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 Li Dian

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Li Dian
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»Name: Li Dian

»Alias: Tweedle Diva



»Birthday: October 9th

»Rank: Lieutenant

»Division: 8th

Li Dian HukDJzE

»Personality: A witty and resourceful guy, Li Dian's words and gestures can at times befuddle his closest allies. Extremely laid-back, he often talks casually with his fellow officers and is calm and cautious in making decisions. Even at the height of peril he keeps a half eyed expression on his face as he calmly weaves through the battle field He takes his duties seriously and is willing to accomplish them by any means he deems necessary. He also possesses a keen intuition. He often gets more caught up in what he feel is going to happen than what is actually unfolding before him.

Napping: Li Dian likes living the high life, mainly taking things easy and not stressing out about the little details.

Sparing: When he's not napping he likes to keep his skills sharp by sparing with his fellow squad mates. He thinks it builds comradery, and keeps everyone fit.

Keeping the peace: Li Dian can hardly laze around when other people are causing trouble, so he is always one of the first people to step up when the calm is disturbed.

Traitors: Worst of the worst, betraying those who believe in you? Unforgivable.

Kido: It's just so hard! He's sure he'd like it if he could ever get the hang of it, but for now it just gives him head aches. He also gets pretty jealous when he sees other people use it.

Vizards: After Gwynevere left the soul society to become one, he's held a massive hatred for the species as a whole. Believing them to be a corrupt and seductive society.

Li Dian ElJDUNc

»Appearance Picture:
Li Dian Tumblr_mjs68kipAu1qg641po2_500

»Eye Color: Blue

»Height: Six Feet

»Weight: 150 Kilos Pounds

»Hair Color: Dark Blue-Black depending on the light.


»Appearance Description:(at least 5 lines describing the overall look of your character) Li Dian Carries a calm and confident smirk on his face at most times, unless truly in peril. He has a very distinctive haircut, that with out the aid of supernatural means would never hold. He's more on the slender side of muscular, but no overly skinny. He does seems to have long gangily limbs though. His way over movement is very confident, constantly flicking his wrists, and limbs in an almost cocky manner.

Li Dian DlSAAwc

»Historical Information:

Li Dian was born in a small Fishing village to a family of poor fishermen. His father would often be gone for weeks at a time fishing in far off waters. Li Dian was always getting his ears pulled on for not contributing to the family when he was a little kid. He'd just sit on a dock and stare out into the water looking at the never endings sea. Dreaming of far off lands and adventure.

When Li Dian was old enough to sail with his father he was made to do so. Though he didn't much enjoy the hard work of working the sail and nets, and especially the storms. While he was never much of a fisher men his keen intuition always led them to the right spot to find the most fish. He was an crew member that every ship in the village wished to have on their vessel.

Other captains sent him gifts and minor treasures to attract him to join their crew, but he remained loyal to his father and stuck his his tiny little fishing barge.


He made a small name for himself in his village. His ship was never caught in a major storm, and always encounter the most fish. Slowly the news of the boy who could see the future spread to the ears of one of the local warlords. Li Dian had always dreamed of leaving his village and going out to see the world, and when  Xiahou Dun came to his village to offer him a sear in Cao Cao's army he couldn't resist. He finally learned how much it would take to abandon his family.

He left for Shouzhang and made his name as a capable General. He served his lord for many years along with his comrade Yue Jin. Together the two stopped a massive invasion at the castle of Heifei. Greatly outnumbered Li Dian managed to use his intuition and keen mind to out maneuver the enemy and drive them away. Now you might be wondering, how does one get out maneuvered by a castle? Well my friend you must not know Li Dian.

Li Dian managed to out live his master and his wars. He lived long and well enough to see his land united under one rule, and see the Chaos that upset his land finally come to an end. He'd send money to his family every month to make up for him not serving on his father's ship, but he never returned.

Li Dian had always dreamed of seeing adventure in far off lands, and under Cao Cao he'd gotten his wish. With a light heart he lived out the rest of his days in the nations capital. Relaxing by the pool and being served fruit by scandal clad young women.

