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 El Jugador Mascarada

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PostSubject: El Jugador Mascarada    Sat Jun 27, 2015 8:24 pm

{Delete The information below if you are not an Arrancar}

Sealed Zanpakuto:

The sealed form of The Jackal’s Zanapakuto comes as a pair of modified Falcata blades. Each weapon extends up to 27 inches in length, with close relations to a Wakazashi based on the length. The blades are both black, and on the side of each blade a pack of canines seem to be running. This pack of canine bizarrely enough is a pack of Jackals on the hunt. The Jackals on the side of the blade are silver, which makes the design stand out and become noticeable. The pair of blades possesses a very sharp edge as most would expect of such a weapon. The width of the blades sees them expand out to 4 inches wide. The cross guards for each blade are almost none existent, with the hilt extended a mere eight inches long before curving around so that the hilt have two sides. The hilt then becomes a rectangular shape hilt though not exactly with the bottom of the hilt being curved. The color of the hilt is also black and at the bottom of each hilt is a silver ring attached. Strangely enough on the bottom of the hilt where the silver ring extends from. There is a slit that is one inch wide. This slit acts as a path way through which the black thin ribbon like rope extends from. The aforementioned ring isn’t exactly connected to the hilt; it is instead connected to the rope like black ribbons. The ribbon like black rope extends up to four meters long and it has a very interesting mechanism. The Jackal will often place his middle fingers inside each silver ring. And once this has been done, the man can then have the ribbon like rope unreel thus giving him a weapon that is useful for close and mid range combat based on the ways the blades are being wielded. The silver rings seem to fit just perfectly on the fingers of the man. And once The Jackal removes his fingers, the ribbon like rope will return to its usual state like a tape-measure folding up again. The makeup of the Falacata blades and their function will be seen as The Jackal fights.

Racial Abilities:

Gemelos Sonido
Caja Negacion
Gran Rey Cero
Cero Oscura

Unique Abilities:

The name of The Jackal’s innate ability is called Truco de Naipes(Card Trick). Despite the name of The Jackal’s innate ability, it has nothing to do with trickery, at least not in his eyes. The Jackal’s innate ability is based on neutralization and nullification. It is said that during the time that the Arrancar transitioned from a mere Hollow to his current state. The soul of this gambler took with it some of its Human likeness and through a desire to still hold onto a past life. The soul of the Arrancar converted certain techniques and abilities into a fully functional Hollow ability. In reality while The Jackal’s innate is based on sound based energy. It is more akin to “Hanki” except it’s meant to disrupt and nullify different types of spiritual movements. The Jackal is able to manipulate the aforementioned energy for numerous purposes.

In its most basic form The Jackal can have the energy disperse from his body and form a sphere to protect him from harm. The sphere expands up to 6 meters from from The Jackal's body. The energy released sends ripples of energy through the opposing force thus disperse, neutralize or nullify it. What does this mean? If someone were to use a Cero or Kido spell. By countering it with the same amount of energy etc, the Jackal can nullify it. As such The Jackal’s innate is like a spin off of Hanki, except he doesn’t have the power boost that Shunko gives which is the parent technique for Hankai. Truco de Naipes allows the Jackal to nullify attacks up to level 75 in his sealed state. The drawbacks should be obvious, especially when one has to sacrifice the same amount of energy to achieve what one hopes to achieve. stated, all Wolfgang can do is lessen the damage caused by those techniques. The Jackal is quite capable of manipulating this energy to suit his needs. As such the man can quite frankly use said energy to manipulate the movements of his weapons and their speed. And to even give them a slight boost in terms of the amount of power one can expect from a sword strike.

Resereccion Name: El Jugador Mascarada- The Gambler's Mascaraed

Resereccion Release Phrase: Place Your Bet

Release Actions: Weapon must be drawn.

