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 Reika "Rei" Hanasaki

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PostSubject: Reika "Rei" Hanasaki    Reika "Rei" Hanasaki  Icon_minitimeSun Jun 07, 2015 8:33 pm

Reika "Rei" Hanasaki  Q9rmWzg

Reika "Rei" Hanasaki  17WRpTX

»Name: Reika Hanasaki

»Alias: Rei

»Age: 17

»Gender: Female

»Birthday: July 7th

Reika "Rei" Hanasaki  EOx81l1

»Personality: Reika is a kind hearted girl who has the short temper of a bull. She is fun and outgoing most of the time but piss her off and you'll be sorry. Reika likes to take things easy and not worry about the past. She is the type of person who looks more towards the future, rather than looking back at her past but understands and learns from her past mistakes. Reika is incredibly friendly, she can make friends with almost anyone she meets. This girl has zero tolerance for people who have no respect for others and is not afraid to put people like that in their place regardless of who they might be. Reika doesn't have a strong sense of justice per say, but she won't hesitate to jump in and stop something she perceives to be wrong or messed up in her own eyes. A lot of the time, Reika's quick actions can put her in some sticky situations but even so, she's one tough cookie. Reika can be a bit of a tomboy but yet she can't help having a weakness for cute things, like kittens and puppies as well little trinkets and stuffed animals. 


  • Making Friends: Reika is incredibly social and likes to make as many friends as possible.
  • Cute Things: Reika has a big weakness for anything cute, she can't really help it.
  • Fashion: Reika loves fashion, one of her dreams is to make people happy with clothes.


  • Disrespectful People: If there's one thing Reika can't stand, its people who have no respect for others. She was brought up to always treat people the way you want to be treated, so people who have no respect, really irritate her.
  • Bugs: She finds certain bugs gross and creepy.
  • Crowds: Reika can't stand big crowds, they make her highly uneasy. If she's squished in a huge crowd, she usually tends to start feeling nauseous from the sheer volume of people in one place.

Reika "Rei" Hanasaki  EOx81l1

»Appearance Picture:

Reika "Rei" Hanasaki  Tomoyo

»Eye Color: Blue

»Height: 5'6"

»Weight: 125 Lbs

»Hair Color: Long silvery grey

»Extra: None

»Appearance Description:
Reika is about average height for her age. Her hair is long, coming past her waist reaching her butt and is a silver grey color. She has a slender figure and a somewhat well endowed chest. Her eyes are blue like the ocean and her skin is slightly tanned. Reika's bangs feather her forehead nicely and don't cover her eyes. She normally wears her school uniform on week days and on weekends or when not in school, Reika tends to wear a white blouse with a pink dragonfly motif on it, denim capris under a aqua blue skirt and a pair of grey sneakers.

Reika "Rei" Hanasaki  MGeyh9E

»Historical Information:
Reika grew up in Karakura Town for nearly her whole life. She was raised by her single mother due to her father having died when she was just three years old. Despite loosing a parent at a very young age, Reika was a happy child. Because of her unusual hair and eye color, she was bullied in school while growing up. However, Reika would normally end up chasing the bullies around with a stick out of irritation. By the time Reika was a second year middle school student, kids finally stopped bullying her and she started to get more popular because of her appearance, especially with the boys.

Around that same time, Reika wanted to learn self defense. So, she began taking taekwondo and karate. She would go to her class three times a week after school. She took both martial arts for about a year and kept up with it since starting.

In Reika's third year of middle school, a terrible incident occurred. On her way home from karaoke with friends one night, Reika heard an awful and monstrous shriek but did not know where it came from. Next thing she knew, her one friend was screaming while being lifted into the air  by some invisible force. Her other friends ran for their lives out of sheer fear while Reika stayed to try and save her friend. Reika got into a fighting stance and even though she couldn't see where she needed to attack, she charged in without thinking but was knocked back into a phone pole. Next thing she saw when she came to, was her friend lying on the ground, in a pool of blood. Standing over her now dead friend, was a monster with a bone-like mask over its face with glowing green eyes. Reika was now truly scared. The monster slashed at her, her blood spraying out of the side of her. Reika collapsed on the ground shortly after, and blacked out.

Two weeks later, Reika woke up in the hospital. She couldn't remember what happened to her at all. She wondered why she was in the hospital and why she had 20 stitches on her left side. Reika was discharged from the hospital two days later.

Reika had gone on in life, not remembering how she ended up in the hospital but she didn't let her lost memories hold her back. Reika was now a second year student in senior high school and was still taking martial arts. Only difference was now- she had the ability to see the dead. This supernatural ability came to Reika one year prior. It didn't bother her but it was not something she had gotten used to even after a whole year had gone by. However, Reika had gotten into the habit of helping the dead move on. Soon, Reika discovered her fullbring abilities. When fighting using her martial arts, she was much faster and stronger than normal. It was incredible. Now Reika was unstoppable.  

Reika "Rei" Hanasaki  R3bjB1p

See Stat System For More Information

General Skills

  • Durability: Advanced

  • General Speed: Expert

  • Strength: Advanced

  • Weapon Skill: Average

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced

  • Mental Deduction: Advanced

  • Pain Endurance: Dangerous

  • Focus: Expert

Reika "Rei" Hanasaki  QrVqz3E

»Your Sample:
RP Sample from my RP site:

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PostSubject: Re: Reika "Rei" Hanasaki    Reika "Rei" Hanasaki  Icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2015 12:28 am

You forgot to fill out the weapon skill area lol
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PostSubject: Re: Reika "Rei" Hanasaki    Reika "Rei" Hanasaki  Icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2015 11:26 am

Rp Sample is short but acceptable, after discussing with you I allowed 25 Points to start off due to being the first full bringer, after reading the history it is acceptable, congratulations you are the first Full Bringer enjoy the Chi powers!
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PostSubject: Re: Reika "Rei" Hanasaki    Reika "Rei" Hanasaki  Icon_minitime

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Reika "Rei" Hanasaki
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