He's lived a long and successful life, and died in his sleep without a single regret.

The After Death

Keeping that in mind you can imagine his surprise when he found himself in the soul Society after a short little journey. He'd faught all through out his land, and now suddenly it looked like there was more fighting to be done. Horrible monsters called Hollows were attack human spirits and the soul society needed him to stop them. Well Li Dian understood that well enough. He supposed that he didn't have anything better to do with his after life so he agreed to join the Soul society in their war.

He trained briefly in combat, but years of warring in his own homeland left little room for improvement. He did learn a great deal about spiritual energy and Kido thought, and that was just fascinating. Fascinating and frustrating because he could never get the hand of it! He could make little sparks with his fingers, but other than that he couldn't really manage any real magic. His teachers said it was probably because of his intuition. That was taking up all of his magical abilities, which he guessed was a fair trade, but man. Shooting lighting out of his hands would be so cool.

He was assigned to the 8th Division.

His record of service isn't overly impressive. He'd seen enough fighting in life to really care about fighting in the after life. However whenever he was required he'd always give his all in mission dispatching his foes swiftly and without mercy. His keen intuition became vital to his Division's operations. His intuition alone saved many of his fellow Shinigami's lives in their war against the Hallows.

So despite his lack of motivation, and easy going attitude, his leadership, and tuition gave him a his divisions Third seat. Not too long after the Lieutenant of his division was killed by a rouge Captain, and Li Dian got promoted to Lieutenant.

Though he hasn't served as Lieutenant for long, he's ready to prove himself just as he did with Cao Cao all those years ago. Though he'd been enjoying his life of relaxation he figured now that people were actually looking up to him, it was time to take things seriously.

Li Dian GNn23KI

See Stat System For More Information

General Skills

  • Durability: Trained(2)

  • General Speed: Trained(2)

  • Strength:  Advanced (3)

  • Weapon Skill:  Advanced (3)

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Trained (2)

  • Mental Deduction: Advanced (3)

  • Pain Endurance: Trained (2)

  • Focus: Trained (2)

Racial Skills

  • Kidō:

Proficient (1)

Li Dian P7fgKAs

»Your Sample:(Li Dian finally zipped up his back pack. It was stuffed to bursting, packed with weapons, and scrolls, not to mention food, and sleeping supplies. You know the essentials. His heart was thumping within his chest. This was going to be his first mission outside of the country, and he honestly didn't know how he was going to fair. It was going to be another mission where he had to protect someone valuable, but it's not like the last one went all that well in the first place. Plus it was only going to be him this time. No Glen Coco around to help. Oh well! Forget Coco! He was a man and needed no woman to protect him!

He set out from his front door, pack slung over his shoulder. He set forth into the rain letting the cold drops bounce off of his parka. He splashed through the puddles, watching his reflection as he did. The restoration of the city had begun taking shape. Slowly they were starting to drain the overflowing water from the streets into the already taxed drainage canals. It was slow going but a few blocks were actually mostly dry now a days. To be honest Li was going to missed the partially Flooded Streets of The Rain Village. He'd always enjoyed splashing around in them. But he guessed that they made travel around the city pretty horrible, for anyone who wasn't a ninja. Something which he appreciated. He figured the good of the city was more important than one man's enjoyment in the rain.

He shrugged off the idea and kept on walking. He was happy to see there were more people walking around the streets. Not many, but there were some. As in actually people out on the street. That's actually an amazing thing. Just a few months ago you'd be hard pressed to even find a single person other than yourself out on the streets. And now there were at least a half dozen people out walking these streets. Oh yes, things were changing for the rain village, life was good!

He ventured out from the village, and entered into the marshes of the Rain country. Rice, cat trails grew in this area of the country. If you weren't a farmer you didn't tend to hang out much around here. However Farmers tended not to be much of a nosey bunch, and it was the perfect place to rendezvous with his caravan. When he saw the group standing alone under a tree, he straightened up his outfit, and fixed his hair. He was a representative of the rain village and he had to look respectable.

