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 Akashi, Seijuuna

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PostSubject: Akashi, Seijuuna   Akashi, Seijuuna Icon_minitimeSun Jun 07, 2015 9:54 am

Akashi, Seijuuna BQz9Ofj

Akashi, Seijuuna EH2MFos

»Name: Akashi, Seijuuna

»Alias: Scarlet Empress

»Age: 520

»Gender: Female

»Birthday: July 7

»Rank: Captain

»Division: 7th Division

Akashi, Seijuuna HukDJzE

»Personality: Seijuuna may look responsible and serious in her appearance but she is actually lazy and a little responsible. She does not do her paper works unless someone that is higher in rank than her says so... thrice or someone will tell her the importance to it. But fortunately for her, she was on the seventh division which only mean that she is free from stress. Though, even if she is not, she'll still be irresponsible. Seijuuna is often seen drinking alcoholic beverages whenever she is at Seireitei and rarely gets drunk. She may be lazy or irresponsible but she deeply cares for her squad that she either called her 'minions' or 'slaves. When drunk, Seijuuna is pretty random and her next emotion is rather unpredictable, from being happy to being raged, that she almost broke the place from where she live. Seijuuna also lacks in fear and has a macabre side to her since she points out gross or morbid facts and somehow she is mostly the first one to predict on what will be the fate of someone or on what fate the person will meet, though this is just her mouth speaking and not her brain or any power of hers. Seijuuna has the habit of roaming around the human world after she slaughter menos. She can also be serious at times but she'll only be serious if it is needed.

Seijuuna isn't self conscious about her appearance even though she spends five hours of her time just to groom herself. She does not care on what others may think of her, as long as she could accept herself for who she is, then that's that. She also doesn't care if they hurt her mentally or physically as long as there is peace and no war at Seireitei. Seijuuna displays a mysterious side to her, since she doesn't share too much information about her to just anyone nor does she share her history. She is a great secret-keeper and information-keeper, when she is forced to say an information to an enemy or opponent, she doesn't spill the beans even if keeping an important information will cost her death.

Seijuuna loves cute things especially lolicons. She sees them as hard to resist, if she ever need to fight one... she'll call for another shinigami to do it for her because she cannot do it, herself. But if she did train with a lolicon, she'll try her best to act like she was losing. She will also gets proud of herself whenever she does modern human tasks and she is also excited whenever she tries new things.

When fighting someone that is less powerful than her, Seijuuna is not serious herself when fighting them. Though she doesn't make it that obvious since it will look like as if she was underestimating her opponent. But if her less powerful opponent underestimates her, she'll just laugh and continue fighting. But when a fellow shinigami underestimates her while training with her, she'll give all of her physical speed and strength but does not kill them. Another thing that must be known about is that she gets enraged when someone accidentally or purposely cuts any strand of her hair, if it is not a shinigami that did it, she'll kill them but if it is a Shinigami it's probably just giving them a creepy smile and says that she is okay with it in a rough tone then afterwards, she'll drink alcohol straightly from a barrel the mutter unpleasant words under her breathe.  


  • It may or may not be obvious, but Seijuuna loves sweets especially strawberry cheesecake but if she does eat too much sweets, she'll be hyper, energetic and cheerful.

  • She also likes to try new things because trying new things excites her, that is probably because of her past and current life..

  • Seijuuna loves animals because they are free to do on what they do. They are also cute and cuddly, she can't resist their cuteness, may they be insects or animals, she will never kill nor hurt them.

  • She finds guys with long hair attract, alluring, cute and manly than guys with short hair. They aren't attractive to her anymore if they are a pervert.

  • Alcohol is essentially part of her life. It makes her calm down whenever she drinks alcoholic beverages, she even went as far as trying to marry alcohol if it weren't only for her beloved Zanpakutou's cuteness and loli-ness.