Resereccion Appearance:

The transition from being normal, to extraordinary would have been completed, by a mere release phrase. The Arrancar known as The Jackal, by now underwent a few changes. The head of the Arrancar is the starting point for these changes. The Arrancar's teal colored hair that is normally short will now be spiky and longer, with even more volume to it. The Jackal will also be sporting a mask on his face. A Venetian masquerade mask with a major portion of the mask being white. The mask is decorated with black ribbons at the top of it, these ribbons also has bells at the end of them. The ribbons are shaped like a slender triangle, that stands up firm. There are at least seven small bells in total. The bells on the end of each ribbons are golden, stemming from black ribbons with red outlines. The ribbons themselves extend up to 8 inches in length. Strangely enough, as The Jackal beings to move, the bells on the ribbons makes no sound. The eye holes of the mask, has tiny black designs just below it. These designs are in the shape of black spades, like on a card. The spades point downward, acting as tears falling from the eye of the mask. The lips of the mask are painted black, along with a black outline around the eye holes. At the base of the mask, such as the chin and jaw area extends 7 black triangular shaped ribbons, with red fur on the out edges of them. The ribbons also have bells attached to them like at the top of the mask.

The Jackal is also dressed in what appears to be three pieces of garment. The Jackal wears a black overcoat over his clothing. The overcoat is decorated by playing card symbols. These symbols include diamonds, spades, hearts and cloves. It ranges from aces, king, queens, jacks etc. The overcoat also has a thick crimson fur, that acts as the collar. This fur settles on the shoulders of The Jackal, as well as covering the neck area of the man. Beneath this over coat of his, he sports a black shirt that is buttoned, but not all the way up. The Arrancar sports a pair of gloves on his hands. On his left hand is a black glove; while on his right is a white glove. The overcoat is also buttoned at the mid section. This effectively creates a "V" shape at the upper half of the body, and an inverted V at the lower half of the body. The end of the sleeves, where the wrist is, also has red fur decorating it. The bottom of the overcoat also has this red fur on it too. The Jackal wears a pair of trousers that are also black, with what appears to be black man boots. The trousers seem to stick with the theme of the gambler. It is decorated with card symbols much like the overcoat of the Arrancar. These card symbols of course ranges from aces, queens, jacks, king, diamonds, spades etc. As one would expect, The Jackal’s mask fragments are replaced by the Venetian mask that is being sported by the Arrancar. Going further into his Ressurecion. The Jackal also possess a pair of pistols and a deck of cards that are very unique in their function.

The Pistols comes in the form of modified 357 Magnums, which is a reflection of their power. The nozzles of each pistols takes the shape of a Silver skull, with its mouth wide opened. The mouth of the skull as one would expect leads to the inside chamber of the pistol. The eye of the skull acts as infrared markers emitting a red light, so that the wielder of the Pistols can properly aim. These markers can pinpoint a target up to 800 meters away. The pistols as stated are modified Magnums, however they don't carry the same slim chamber as your regular magnum does. They're instead made to be more rectangular in shape which is 5 inches in length from the top of the nozzle to the bottom of it. The magnums also extend 11 inches long, with your typical round barrels that holds the rounds. The weapons are very durable much like any other Zanapakuto, granting them the ability to perform melee combat. The guns will be black in color, well most of it for the most part. With the skull shaped nozzle, being silver along with the hammer and the trigger. Along the sides of the each weapon, will have the design of a pack of canines, again these canines are a pack of jackals and are also silver in color. The handle of the weapons are actually silver and black with a rubber grip. At the front of his waistline a deck of cards are located in a black holster of their own, they too are a part of his weaponry and arsenal. These black cards are more or less like your general deck of cards, with all the general cards coming into play. These include Jacks, Queens, Aces, Kings etc. The deck of cards are black, with the inside of the cards being white, the number of the cards and so on being a mixture of red and black etc. The cards are generally carried in a case on his hips that are easily accessible. What is truly remarkable about the cards, are their metallic structure, able to parry and do much more like a Zanapakuto can. The Jackal also sports black holsters for his pistols on the outside of his thighs. These holsters will often be used whenever the Jackal’s chooses to switch his style of combat. The holsters are of course strapped around the thighs of the Jackal.

Ress Picture:

Resereccion Abilities:

El Jugador Mascarada’s ability at first glance is a very simple ability, being based around sound waves. El Jugador allows The Jackal to create, reconstruct, and manipulate its density and intensity. This will be governed by the strict nature of the ability, which makes for an uncanny one. The ability itself can only ever work via the mediums that are put in place for it. This means The Jackal cannot create sonic booms at the snap of a finger, or blow out eardrums through sheer manipulation. This cannot and will not happen, unless specified by a technique. Also, try not to get carried away by this explanation, since one is only breaking down the ability, little by little for a much better understanding. Earlier it was mentioned, that El Jugador’s ability is quite the uncanny one, as it follows the principles of what sound as an “element” is capable of, with its own twist.

