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 Kiando Gorre [FIN]

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Kiando Gorre
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Kiando Gorre

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PostSubject: Kiando Gorre [FIN]   Kiando Gorre [FIN] Icon_minitimeSun Jun 07, 2015 10:45 pm

Kiando Gorre [FIN] 4LASF5K

Kiando Gorre [FIN] HTLITxl

»Name:Kiando Gorre

»Alias:Lone Wolf, Red, Lazy

»Age:21 (looks) l 432 (actual)


»Birthday: April 23rd

»Rank: Vasto Lorde

»Espada Group: Quarto Espada

Kiando Gorre [FIN] ZN5CUSo

Kiando is a brave and strong fighter, a genius, both on the battle field and off, never making the wrong choice…or at least that’s what he wishes he was. In truth he is quite the broad and interesting specimen. He seems to both be unrealistically transparent whilst also being incredibly varied. He is quite difficult to describe in just a few words as he tends to be a genius at one moment and a complete moron in another, he can be kind and cold, observant and oblivious, he is difficult to describe with merely one of these terms. His entire personality seems to most to be one constant flux, ever varying, constantly changing, it can only be said that he contains multitudes. He possesses several personality aspects which seem to be a relative constant and yet there are some times when they may be missing all together. His personality constantly fluctuates from lazy to not lazy depending on his mood or the occasion, but if not all the time he is occasionally seen lounging around or sleeping somewhere.

He is oft criticized or berated by people who claim he has no common sense to keep him out of these situations. Yet this is both true and untrue, he is simply too prideful to back down, it would after all, be an insult to his name and pride if he were to do such a thing. One of the few things he absolutely cannot stand is an insult, be it to himself or to someone he cares for and often he will answer such an insult with a challenge to battle or some other ridiculous type of game, even if there is very little of a chance that he can win, which is highly likely to get him into a great deal of trouble or personal injury. He is not malicious with these acts though, he has good intentions, it is just that often these aspects of his personality conflict with his rationale.

Perhaps the first things that people notice about Kiando is that he is an outrageously curious person, causing the simplest of things to be blown into a full scale fiasco merely because he put his nose in a place it did not belong. As such he greatly enjoys learning new things and living through new and unique experiences. He enjoys doing anything that may increase his knowledge base. Perhaps as a result of his aforementioned curiosity, he is extremely intelligent. But the ever modest one, he would deny it. He knows, what he knows. He does not openly brag about his knowledge, nor does he openly give it away, preferring to only display said knowledge when needed.

Kiando could only be defined as the trickster. He loves to play games, more so he loves to play games with other beings. A little extra chaos always makes the world a brighter place in his eyes. He has always been the prankster and the practical joker; although many find his jokes to be...less than funny. As such he is very sly and cunning so much so, that he often believes he can talk his way out of anything, but more often he only manages to talk himself into more trouble. He often enjoys games of any sort, but his stubborn nature often makes him more than unwilling to accept defeat and will often cheat or bewilder his opponent if it means he can walk away the victor.

With each of his positive and negative traits, Kiando has one that many people rather friendly or otherwise can tell right off the bat- he is extremely lazy especially during a fight. While fighting he will display a crouch like position with his back slumped and one eye closed, showing his boredom with not only the fight itself but the opponent in general. Although he is the epitome of a heavily lazy sleeper, he is also surprisingly unpredictable. In accordance with his own personality, certain things can trigger him to become a deadly fighter bent on nothing more than ripping his opposition to shreds. Such cases as when his commander orders him to attack or defend depending on the case.

Sleeping: One of the things he is always seen doing in his spare time, Kiando loves sleeping more than eating.

Being left to his own whim: Orders are always boring though when its time to work its time to work. When not working or conducting meetings with the other espada though he expects to be left to his own business.

The Moon: The moon of Hueco Mundo is beautiful no matter where he looks at it from. From his beginnings of his life till now he had always admired the moon and its glow.

Being woken up: A sin worse than stealing, Kiando hates to be awakened for anything less than official business and is prone to violent out lashes when he is.

Pointless fighting: Kiando enjoys fighting when he is enjoying it, though a fight without reason or purpose turns him off and creates a state of boredom and disdain for him.

Idiots:Simple and to the point, everyone has some sense of intelligence but those who refuse to use this innate ability upset Kiando.

