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 Pinukan (WIP)

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Lucius Lorendo

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PostSubject: Pinukan (WIP)   Sun Jun 07, 2015 8:01 pm

{Delete information below if you are not a Shinigami or Vizard}
Zanpakuto Name: Ten no honō = Flames of the Heavens

Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance:
Spirit Image:

Zanpakuto Spirit Personality: Unlike his owner, he's a bit more cool. He takes things in strides and never gets angry. He's the one that Mikata usually goes to to talk about changes in the Shinigami community, and the standings. While he retains it amazingly, he also agrees to never talk about it to any other spirits on the chance that they ever got released.

He also always ends the fight the two have if either lay a deep cut.

Inner World: The inner-world, when you enter, looks like a school. You start at the gate.

Sealed Zanpakuto Appearance: His sealed zanpaktou is an extended Odachi, with the blade 6 and 1/2 feet long, and the hilt roughly a foot, making the blade nearly as tall as he is, and it's always being carried with him, as it doesn't fit on his hip.

Release Phrase: Come Forth; The flames of Ascension

Shikai Appearance: The blade looks exactly the same as it would in sealed, except for one glaring difference. The blade is entirely red, from blade tip to blade end, for reasons that will be explained in his abilities.

Shikai Abilities:

Super-Heated Blade: His blades red for this very reason. His blades super-heated, making it able to cut through steel and things like that, and any cuts it causes are automatically cauterized, and no longer bleeds. The heat on the blade stands at 1500 degrees F. You might bleed a few drops. There's a glaring weakness to this power, and it's that, as said, the blades super-heated. He can touch no other part of the blade except for the hilt, which is warm.

Fire Immunity He can withstand heat up to 1000 F while in shikai, without issue. This includes burns and such. However, he can still not touch his blade is it's even hotter then his immunity can deal with. He's also more vulnerable to fire, as it actually burns him.

Bankai Appearance: In bankai, he lacks a blade. Instead, he drops his blade into the ground, and out comes fire. The fire springs from the ground, goes up buildings if there are any, and while the fire is only about 5 feet tall, it goes around his person for a mile-long circle.

Bankai Abilities:

Complete Control of the fire:
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Pinukan (WIP)
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