El Jugador Mascarada~ The Gambler’s masquerade as it’s known is based on a gamble, and the odds that are being bet upon. This is how the ability will appear to be, however, this is a fallacy and far from the truth. The odds being spoken about are the true ability at work behind the scenes of The Jackal’s offensive and defensive manoeuvres. These odds will often see The Jackal win his bets and as a result be successful in his gamble. The sound based energy at work constantly vibrates so rapidly, that onlookers cannot even perceive the rapid movements. In a nutshell, whenever the sound energy produced by The Jackal comes in contact with an opposing force. Mainly Reiatsu/Reiryoku based abilities, such as barriers etc. El Jugador’s ability will appear to have overpowered or reduce the power of the opposing force. But this is also false. Instead, the sound based energy acts as a neutralizer or a form of nullifier, quite similar to Hanki. As such, whenever there is a clash with an opposing force. The sound energy sends ripples through or into the opposing force, ripping it apart at its source, thus almost completely neutralizing the opposing force. This means what should have been a 50-50 challenge, now becomes a 70-30 in favour of The Jackal. This allows the man to break through his opponent’s defences, and to even seemingly overpower said defences/offensive assaults. The probability of success is dependent on The Jackal hitting the opposing force with that of perfectly opposite speed and energy. This means whatever he wishes to overcome; he will have to put in as much effort as his opponent. This goes for Energy based opposition to his abilities. It should be noted, that the ability is no stronger than the rules allows for it to be. It may only appear more powerful because of the way in which the ability works. It’s not the ability that is more powerful, it is the opponent’s offense/defence that was weakened by it.

What the Jackal does with this ability is usually governed by the techniques he's using. His techniques usually gives off a level of power, in which one can base his destructive capabilities on. El Jugador's ability is not negation of another power. Why? Because he doesn't prevent anyone using their abilities. It is mainly the techniques that are affected, when his own ability comes in contact with it. For instance, an Hollow may possess the ability to use a Cero. But he cannot prevent them from using it. All he does is put his own defense/offense into place, thus causing a mutual cancellation.

Name: Revólver Brigada- Revolver Brigade

¬Level: Ressureccion

¬Types: Offense

¬Effect: Revolver Brigada is generally fired off from the pistols of The Jackal. The Jackal will unload six shots from his pistol(s) that is consisted of sound based energy generated by the ability of his Resurrecion. These bullets of course share the same ability from his Resurreccion, but there is something that truly sets them apart from other similar techniques. The bullets are about the same size of a Cero blast. These bullets are of a teal color with card symbols decorating it which makes it recognizable of being from the Jackal. Revolver Brigada consist of sound energy as mentioned, and it shares the same principles of the speed in which sound travels. These bullets as thus generated to be two times as fast as a Cero technique. While not unavoidable, it does lend to catch an unsuspecting opponent off guard. Upon collision with the target or even on impact, the Revolver Brigada blasts will explode covering up an area of 40 meters. The technique itself doesn’t cause a fiery explosion per say. Instead it is more like a violent shockwave that is just as effective, as it rips apart materials and the likes that it collides with. The blasts/bullets are said to be on the same level as a level 85 Hado spell.

Range: Long
Duration/Post Usage: 1
Preparation: None
Cool Down: 3

¬Name: Ametralladora- Machine Gun

¬Level: Ressureccion

¬Types: Offense

¬Effect: Ametralladora was built for overwhelming an opponent after being unloaded from the pistol(s) of Wolfgang also known as The Jackal. These bullets are also of a teal color with card symbols decorating them. Ranging from Queens, Kings, Jacks, Spades among other card symbols. These bullets share the same ability as the Ressureccion, but what makes Ametralldora special are the amount of bullets and their general speed. The bullets are shaped like a torpedo being two foot long and one fit wide. Wolfgang will release up to fifty of these bullets in a rapid burst. And as they collide, they all explode with a meter wide range, while possessing piercing capabilities. These bullets are also two times as fast as your regular Bala, using the principle of speed in which sound travels. The Ametralladora bullets are compact, but they do pack a punch, being on the level of a level 80 Hado blast.