Kiando Gorre [FIN] EQzAKwZ

»Appearance Picture:
Kiando Gorre [FIN] Kagura_demuri_signature_by_hk_harakiri-d5adu9u

»Eye Color:Yellow


»Weight:170 lbs

»Hair Color:Red

»Extra:(scars or any other distinguishing features put it here)

»Appearance Description:
Kiando is man of many tastes and styles but prefers to keep it simple just because its less of a hassle. He has a unique set of styles while being in Los Noches whether he is relaxing in his room working, doing important business or well just doing what he wants. Although the styling of his clothes are the same, there are two manners in which he wears it, one being for seriousness and the other for laxed. Starting off with his head, Kiando sports a naturally messy head of red hair which is predominately heavier on the left side meaning that his left side is a bit longer than the right which is only noticeable when he tilts his head to the left or leans downward. His eyes are both an eerier and very intoxicating yellow color.Moving down to his torso area, covering his chest he wears a black vest that is zipped all the way up to his neck where the collar stands up and covers it perfectly, which the black vest is covered with a red jacket. Adorned on this jacket is a set of straps that when connected make an X pattern belt that sits nicely along his sides. Lastly he wears a set of black pants and black boots. His outfit overall is a more modified version of the Espada generic uniform.

Now although both styles carry the same look, the way he wears the clothing when he is more relaxed is different. His jacket or more specifically its left side is now resting on the X pattern belt showing the whole left side of the vest. While relaxing, Kiando's left eye is involuntarily closed, leaving him looking through his right eye for some time. His previous mask which was broken sits on the right side of his arm and spans down to his right forearm just above his number "4" is also located.

Kiando Gorre [FIN] 2dNVYy1

»Historical Information:
The beginnings of Kiando had been scattered and lost through his times, each part of his memory being a mere glimpse and chunk of what it was was.

It was a world … unusual to him. The world that was the home of his kind, but he had never seen it in his existence. He had spent maybe thirty or more years in the human world, feasting like a mad man on all that wonderful carnage, but now he had come ‘home’ in a sense. The abundance of reishi particles, the true purpose behind his mindless consumption of Pluses and numerous humans, the reason why he was lured to such a dangerous area in which Shinigami could assault him, filled him with the sense of fulfillment. After all those years of consumption, he was finally, but only temporarily, satisfied. The aching inside of him filled by simply breathing here, but his love of devouring would not fade as easily as the instinctual impulse to consume would.

For once, the eyes that he used to examine the other world finally focused more so than ever before, taking in the expanse of white ‘sand,’ the empty black sky, and the giant moon looming above. While his mind may have been driven by instinct, it was still intact and had been functioning up to now, and all those memories and the overwhelming euphoria he felt after each kill returned to him, but, much like the child he was when he was alive, he was also overcome with another insatiable aspect: curiosity. He wandered, lumbering about thanks to his deformed and swollen self, to try to see if there was anyone or anything else out there that might answer his questions, even if only just one out of the millions that were in his mind.

How long had he wandered across these deserts, and dunes, he believes that is what they are called? It was, quite frankly, pissing him off that there was virtually no life around here, he’d spent quite a number of days just lumbering away from bloodied battles sometimes simply laying there and sleeping for mere moments before moving on.

‘This body's so . . . weird …’ went the half-mused thought in his mind, considering a means of how to make this movement/transportation issue less worrisome. His thoughts were cast aside by what appeared to be an animistic screech … a very familiar, squeal, that of a demon, much like him. During this trip across the dunes, he acknowledged that whatever he was and why he became such, he was definitely not a human being … he had heard others talk about demons being grotesque creatures, and how one could eventually become them, given the right circumstances. But then again, he could care less about it, since he didn’t mind it much.

Back to the issue at hand, three other Hollows were now engaging him, each considerable smaller than he was, but then again he was a walking wolf with a king complex. One looked like a giant Dragonfly(though he just identified it as a flying bug), another like an over sized scorpion and the third being some strange frog-like thing.

The Dragonfly zipped straight at him, expecting a portly like him to be slow in movement in general. The poor thing was snatched at by the giant sized paw, knocking it out of the sky and gnawing its head and arms off in its mouth. Within the battle all that stood in front of him had fallen except for one..

”Tch! Worthless lot they turned out to be!” the remaining Scorpion snapped aloud, apparent disgust and contempt in his voice.

