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Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] BFXHzMl
Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] DhN90Tq

Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] OYbQr1B

Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] FhjElgO
Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] UV3zQQ7

Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] C3HA1yv
Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] UL5b2L6
Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] L1rF1uo
Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] EBCcQVz
Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] TNZacwt
Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] 4iRDwxw
Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] IbxCsx2
Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] ELyo1Oi

Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] SqJg4s9
Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] ShAAjC7
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 Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete]

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Bardo Rebellion
Espada Rank
Bardo Rebellion

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PostSubject: Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete]   Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] Icon_minitimeSun Jun 07, 2015 6:49 am

Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] 4LASF5K

Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] HTLITxl

»Name: Bardo Rebellion

»Alias: Crimson Flare

»Age: 23 [appearance age] 125 [actual age]

»Gender: Male

»Birthday: September 22

»Rank: Espada

»Espada Group: Espada Primera, Aspect of Solitude

Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] ZN5CUSo

Bardo has a strange and extremely intimidating personality. He has a certain level of respect for all of his fellow Espada, former and present, and has utter faith in their abilities. He possesses a strong winners-mentality, believing that winners get everything in life while losers are denied all. However Bardo also has a tendency to take victory for granted as he holds that, for him, winning is merely a given and thus, lost the sense of accomplishment in victory. Bardo also views his power and skill as absolute and grows violent when anybody opposes what he says, shown when he tried to stab one of his arrancar friends with the sword he borrowed from another when they disobeyed him.

Bardo also will not tolerate anyone who opposes him, looks down on him or speaks to him in a derisive manner, stating that only those who serve him can look him in the eye, while others who oppose him should know their place. Bardo also thinks that his orders are absolute and he will use force to make others submit to them. Bardo seems too often take things to the extreme, this will be shown by anyone who would oppose him showing them no mercy and no tolerance for it in the slightest swiftly resulting to violence if need be…

Like most of the stereotypical Espada Bardo looks down on those that are less powerful than himself, which in this case mostly incorporates the entire Los Noches group seemingly,  as he always strives to be one if not the top Espada within the organization. However he breaks away from this stereotype by putting up a face of benevolence and a charismatic smile. Befitting his genius intellect and heritage Bardo is a very driven individual who is very much like his father in a lot of ways if you knew his past life, although one could argue that he is far less extreme in virtue than his father is. He is highly manipulative to the point of wanting to control everyone and puppeteer the strings. The most frightening aspect of this is his desire to completely dominate his own father now wanting to completely dominate all other Espada in one fashion or another. However he is a little conflicted himself in this manipulative nature to the point that he has to actively justify it in his mind as "this is how you raised me father". Another note is his keen desire for knowledge a sense of investigation to get to the truth.

Bardo is well-known throughout Hueco Mundo for his violent behavior and troublesome attitude. He began to hate all people who called themselves 'teachers' and as a result has almost zero respect for any “adults”. He views most people older than him as seemingly adults and or race leader who he also views as adults. Bard has been described by many as "at first glance, he comes across as being a lazy sort, but... there's a strong sense of mischief in his eyes." Bardo is quite relaxed most of the time as he occasionally skips out on things he finds boring, such as the Espada assemblies. When fighting, he becomes brutal and has no qualms of hurting people who threatens him or any of his “subordinates” (friends).

Therefore, many people could say with his manipulative and seemingly self – centered nature, Bardo is essentially a sociopath. While he does like some people, he has been known to state that for him what is valuable one day could easily become trash the next, and he will not hesitate to get rid of someone that seemingly is within his way academically or combatively. Though this is seemingly a conflicted personality it is all his true nature and a wonderful façade that he dwells behind until it is called for him to become of his true self and once again show his seeming “absolute” nature…

Winning: As Bardo feels winning is only natural for him, he views anything less as becoming worthless and finds winning to be one of the only things that keeps him in a happy mood in his afterlife days once again striving just like in life for the absolute win.