Range: Long
Duration/Post Usage: 2
Preparation: None
Cool Down: 4

¬Name: Mark II

¬Level: Ressureccion

¬Types: Offense & Defense

¬Effect: Mark II is one of Wolfgang’s more defensive techniques that can switch to offense when combined with Russian Ruleta. Mark II’s main purpose is to protect the Jackal from harmful forces being used against him. The Jackal will have one or more cards expand, according to his current needs. The card(s) will expand up to six foot six in height and four foot in width. The same teal color energy will coat these cards, while also making them two times as fast as a Bala as they come to the aid of the Jackal. Mark II can naturally protect Wolfgang against techniques up to level 93. Techniques higher than this level will still be reduced in potency, based on the way in which the teal color sound energy coating the cards work. As such if Wolfgang wishes to protect himself against an attack that exceeds what Mark II is suppose to be capable. The man will have to sacrifice even more energy, based on the guidelines of his Resurrecion ability.

Range: Close-Mid Range
Duration/Post Usage: 3
Preparation: None
Cool Down: 5

¬Name: Gambito Réquiem- Gambit’s Requiem

¬Level: Ressureccion

¬Types: Offense

¬Effect: The Gambits Requiem utilizes the cards in the Jackal’s deck as a quick offensive attack. These cards are of course like the other techniques used by Wolfgang. They are coated in a teal color energy that is constant. Wolfgang will generally throw cards from his deck of cards and have it/them cause an explosion of the same type mentioned before. The cards are two times as fast as a Bala when thrown. Wolfgang will have the explosion occur according to his will when thrown. These cards are of course manipulated by The Jackal, and often the resulting blast is as powerful as a level 80 spell. However when three or more is combined, the explosion is on the level of a level 88 spell. The explosion causes a violent shockwave, while ripping and tearing apart materials and other defences as the energy expands. This kind of explosion is shared by the Jackal’s techniques. The range of the explosion spans out to 40 meters.

Range: Long
Duration/Post Usage: 2
Preparation: None
Cool Down: 4

¬Name: Comodín- Wild Card

¬Level: Ressureccion

¬Types: Supplementary

¬Effect: The Jackal’s Wild Card or Comodin involves the use of cards from the deck of cards that makes up part of Wolfgang’s Ressureccion. This technique uses the cards that are as sturdy as the Jackal’s Zanapakuto and just as sharp to perform a unique function. Wolfgang will use the 52 cards preferable or however many is left over after certain other techniques have been used. These cards possess razor sharp edges, while constantly coated in the same teal colored sound based energy of Wolfgang’s Resurrecion. As anyone would expect, this sound based energy grants these cards the same capabilities too. The main purpose is to manoeuvre these cards that are two times as fast as a Bala into action. The movements of the cards are controlled by Wolfgang. They are twice as fast as a Bala when moving without him directing them, and three times as fast via hand movements. These cards will aim to slice those targeted into pieces as they move which makes them quite dangerous. The cards can of course be used in a melee sense against other weapons as Wolfgang manipulates their movements. The energy surrounding the cards is the same as Wolfgang’s Resurrecion ability. This allows the man to penetrate shields and barriers by focusing on a focal point. In other cases, overwhelming a barrier or energy shield can happen based on the situation at hand.

Range: Long
Duration/Post Usage: 5
Preparation: None
Cool Down: 5

¬Name: Russian Ruleta- Russian Roulette

¬Level: Ressureccion

¬Types: Supplementary

¬Effect: Russian Ruleta is quite subtle in its build up, but becomes far from being subtle as the preparations become completed. Russian Ruleta is the offspring of Wolfgang’s technique known as Comodin. This technique shares the same principles as Comodin, except it does something in addition which truly makes a difference. The Jackal will of course manipulate the movements of the deck of cards or even a portion of them. Once they’ve been set into place, The Jackal will have the cards explode. There is one obvious way of telling when the cards will explode. The teal color energy coating them will suddenly turn black half a second before the explosion occurs in the area. Russian Ruleta is as potent as a level 88 Hado spell when it explodes. The explosions as stated before in other techniques are not of a fiery nature. Instead these explosions will rip and tear things apart whether it be flesh or otherwise. The shockwave generated from the occurring blast is also quite powerful, covering up to a 50 meter radius.

Range: Long
Duration/Post Usage: 2
Preparation: None
Cool Down: 3

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El Jugador Mascarada
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