  • Perverted men are disgusting in Seijuuna's point of view. She normally beat up someone that flirts to her although sometimes she just kicks them to where it hurts... a lot.

  • She really dislike the heat, though she doesn't hate it she just extremely dislike the heat. It makes her sweat and sweat is sticky and disgusting, also it is the opposite of the cold and Winter-y temperature. Summer means heat so she also dislike Summer, itself.

  • Fighting an animal or when the animal is the opponent is something that Seijuuna couldn't handle because she'll just either run away or forfeit from the fight. Though, there are times that she did try to fight but ended up losing anyways because of her love towards these creatures. At the same time this is also her greatest fear.

  • Being called ugly is something that she couldn't bear since she spends some of her time (five hours), just to make her appearance flawless and mostly 50 percent of that time is spent on brushing her hair.

Akashi, Seijuuna ElJDUNc

»Appearance Picture:
Akashi, Seijuuna 6-98

»Eye Color: Hazel Brown

»Height: 5'5

»Weight: 68kg

»Hair Color: Scarlet

»Extra: N/A

»Appearance Description: Seijuuna has Caucasian skin complexion. Standing at 5'5" and weighing at 68 kilograms. Her hair is scarlet in color and it reaches down her waist, as her bangs are framing her face and her hair is mostly tied up in a high pony tail. Her eyes are hazel brown in color and her eye lashes are visibly long. She is also rarely seen wearing shinigami garments and is mostly seen wearing different garment since she sees the shinigami robes as depressing and sad as it is black in color.

Akashi, Seijuuna DlSAAwc

»Historical Information: Seijuuna was born as the Captain of the first division of the military of the Great Empire of Japan in the Miromachi period. Seijuuna was a hard-working and intelligent girl back then. Everyday, she would train kendo and swordplay with her father, despite the fact that she was still young, since she was the one that keeps insisting her father to teach her since she admires her father very much  wants to lead an army like her father does. But much to her father and and mother's dismay, she wasn't allowed to since she is a girl. That reason was the reason that she always hated to hear from them because it hurts very much to hear that females are seen as worthless in fights in that period. Despite of her mother and father nit agreeing with her unachievable dream, she keeps on imagining and dreaming about it. She was stubborn, herself indeed though it couldn't be helped since she was  just four years of age at that time. She was considered a noble because of her father's position in the army. Everyday and night, when her mother and father are asleep, she would sneek out of her room and train herself. But whenever her parents are awake, she would pretend like she was reading a story book but over the book was actually kendo history or techniques. At her academy everyone would laugh at her whenever she mention her dream and call her a baka but she does nit listen to every single word they say. She always tell to the people that she will meet that she will be one day a captain of her own division whilst the person will laugh, make fun of her or pretend that they are amused.

She may be a girl and not a boy but she believe that she will obtain her one and only dream.  As days, weeks, months and years pass by, her dreams started to fade away because she was tired of trying to daydream that she'll achieve her dream even though it was certainly unachievable, considering that she is a girl. A day came, when war between Japan and another country was born, of course Japan succeeded. Her father was one of the soldiers that fought since he is the captain of the first division army. Only a week had passed but the same country had declared war once again, the Empire of Japan ordered at least one male from each family that are seventeen years old and up to represent their clan and join the war since there are a lot of soldiers that died from the previous war, and  the injured soldiers from the previous war should join the war that will happen.  Seijuuna didn't agree with it, since her father was still recovering from the previous war, her father didn't listen to her and insisted that if he needs to join the war, he'll join the war. Seijuuna became angry at him and shouted at the Emperor for being such an idiot since he let the injured ones to join and fight to the war. Her father apologized at the Emperor, of course then later on, at night he called Seijuuna a shame to the Akashi Clan. She was disappointed to hear this, but was stubborn enough. Because of her care for her father, she made her appearance look boyish, without cutting her hair that is.

