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 Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN)

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Ichbin Schnell Tod
Ichbin Schnell Tod

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PostSubject: Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN)   Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN) Icon_minitimeSat Jun 06, 2015 4:12 am

Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN) JCWrdD6

Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN) E0MeF5l

»Name: Ishbin Schnell Tod

»Alias: Tod (Archer or Alpha)

»Age: 21

»Gender: Male

»Birthday: Nov 24

»Clan: Sternritter (A does not count against the A slot)

Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN) ZDnwsyV

»Personality:Tod follows his whims. He is an individualist first and last. He values his own liberty but doesn't strive to protect others' freedom. He avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions. Tod does not intentionally disrupt organizations as part of a campaign of anarchy. To do so, he would have to be motivated either by good (and a desire to liberate others) or evil (and a desire to make those different from himself suffer). Tod may be unpredictable, but his behavior is not totally random. He is not as likely to jump off a bridge as to cross it.
Tod is a representative of true freedom from both society's restrictions and a do-gooder's zeal.
Tod can be a dangerous guy when he seeks to eliminate all authority, harmony, and order in society.
Above respect for life and good, or disregard for life and promotion of evil, Tod places randomness and disorder. Good and evil are complimentary balance arms. Neither is preferred, nor must either prevail, for ultimate chaos would then suffer. This view of the cosmos holds that absolute freedom is necessary. Whether the individual exercising such freedom chooses to do good or evil is of no concern. After all, life itself is law and order, so death is a desirable end. Therefore, life can only be justified as a tool by which order is combated, and in the end it too will pass into entropy.
Tod believes that there is no order to anything, including His own actions. With this as a guiding principle, he tends to follow whatever whim strikes him at the moment. Good and evil are irrelevant when making a decision. Tod is extremely difficult to deal with. Tod has been known to cheerfully and for no apparent purpose gamble away everything he has on the roll of a single die. He is almost totally unreliable. In fact, the only reliable thing about him is that he cannot be relied upon!  
Tod likes to indulge in everything. He is an insurgent, a con-man, gambler, and high roller; the uncommitted freebooter seeking nothing more than self-gratification. Tod will at least consider doing anything if he can find enjoyment or amusement. Life has meaning, but His has the greatest meaning. According to chaotic neutrals, laws and rules infringe on personal freedom and were meant to be broken. Tod is always looking for the best deal, and will work with good, neutral, or evil to get it; as long as he comes out of the situation on top. Tod is constantly teetering between good and evil, rebelling, and bending the law to fit his needs.  
Tod can also be completely random and unpredictable. He may shift allegiances at a moment's notice, or remain with a leader for years. Tod feels that there is no plan at all for the universe. Things just happen. He tends to believe in luck and chance, rather than fate or destiny. He doesn't care what happens to others, yet will not necessarily go out of His way to harm others. If someone stands in the way of His happiness, he may kill that individual or move on to something else. His priorities tend to change as he experiences new things in life. He may even appear to adhere to another alignment for some length of time, only to switch at an inappropriate moment. He can be the worst tricksters, conning person, not for gain, but for sheer amusement. Tod may not be driven by fame or wealth, but may only take actions just to see what happens.
Tod views ultimate freedom and disorder as most desirable. He sees good and evil in a secondary role, and neither should be allowed to interfere with pure chaos. Whether the individual chooses to do good or evil is of no concern. Violence is not a trait, but Tod will often not hesitate to use intimidation and non-lethal violence to achieve His goals. Tod will almost always seek some selfish goal (such as acquiring wealth) in addition to the promotion of universal disorder, and are thus seen as "greedy" by others. Naturally, Tod won't see this as greed, but rather as "self-fulfillment." Thus, respect for others does not stand in the way of the pursuit of individuality. Since death is inevitable anyway, Tod isn't averse to speeding certain creatures on His ways if it's deemed necessary, although he won't go out of his way to inflict pain and suffering like an evil being would. Life can only be justified as a tool by which order is combated.
Tod will keep his word if it serves his interests. He may attack an unarmed foe if he feels it necessary. He will not kill, but may harm an innocent. He may use torture to extract information, but never for pleasure. He may kill for pleasure, but is not likely to do so. Tod may use poison. He may help those in need and he prefers to work alone, as he values his freedom. He does not respond well to higher authority, is distrustful of organizations, and will disregard the law in pursuing his self-interest. He may betray a family member, comrade, or friend, but only in the direst of situations. Tod does not respect the concepts of self-discipline and honor, because he believes such concepts limit freedom to advance His self-interest.
Here are some possible adjectives describing Tods characteristics: unreliable, independent, greedy, inconsistent, unpredictable, selfish, disorderly, anarchic, self-centered, confusing, unfettered, free, and individualistic.