He came upon four men standing under the tree. The leader of the party, and kind looking man in his mid fourties raised his hand and greeted Li with a  wide smile. "Hello their! You must be Li Dian." He spoke with a strong youthful voice. He wore a simple looking blue dress shirt, and a pair of jeans. He snatched up a back pack that was hanging from one of the trees branches and slung it over his shoulder. "It's a pleasure to have a ninja hailing from the rain village escorting us on our journey."

There was a similarly dressed man standing next to him. As well as two lightly armored samuri standing guard around them. On man and one woman.

Li Opened his mouth to speak, but as soon as he got within range, the Female samurai flew towards him! She un sheathed her blade and sliced towards Li! Li could only stumble backwards, to avoid the attack. His butt landed in the mud with a splash. He looked up at his foe angrily. "What's the big Idea?"

The samurai sheathed her blade. She was a brawny woman, with a traditional samurai amrmor adorning her body. She hair was tied up in a high brown pony tail. She had a light scar upon the right side of her chin and cheek. Her skin was well tanned, and her dark eyes looked upon Li with disgust. "First they send us a kid." Her voice was light, but harsh. "Then he turns out to be unable to defend himself. How will he ever defend Master Chiro? He couldn't even avoid my attack."

Li Gritted his teeth. "What are you talking about, I avoided it by a mile!" He quickly became silent when he felt his shirt rip open, and he felt a sharp pain in the middle of his chest, as well as a bit of blood trickeling down his chest. Dang she was fast. The Female samurai rolled her eyes and began to walk away. "I wouldn't move if I were you." Li Broght his fingers up into the confrontation seal.

"What are you..." The samuri began before she noticed Li Looking down at her feet. It was then she noticed the paper bomb wrapped Kunai Resting at her feet. "How did you..."

This time the male samurai spoke. "Naki you idiot." His voice with deep, but infenitly friendly. He seemed to speak with a permanent chuckle in his voice. "The moment you unseathed you blade, he dropped that baby down at his feet." He walked over towards "Naki." And patted her on the back. You know all that speed counts for nothing if you don't take the time to notice what your enemies doing." He let loose another strong chuckle, and turned towards Li." We'll you've earned my respect welcome to our party, master Ninja."

Li pulled himself up to his feet, and cautious walked over to Naki disarming the paper bomb at her feet. "Sorry for the cheap trick."

Naki rolled her eyes. "Whatever, you wouldn't be able to activate that bomb if you were dead."

The final member of the party spoke. He head a monkey beard, and a pair of smiling eyes. As well as a pair of thick trimmed glasses. He wore a tweed jacket and a nice pair of dress slacks. "We'll if we're quite down attacking the man who's suppose to protect us all." She shot his samurai companion a leery look. "Allow me to make the introductions." He gestured an open hand to himself. "I am Sabanto, the leader of this little expedition." He then gestured to the man who'd first spoken to Li. "This is our valuable Cargo. Master Chiro. Author of the Lonely Mountain Series, and social spokesman."

Master Chiro brought his hand into his pack and drew out a thick binding of paper. "Actually if I may make a correction, this is the Valuable Cargo. My newest book. The mission is for you to get this little guy to the presses in Kibo village."

Sabanto let out a little chuckle. "Well I know you think you're book is the real treasure. But I assure you the prospect of me losing all your future books is far worse than just losing this one."

Chiro gave him a chuckle. "You publishes always want quantity over quality. I assure you Sabanto, this is the greatest work that I'll ever produce. You'd be a fool to let it die instead of me."

Sabanto returned the chuckle. "indeed my friend. Besides art becomes more valuable when the artist dies." Everyone gave a nervous chuckle. "These two Samurai are Naki and Liu Bei. Our loyal companions."

Liu Bei the older male samurai gave Li a bow. He was a bear of a man, six and a half feet tall. his hair was shortly cropped to his skull, and he seemed to be always smiling. "I'll lay down my life to Protect Master Chiro's work." On the other hand Naki just scowled.

Li introduced himself, and returned the pleasantries. "I'm glad to join your company, but might I ask. Why ask for my help when you already have two Samurai within your group?"