”Wait … you speak?" the wolf asked tentatively, a bit surprised, give how the three had wordlessly assaulted him, or two did and the third watched.

”Well no bloody hell, I speak! Where’d you come from, the Rukongai?” the bitter Scorpion snapped again, stinger rising up as golden eyes gazed from the head.

‘Maybe I can finally get some question answered?’

Although in the end, Kiando was betrayed and almost killed...yet the battle instinct in him continued to drive him to kill the ones that had tried to help him find his new way. This one act caused the wolf to become a "lone" wolf bent on himself.

Kiando continued to roam around the world of Hueco Mundo challenging all who would fight him, giving no time of day to their weak death cries after. The breaking point had been achieved … not only had he squashed all futile resistance inside his body, and thus remained the master of the mass of consumed Hollows, but the size of the Gillian, giving how many others it had eaten at this point, was at staggering limits. The steps in took in its instinctual urge to proceed to hunt and kill other Hollows were slow and delayed steps. But, within the mind, darkness loomed once more in higher cerebral functions.

Until the wonderful day arrived, when in the midst of trying to consume a series of Giant(Huge) Hollows that it towered over thanks to its own bulk, it had a misstep, and came down from the skies to crash into the sand, much like the one the dominant being had seen year ago.

But, in the midst of its fall, cracks could be seen emerging upon the marble-white mask, slowly spreading from the ‘forehead’ and all about … and these cracks even spread into the body, the mass, the bulk of the Gillian. As its fall from grace continued, the entire body was adorned with spider web patterns of damage, until, moments before the fall’s end, the being shattered into a cloud of dust.

But from where the head of the beast once was, a silhouette emerged in the cover of remains, and down came crashing a bipedal creature, with two pairs of arms, a helmet-like mask … and a case of armor surrounding its true body that was made of the same substance as the mask, a bone-like compound.

Snarling issued from the mask and a sickly sweet voice, with a piercing tone range from it.

”SO! Who gets to die today?”

A shrill whoop and cry sounded from this being, more human and appearance and definitely not a feral beast like before. It was one of joy, as he had gone further than a Gillian, as he noticed … and the overwhelming sense of confidence that surrounded him was a result of the surging power he felt within. Of course, curiosity got the better of him, as he wanted to know just what on Mundo he was now, but it took time to get the answers he needed.

Adjucha. That was the name of his stage of being. The Intermediary Great Hollow, the name could be interpreted as a symbol of great power, and one of great fear. Most Hollows seemed to avoid him, as noted when he had to pummel a weaker one into submission before getting it to answer his numerous questions. But at least, he got information and a free meal, as he proceeded on drenched in blood.

An Adjucha was a superior being in comparison to a Gillian … but Adjuchas had to continue eating Hollows to avoid regressing back into a Gillian, permanently. This was a most disconcerting fact for him, as he hadn’t expected regression to be possible. But then again, he was used to killing and consuming mass quantities of his own kind, so he soon accepted that truth.

However, he learns of a beast far greater than his own state. Vasto Lordes. It was as though the gods were laughing at him when he learned of their existence, a being whose level of power vastly outmatched that of his present state! The greedy child within him couldn’t bear the thought of not being one of the most powerful individuals in Hueco Mundo, even given the fact that he was already incredibly strong to have reached this far in his development. No, he wanted more … and he pursued that goal recklessly, wreaking havoc in his trail of devastation.

His attainment of the form known as "Vasto Lorde" was not one of ceremony, or joy, or triumph like it had been with the Adjuchas form. No, this act had drawn more seasoned Adjuchas, all bearing down on his spiritual presence due to its weakened state. It was a horrendous fight for his life, one that he could barely take pleasure from simply because it was a mess. A frenzy of assailants, with spilled flesh and blood everywhere, and just endless conflict ... normally such a thing would be a sort of paradise for him, but in this case his aching form was in stage a state of pain beyond what he had experienced before.

After these many battles, the once blood driven wolf had waned off of fighting...something was missing from his life that he could not fill. Slowly he fell into a slow but steady state of laziness that soon caused his body to fall into a deep state of sleep. It was on a day where he would finally awaken that he had been taken..no rather found by something. This woman who had towered him had a presence like no other...and a beauty that he thought no hollow could ever have. Looking to her with his glazed eyes he tried to find something that would cause a spark in him but her words instead had given him something. The opportunity to find a fight worth fighting sounded interesting enough for him to jump into a blazing fit. His spiritual pressure even while sleeping drew her closer to him, wanting him to help in her own goals. Kiando at first looked at her like all confused animals would, but when he had thought about it...he agreed.