The next day, he went to the soldier's camping site and declared that she'll be the one to represent the Akashi Clan and had introduced herself as Akashi, Sei. She was a suspicion to all of the other male attendees but they give her out a try and see if she really is a male. They believed her that she was indeed a male when she performed carrying buckets full of rock while climbing to the peak of Mount Fuji with no difficulties at all. Seijuuna trained with the other soldiers as days passes by, though it was hard for her when she planned to bathe, though she was the earliest one to wake up among all of the other trainees as she was going to bathe in the lake. She was still fully aware that one of them might wake up and see that she wasn't a male but a female. When the day of the war came, it wasn't easy as she had expected once she was still a child at all. It was purely difficult since the one that she was fighting was a bulky man wearing a platinum armor. After the war, Japan again won but there are still soldiers that got heavily injured while some died. Seijuuna wasn't one of them because of her skills in Kendo. At midnight, Seijuuna can't sleep but she was sure that it wasn't normal at all because she had this uneasy feeling. She then went to the forest to get some fresh air but there was something that she couldn't believe that she had seen. A monster... she saw a monster. It was terrifying, she of course prepared her katana but it wasn't enough. It got destroyed by the hideous monster, she tried to run to the campsite but the monster was too fast, in addition to that, the campsite was too far away. It caught up with her, and killed her. She didn't know that she was dead at first until she saw a chain on her chest, and her corpse that is bloody on the ground. She was going to fight back but it was no use, after that the monster clawed the chain at her chest. It was about to eat her until someone attacked it from behind the head, killing it.

The person that just came was wearing a traditional Japanese clothing in black. The guy asked if she was okay then his eyes widened slightly when he saw the chain broken, Seijuuna wondered why then the man shook his head. He introduced himself first, then explained everything about the shinigami world, having a very long speech about Soul Society... as if he was already going to take Seijuuna with him. Then he told her about the 'chain of fate' that was implanted on her chest, that if the chain on her chest broke there is no going back to her body. Seijuuna was speechless, shocked and sad, who wouldn't anyways? She didn't take it lightly at first and said that he was just lying. He shook his head but smiled afterwards saying that Siereitei will be a good place to her, heck she could even be a shinigami because of her skills. Seijuuna's mood lightened up a little and asked if she can be a captain of a division. The shinigami  chuckled and said that she can be a captain of her own division. The man gave her some of his Reiatsu to her, making her a shinigami. They went to Soul Society and it was less than she had expected it ought to be, everything seems plain to her. Though it culdn't be helped.

After one century, Seijuuna was ranked up to Captain of the 7th Division. She was happy until she found out that that division is free to whatever they feel like to do. Her hopes went down, until then she became lazy and started to love the taste of alcohol. Though, this doesn't mean that she is rebelling since her division have no assigned task to actually do. She actually loved it but since it is a free division... she became less and less like the one herself before. Then she started to take more interest in the human world when she was roaming around and saw the big changes. It was great yet horrible, great because of the technology of the world but horrible because of their... human-y way of thinking though she couldn't blame them.

Akashi, Seijuuna GNn23KI

General Skills

  • Durability: Advanced

  • General Speed: Master

  • Strength: Advanced

  • Weapon Skill: Skilled

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Expert

  • Mental Deduction:  Advanced

  • Pain Endurance: Average

  • Focus: Expert

Racial Skills

  • Kidō: Average

Akashi, Seijuuna P7fgKAs

»Your Sample: (This is my RP Sample from a One Piece-based rp site.)


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PostSubject: Re: Akashi, Seijuuna   Akashi, Seijuuna Icon_minitimeTue Jun 09, 2015 10:44 am

Finished! (or Bump)
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PostSubject: Re: Akashi, Seijuuna   Akashi, Seijuuna Icon_minitimeTue Jun 09, 2015 2:08 pm

Role play sample is short, but is worthy, your stats look fine this is fine by me

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then posting it here http://bleach-ld.forumotion.com/f12-organization-applications
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Akashi, Seijuuna
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