loses it, he can't make more. Finally, while good for movement, his Shikai is difficult to do damage with, as it is a thin blade. The lava moves not that fast. The Brightening/Darkening/Hardening ability(s) aren't instantaneous.
This is vague I would suggest making abilities that form out of this one with a cool down, resist, duration and so forth, if not then add more detail to this putting cool downs, resists, durations, and so forth.

Quote :
The amount of Lava he gets increases from a 10m sphere turns into a 45, and when stretched thin it's made into a 135m. The speed of the Lava increases, and is about 2x as fast. He remains immune to his lava. His sword now has switched properties. Instead of helping him be quick, it helps him to deal damage easier, as he no longer needs to be as precise.

The restrictions are the same, just slightly reduced, namely the time it takes to activate things. The other weakness' still apply(As in everything about how he can't make more/When it hardens by other he can't use it. The weakness of the blade is that it hinders his maneuverability, and he's no longer as nimble as he would be otherwise.
Much like the shikai ability I suggest you make abilities that branch off this one to explain it in further detail if not then add resists, durations, cool downs, ect.

Overall Assessment:
Overall this application is very short and vague, I suggest you add more abilities that use the ideas of the shikai and bankai abilities so that I can get a more descriptive version of the abilities themselves, this is a suggestion this isn't needed if you would like just an offer.  You have some changes you need to make, which are small. I look forward to reading your editing. I or another staff member will assess this once more once changes have been made.  Thank you for reading and understanding.
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PostSubject: Re: Chikyū no chi (Zanpakuto)   

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Chikyū no chi (Zanpakuto)
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