Kiando Gorre [FIN] WFk4Ag9

See Stat System For More Information

General Skills

  • Durability: Dangerous

  • General Speed: Expert

  • Strength:Advanced

  • Weapon Skill: Master

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination:Average

  • Mental Deduction:Expert

  • Pain Endurance:Expert

  • Focus:Advanced

Racial Skills

  • Cero/Bala:Average

Kiando Gorre [FIN] OPqcaY4

»Your Sample:
In the throne room of the moonlight cathedral like home of the leader of the Asmodius Clan, The silver youkai king himself sat in the large seat and stared outside of the tall window that sat jus twenty meters from him. Tonight Azura had chosen to wear a black jacket and black pants, the left sleeve being the only one half way or even remotely attached to the jacket. Azura sat here and looked at the moon for sometime, must have been hours since he had left this room and went out to the outside world. The large stone doors would open as a man who at first looked to be about twenty, but in reality was actually fifty, came into the throne room and looked at the young clan head with a smile," Young sir, you should think about getting out more often.. sitting here in this dusty old room is not good for your health. In fact, I think tonight is a great night for the young king to actually go out and enjoy himself," the soft clacking of Azura's hand...his right hand to be exact showed his contempt with his servants words. Azura chuckled for a moment before standing up and walking past his butler," Well then...get to cleaning this "dusty" place up, I actually like my little throne room and I would like to keep it intact," the devilish smile of the abnormal man would be followed by a ghoulish laugh as the doors of the stone room were closed behind him.

Azura was now amongst the living per se, finally being outside for the first time in months...well besides doing small missions and carrying out clan duties but for the most part he had stayed cooped up in the throne room in isolation. A small smirk played upon his face as he felt the breeze of the night on his face while it had slowly pushed his silver and white hair and soon he had jumped into the air as a black pair of silver tipped wings would propel his body up and through the air. Azura wasted no time in looking around the village for some entertainment or at least something to past the time with, boredom was something he had hated and being bored meant destroying things. As his silver eyes had laid upon the area and scanned it slowly, he would pass over the training grounds where two bodies could be faintly seen from his position twenty meters in the sky. Wondering who the two were, he finally decided to fly down rather slowly before landing on a rock nearing the middle of the training field.

Azura could not remember a time where he did actually come up here...trying to surpass someone was his only goal at that moment so he cared not for traveling through the village that much. As he finally touched down on the rock, the wings would fold into his back and disappear into his clothing while the strange right arm of his slowly turned into or appeared to look like a human arm. Bandages slowly wrapped themselves around the right arm until it was fully covered, a small chuckle escaping from his lips as he looked at what he found to be the Tsuchikage and... a guest," Greetings you two...what brings such interesting characters out on a night like this," the subtle but strong voice of Azura slowly seeped into the atmosphere as he waited for the two to answer his question.

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PostSubject: Re: Kiando Gorre [FIN]   Kiando Gorre [FIN] Icon_minitimeSun Jun 07, 2015 11:43 pm

Quote :
»Likes:  Sleeping, Being left to his own whim, The Moon

»Dislikes:  Being woken up, Pointless fighting, Idiots

You have to explain why

Quote :
»Your Sample:(You can either choose to make your own to go with your character which will count towards your word count or you can post a role play sample from a previous site you were on, if you have an approved character on here already or one of the staff vouched for you then you don't need a role play sample.)

You need a Role Play sample my friend
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Kiando Gorre
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PostSubject: Re: Kiando Gorre [FIN]   Kiando Gorre [FIN] Icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2015 11:22 am

According to my math you have one more Point to fill in meaning one stat can go from average to proficient or one of the experts can go up to dangerous, choice is yours
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Kiando Gorre
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PostSubject: Re: Kiando Gorre [FIN]   Kiando Gorre [FIN] Icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2015 12:20 pm

Looks good to me, go ahead and make your application to the Espada organization by using the template located here. http://bleach-ld.forumotion.com/t27-organization-template

then posting it here http://bleach-ld.forumotion.com/f12-organization-applications

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