Solitude: Bardo was a man of solitude in his previously from his strives toward success and found that solitude was indeed peaceful and great to keep his mind in a state of paradise, therefore, even in the afterlife he seemingly strives for a sense of solitude attempting to handle things on his own or being on his own for most of the time during his day. Speaking with people seemingly only when beneficial to himself or the organization of Espada.

Relaxing: This is a statement that needs no explanation for even the most busy body people enjoy relaxing though their turns of relaxation and those of someone more relaxed in nature may be, therefore, Bardo’s sense of relaxing is being by himself laying upon one of the many tall building within Hueco Mundo and or that of walking around and finding everything in order and his word being followed to the absolute “T” finding relaxation in knowing everything and everyone seemingly knows their place within this world he dwells within.

Mischief: As he has seemingly adopted more aspects to his personality Mischief is seemingly something that has sprouted within him during his afterlife years finding it to keep him rather entertained as he once again worked his way up the ladder of seeming power, he would find playing with his opponents and or just finding humor in other situations to have him in a sense of happiness that died within him many years ago.

Order: As he views his word as absolute, he finds anything other than that to be a disgusting sight and an abomination that shouldn’t be allowed within his presence. Therefore, always striving for order and finding the accomplishment of it happening to be a wonderful sensation when the buds of his effort fruit inevitably.

Losing: As winning to Bardo is the absolute losing is something that he does not only dislike but absolutely loathes going to the most extreme when this transpires finding what seeming cog when out of order and swiftly eliminating that what he seems is a weakness to those around him. Therefore, he views losing isn’t an option and finds it to be his most “disliked” thing.

Chaos: For him chaos is that almost as loathed as losing for if his word is absolute there should be no chaos or disorder within the world that he resides within, and if something chaotic were to erupt he would swiftly have it seemingly extinguished whether with violence or reason though most likely violence to show his absolute will and testament.

Fraternizing: As he is a man that loves the mere idea and sensation of solitude he dislikes fraternizing seeing it as a waste of time mostly and only finding it fruitful when he needs something from someone and or to get his way through manipulation.

Boredom: This is his least favorite dislike that many people know of seeing as he just dislikes being bored always seemingly wanting to at least be entertained with the situation of which he was within, striving if not having it by coincidence to get it by force.

Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] EQzAKwZ

»Appearance Picture:

Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] RmvduCx

»Eye Color: Red pupil, with a all black cornea

»Height:6'4 ft.

»Weight:220 lbs.

»Hair Color: Red

»Extra: He has a black scar that goes around his neck that is displayed within his picture.

»Appearance Description:
Bardo is a man with a very easy appearance to point out within a crowd with his height being something not many people can miss, however, the scar is to which most people draw attention to questioning why or what caused it to transpire never getting a fruitful answer to the question at hand. He is a man standing at six feet and four inches that has a very slender yet muscular frame though not often exposed. His weight with his height gives him for a wonderful frame with seemingly a wonderful sculpted abdomen and lower body frame however, giving him a seemingly undefined look within his arms and chest area that leaves him almost seemingly looking like a well-toned twig of sorts. He near seemingly wears the normal Espada uniform unless going out onto a mission with his team and or showing someone respect before defeating them within a battle but rather sticking with a unique black and red collared shirt that is complimented by a red collared vest, these being accompanied by black slack pants and black dress shoes usually smoking a seemingly black cigarette that burns in a crimson red coloration and having an all-black tent of smoke coming from it when exhaled.

Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] 2dNVYy1

Bardo was a man of seemingly vast success during his life never seemingly falling into the lower class retch level of the failures that cluttered the bottom of his boots as he would climb their defeated bodies to achieve the goals that he once strived for, however, his life wasn’t that of completely pleasure until he would have adapted to this nature that he holds now. No at first his life was that of pure solitude and darkness always studying, practicing, and or learning new things that his father thought would help fruit him into a worthy member of the family. He was born from a rich family that possess its own business, his father had lead the company from the ground up never seemingly having a slip up, being the heir he was obligated to succeed in all areas by his strict father. His only support growing up at the time was his kind mother whom he spent his free time with learning to use the art of the sword.  However, during his third year of school, his mother died from an illness that was seemingly incurable but because of this his father would have become even more strict to the point that the more skills that Bardo would have seemingly mastered, the more he will be given to master. These mad him grow unhappy as he would grow up. After he would have graduated from elementary school, he seemingly would have adapted to this nature that his father would have been oppressing upon him.

Therefore, as he would go through junior high he would have strived for nothing less of excellence and would have easily seemingly achieved such being the first in his class for all of his years going through it, his passion would have shifted swiftly losing interest within things swiftly has he would seemingly master them fixated upon mastering everything he would put his hands upon and anything he didn’t attempt was not because he would find them hard or even difficult to master but rather because he would find them unimportant and a waste of his time to seemingly attempt. So as he would continue onward through life his solitude would grow vastly as the more intelligent and successful he would become the greater he would have seemingly become shunned, his disgust with this would grow swiftly as how would he become one of the greatest if he couldn’t even excel at the simple aspect of fraternizing, therefore, once he would reach high school he would adopt a façade of caring and optimistic thinking to foul the peons that would congregate around him, he would find great satisfaction with the manipulative nature that he would have developed feeling as though he would have mastered two skills in know puppeteering and social skills all at once. This would have been the base that would have seemingly formed the man that he would have become today, his life would have seemingly went effortlessly smooth upon graduation, nothing of mention would have seemingly been needed upon this point for all of it was success.

However, not everything would have been so smoothly for his death would have become rather early dying at a swift age of twenty five, he would have awoken in an unfamiliar land of pure white sand… His memories seemingly faded only remembering that of his manipulative, overly competitive, and what some may call arrogant nature. With this he would spend his time seemingly roaming the lands the white sand seemingly endless and his survival nature the only thing keeping him alive for his first test would have come swiftly as another hollow would have seemingly attempted to kill him, remembering his death he would have seemingly adjusted accordingly, his vast intelligence allowing him to become rather successful in a short period however, even with his vast intelligence he wouldn’t have seemingly had his strength yet once again. Therefore, he would have relied on another aspect speed… he would have used this to avoid and escalate his own strength gradually, feeling a sense of solitude that he would have found great comfort within as he would grow.

Therefore, he would seemingly swiftly grow over the next 100 years learning new abilities and taking on many different forms during his advancements, toward a goal that he felt was achievable he thought that after his first transformation from kill and devouring hollows that he would be able to eventually become a more powerful and dignified form, with this in mind his goal would have been absolute domination never losing within a fight and striving toward becoming the ultimate form of the hollow race that being an arrancar. As he would have slowly become onto entering his last battle with a hollow he would have seemingly receive a long neck scar that would have drove him into a madness causing him to shred the opponent before him and as he would devour his body would seemingly transform into that of a humanoid once more, as he would lean up looking upon his new found form he would have a grand smirk on his face as he would then wander the lands feared and respected by all as he would search out for more hollow of this nature to form an organization to command the weaper peons of these lands and or seek an organization out to eventually join and perhaps even lead one day to rule over these lands either way his rule would remain absolute and his mind never wavering from this testament seemingly deeply imbedded within him….

Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] WFk4Ag9

See Stat System For More Information

General Skills

  • Durability: Expert

  • General Speed: Master

  • Strength: Proficient

  • Weapon Skill: Master

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Expert

  • Mental Deduction: Expert

  • Pain Endurance: Trained

  • Focus: Expert

Racial Skills

  • Cero/Bala: Average

Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] OPqcaY4

»Your Sample: vouched for by Arturo

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PostSubject: Re: Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete]   Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete] Icon_minitimeSun Jun 07, 2015 7:06 pm

Everything seems in order APROVED
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Bardo Rebellion The Crimson Flare [Complete]
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