»Likes:Chaos-He loves things so people cant quiet understand like testing their Intelligence levels.
Quincy Honor- Tod is a Quincy of the First Line Honor is everything to him and he will not bow on that.
Carrots- Tod is an Archer, and Carrots have proven to increase Eyesight, thus he like to eat them as much as possible

»Dislikes:Order- It is the Opposite of Chaos and is rather dull, thus Tod is not fond of Order beyond the Order set by the Quincy's
Hollows- Hollows are an Obimination that should be removed from exsistance, many Quincy and Priestess's have lost their lives in the search to rid them forever
Shinigami- They are the Favored Children of the Soul King, at least in the Quincy's mind so this started the rivalry and has carried generations since

Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN) E0MeF5l

»Appearance Picture: My Avi picture

»Eye Color:Silver

»Height:6 ft

»Weight:150 lbs

»Hair Color:White

»Extra:Nothing at this moment

»Appearance Description: Ichbin Stands about six foot tall with white hair about six inches long, his skin color is slightly tanned, but only enough so he isn't pale looking, he is thin framed and pure muscle over definition of muscles or size of muscles, one could say he is the Pinnacle of Archers, the perfect build and frame for it, it helps he is from a long line of Archer's. He likes to wear White or black outfits that hug his body but leaves his arms and shoulders free, will occasionally wear a white scarf or a red overcoat that just covers his arms and appears to be a long tail coat in the back.

Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN) UTTTwf7

»Historical Information:Long Ago the Soul King fell in love with a human, A priestess at that, and her specialty was exercising the "Undead" and archery, a love that she passed on to her children, but they had the power of the Soul King as well albeit not on as grand a scale, thus the Quincy were born, the Soul King was not faithful to one Priestess though, he fell in love with what they stood for, their strength, and what they could do, so he had many kids across the world who after generations and generations of having kids of their own, would come to start to keep the Quincy Bloodlines Pure, Marrying Cousin's to Cousin's and so on.

One faithful day, born to Quincy parents of the first bloodline made by the Soul King and the First Priestess, was a lad born Schnell Tod, Ishbin was the family name, and they lived in Japan for awhile, till they went into hiding, no one knows why or how, but one thing was for certain, they were not sitting idly by.

Tod has Arisen from hiding with a few companions of Quincy Nature, they are more then just the normal Quincy, they are Sternritter, a much higher form, and there powers are yet to be fully known, but with each Hollow they kill, and Shinigami they neglect to Spare, (this Hatred for the Shinigami stems from the Priestess's finding the Soul King unfaithful but it has long since been forgotten at this moment) they become more known and more feared.

Tod was always one who was raised in the way of his Quincy heritage, he is one of the proudest Quincy anyone could meet, and follows the honor of the Quincy, Hating Hollows and Shinigami alike almost as much if not more then anyone else, due to being of the first line, he also was skilled in every aspect, some more then others, one could say he was Balanced in his attributes.

