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 The wonderful encounter or the dreadful realization? [Private Bardo/ Celeste]

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PostSubject: The wonderful encounter or the dreadful realization? [Private Bardo/ Celeste]   Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:09 am

Bardo would have grown bored while he would have walked the lands of Hueco Mundo and he would have been seemingly in need of some clothing as he would have arrived within this new found form that not many hollow would have been able to achieve, therefore, he would let out a deep sigh as he would open up a Garganta that he would have made more stable with his ability known as Descorrer, when the man would seemingly have stepped through the portal and begun his journey he would have swiftly made it out without being noticed by any Shinigami and or other racial entities as for the moment anyways and would step seemingly thirty meters above the city as he would look down in a little disgust and would slowly lower himself upon a roof that he would have been above and would let out a deep sigh as he would look across this old land and let a small frown come across his face.

While he would do this he would have noticed a rather interesting suit attire within a seemingly high retail fashion shop he would have swiftly Sonido into and out of the building now standing with the clothes upon his body he would now be wearing a wonderful smile upon his face and he would look toward the lands and would then walk toward the back edge of the building he would have once more stood upon and would have slowly left his feet escape from the safety of the roof and slowly fall onto the floor and land gracefully as he would brush of his new attire proceeding to walk upon the streets that wouldn’t have been so crowded, the man would be dawning the newly acquired black dress shirt with red vertical lines going all across it from the collar downward only going two inches past his waist, in addition, he would have been dawning a red collard vest that would have hung just below the collar of his first dress shirt with a deep V cut that would show his pectoral muscles only slightly with this he would have been wearing wonderful black dress pants and accompanying that would be nice newly shined black dress shoes.

However, as Bardo would have begun his stroll through the lands he seemingly would have found himself stumbling within a forest of some unknown location. The man would have come across a rather interesting area for the first time in a long time, during his first appearance within the area he would have noticed the trees would have been flourishing with the bright color of pink as the wind would carry an array of cherry blossoms through the air though not obscuring the vision of the man, as the petals would glide through the air gracefully Bardo would let a slight smile replace that of the frown he had earlier. Though there was clearly much more to be seen within this new land therefore, with that sight in mind he would let out a deep breath as he would have walked a few more feet now onto the bridge seemingly standing now ten yards into the bridge that would have been one hundred yards long and only wide enough for two people of Brink’s stature to stand side by side while crossing in one direction, the clearing as to which he would have been headed wasn’t that of a normal area one could find within Hueco Mundo. It was filled with flush trees, and a running calm river below the bridge with seemingly smooth rocks that lined its flooring with small fish finding their way headed down stream.

As he would have continued his stroll he would have let himself stop upon the bridge looking down at the river listening to all the natural sounds of this world as he would continue his new found experience of this world, his face slightly filled with admiration as he would slightly drift off into a memorization of his old life, however, he would have swiftly been snapped out of this as he would have needed his focus to keep his power level low enough so as to not draw attention to himself from other Shinigami or hollow for battling within this world would prove problematic for the man at the moment as he was simply trying to escape his boredom as to which would have filled in in Huceo Mundo so he would have sat there on the cherry blossom covered bridge wondering if anything interesting would truly transpire will he was visiting this foreign land…
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The wonderful encounter or the dreadful realization? [Private Bardo/ Celeste]
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