The group shifted nervously. "Well. Honestly we're going to be facing some opposition in our journey. It'll mostly be thugs from the village. Which Liu Bei, and Naki can handle just fine. However their Is rumor of ninjas on the road.  We can handle thugs, but we need someone knowledgeable with the tactics of other ninja's in our group. "

Made sense.

Li Nodded. "Then Master Chiro, I will do everything with in my power to provide you with protection."

With that the group set off on their journey. Their destination a small country called the Land of peaks. It was only a small collection of mountain villages, It made The village Hidden in the rain look crowded. As they traveled through the marshes of the Rain country Li Drew out a scroll, and ran his hand over the seal. Out from the seal popped a big block of wood. Li Withdrew  his Kunai and began carving away at the block. He let the curls of wood fall to the ground beneath them.

Liu Bei eyed Li Curiously. Li smiled and continued chopping at the wood. It was beginning to take on the form of a human head. "I swear it's not Voodoo. I'm a puppet master. This little guy is my newest project. I've only just begun, but I can tell it's going to be my greatest work of art yet."

Liu Bei nodded. "Are you an entertainer, or a ninja?"

Li smiled. "Sometimes I'm both."

xxx After a long March xxxx

For the rest of the day they marched on out of the Rain country. Near the border rain became less frequent, and heavy, and the land began to dry up. Raising slightly, preparing to rise up into a mountainous landscape. The trees stoped looking like they belonged in a jungle and started to become more piney. Soon they found themselves walking through a pine tree forest. Li had never visited this part of his country, and he hardly knew a place like this existed within it. When dusk began to set they set up camp in a clearing in the low parts of the mountains.

Just after nightfall the others finished setting up their camp. For the first time in Li couldn't even remember how long it wasn't raining. Li knew for sure that they were at the extreme edges of his country. He stepped our from the surrounding forest and approached the camp. "We should be safe, I trapped a good portion of the surrounding area. Bandits won't be a problem. And we'll have plenty of warning before any ninja's get to us."

Sabanto, fell to his cot. "Thank you master ninja. Having you here will make my sleep much more restful I think." With an excausted sigh he slinked down onto his cot. "Oh baby."

From Li's left Naki scrapped a bit of flint into a dry collection of branches, and tinder. The whole thing went up in a blaze, and a wave of heat swept over the camp. Li smiled he'd always love camping out in front of a warm fire. He grabbed his gear, and set it down in front of the fire. He took out a few pieces of the puppet he'd been working on and occupied himself with that.

Before his hands and his skilled knife, the hands of his puppet were beginning to take place.

Master Chiro spoke up over the crackling of the fire, he to had positioned himself just outside of it's flames. "So tell me Li Dian why go down the path of the puppet master. It's my understanding that Shinobi take the stance that tools, can break, and that you can only rely upon your own abilities."

Li Dain thought about that for a moment. His words had truth to them. He simply looked down at his puppets hands, and trimmed off the loose splinters. "A couple of years ago a man was having a puppet show in my village. I was too old for that kind of thing, but I still went. When I was there I saw how much all of the children enjoyed the show. How entertained they are. For a brief moment kids and their paretns forgot about the state of their city, and enjoyed a different world. I don't know it's just something I wanted to be a part of."

Chiro noded his head, he understood. "Books are like that too, I think. No matter how horrible the world we live in is, we can always turn towards books to give us some hope. Their a strange a mythical world, where all of it's problems can be solved in a few hundred turns of the page. Where hero's are true, and our villains are clear cut. But tell me. Books aren't just good stories, we authors also instill them with our own virtues and ideals. If books and puppets are similar in one day, I'd think they were similar in this way too."

Dang. Master Chiro had a strange kind of insight about him. "You speak True Master Chiro. I don't just make puppets, I make angelic Puppets. Glorious winged creatures to soar above my city and remind people of out great history that isn't so long passed."