Tod was so well off with his skills and Attributes that he quickly raised to a level called Sternritter, Thus joining the ranks of Wanderich and as he raised in the ranks of that, eventually was appointed the new leader to usher in a new era for Wanderich, he would choose his five protecters the Schutzstaffel wisely and gave them unique powers that would help defend him when the time came, then he lead the army out of hiding and him and his generals raised hell for a good bit against the Hollows and Shinigami, but was eventually forced into hiding again before they got themselves to much attention, they could not afford to be ended just yet.

Tod himself was also know for creating a good number of the techniques used by Quincy's today, one could call him a genius all around, battle, Strategy, inventing, everything, he may not have been the Strongest, but he was one of the quickest, wittiest Quincy's around, even amongst Sternritters, this was due to the prestigious training he recived when he was growing up, one could almost call him perfect.

Tod has lead many missions against Vasto Lorde's and Shinigami Captain's alike, he has come to find Hollows become more and more human as they evolve, so he decided to add some into the ranks of the Wandereich, Only Arrancar, but he views them as they each have a role to play, and will kill them himself if he views they have fulfilled that role, they are merely Soliders... Pawns if you will in the game of chess he is playing.

Tod Loses his mother and Father to a group of Shinigami, who he heard say they had orders to do so, and this started his fall into developing a greater hate for the Shinigami, a few others who he keeps close due to these Shinigami also share his dreams of eliminating all Shinigami, these were also the First Kills for Tod, and how he got recruited into Wandereich.

Tod took over the world of Quincy all together, and rather they hate him or not he does not care, he is carring out the basics of the Quincy teachings, mostly dealing with the death of Hollows and Shinigami, but he is making sure the Earth realm stays as protected as he can help it, having separated Wandereich into three specific groups, One to Clean Sweep Huceo Mundo, One to Clean Sweep Soul Society of Shinigami, and One to keep Earth safe

Tod and his general's have come out of hiding and is causing Chaos, the one thing Tod cares for more then himself, is Chaos, after awhile though the Sternritter began to become hunted and so for their safty Tod had them all split up and to meet at a later date, well the later has come and Tod At this moment sits waiting for his General's to gather together in secret.

Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN) SfQ4dBQ

See Stat System For More Information

General Skills

  • Durability: Advanced (3)

  • General Speed: Advanced (3)

  • Strength: Advanced (3)

  • Weapon Skill: Expert (4)

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced (3)

  • Mental Deduction: Expert (4)

  • Pain Endurance: Advanced (3)

  • Focus: Expert (4)

Racial Skills

  • Marksmanship: Expert (4)
  • Reiryoku Absorption & Manipulation: Expert (4)

Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN) 0fO0sgd

»Your Sample: Arturo (Founder), Bardo, Kiando could all vouch for my rping skills

Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN) Archer__fate_stay_night_unlimited_blade_works__by_sanoboss-d8opicg

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PostSubject: Re: Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN)   Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN) Icon_minitimeSun Jun 14, 2015 2:06 pm

Hello, a few things I need fixed.

1. Likes and Dislikes: I need you to write it out. Explain it even if it is stated in personality.

2. Stats: Instead of the numbers, I need you to write in the correct terms please. This is, per example, the Average, Proficient, Advanced portion found in atat rules.

3. Roleplay Sample: I don't see it. Please write one down or, if a staff member is vouching for you, please write that down.

After you are down with needed edits, feel free to bump. Thank you in advance!~
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Ichbin Schnell Tod
Ichbin Schnell Tod

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PostSubject: Re: Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN)   Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN) Icon_minitimeSun Jun 14, 2015 2:24 pm


Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN) Archer__fate_stay_night_unlimited_blade_works__by_sanoboss-d8opicg
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PostSubject: Re: Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN)   Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN) Icon_minitimeSun Jun 14, 2015 11:26 pm

All appropriate changes were made and, unless any of the staff sees something I missed, I proclaim this app...

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PostSubject: Re: Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN)   Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN) Icon_minitime

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Ishbin Schnell Tod (FIN)
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