"History?" Naki asked raising an eyebrow into the air.

this time Liu Bei answered. "The Rain village was once ruled over by a ninja named Konan. Legend says she head great angel wings, and flew above the city protecting it. She even gave her life to protect the world some say. Our young master wishes to remind his people of that sacrifice. I believe." Liu Bei looked over to Li Dian. "Am I correct?"

Li nodded in the affirmative. "We were a great people once, and we will be again. By the sweat of my brow, and the beat of my angel wings, I will make it so." He looked over the fire to his company gauging their reactions. Naki and Liu Bei both held a serious look, not a harsh one, but serioius."

Master Chiro, however smiled broadly. "Then you do understand. Master Li you understand the mission we are on!"

Li was taken aback. "I thought I did, but now I'm not so sure." He laughed. returning the hands to the seal, and withdrawing a new block of wood. "Do you care to refresh my knowledge?"

"I'd be glad to." He announced. He paused for a moment, and watched as Li Once more began carving into his block of wood. He was currently forming what would become the sectioned ribs of his puppet. "The Lonley mountain series isn't just a work of fiction. To any outsider it may seem like a romp of an adventure. However to those living in the land of peaks they know it to be an allegory for the life we live within it's borders. You see our land is ruled over by a harsh Chancellor, who keeps our villages representatives from opposing him with threats of violence."

Naki's clutched her fists so fiercely her knuckles popped. "He uses the Rhonin of our land to keep his power. Rouge Samurai, who've abandoned their path."

Liu Bei chuckled sadly. "Actually Naki we're the Rhonin. We were the ones who refused to serve the lord of the land."

Li's heart skipped a beat. "This wasn't the mission I signed up for. It's a simple escort mission. You, you can't trust me with something like this. You have to turn back, get a chuunin, or jounin, or a whole squad. I'm just a genin, not even a very good one. You'll only die under my protection. He had flash backs to his last mission protecting someone. The image of the representative in that bandits hands. His words were the only things that'd save the man's life.

"Calm yourself Master Li." Master Chiro assured. "You're not causing a revolution, nor will you be fighting in one. The land of peaks isn't some horrible dictatorship, though it will be if we don't do something. Your mission is and always has been to get me to my publishing house, that's where your obligation ends. No matter how much they live in fear no village representavie will allow The Chancellor to simply have his army attack us. It's simply the streets thugs indirectly connected to him that we fear."

Li's panic was lightened but not eradicated all together. "What's so special about your book? Why does it need protecting."

Sabanto shot up from his cot. "The Lonley Mountain: Arcadia is no meer book Master Ninja. It is the Magnus Opium of Master Chiro. It describes the death of democracy and tradition in such a way that it brings tears to even the most cold hearted of beasts. I know." He assured. "I had my wife read it and even she cried. When the towns in our countries read this work of art they'll be so empowered by it's characters that they'll demand reform! The Chancellors career will be destroyed, and our country can be free of fear once more."

"Wow." Li whispered, looking at his half carved rib cage. "That is quite a mission you place upon my shoulders."

Naki stood and headed towards her cot. "That's the problem with protecting V.I.P's they always seem to have something very important to do."

xxxxxx In the middle of the Night xxxxxxxx

Li's hands were shaking as he cut into his puppets woody flesh. He had the basic body of the angel down now. Minus the wings. The large body of the puppet had surprisingly taken less time than that of Rahpel. Despite it being much bigger. Li guessed it was because he wasn't trying to make this one look too terribly human. Abbadon had always been portrayed as a bit more demonic than the other angels. Often called demonic even. However Li Wasn't in the business of demons, the was a purely angelic man. That's why he choose to go with abbadon's traditional role as The Jailor, rather than his more popular role as the destroyer. The puppets design was made to capture and control dangerous targets. His whole scheme was based off of his reinforced body.

In The dead of night while the other's slept soundly, Li drilled holes into his puppets body. Sliding metal rods throughout the wooden ribs to reinforce them. It wouldn't make much of a prison if the opponent could just break on out now would it? He took great pains in collecting the hardest wood from the jungle that he could for this particular puppet.

He worked on it all throughout the night. Forgoing food, and sleep for this project. He popped a ration pill and kept on chugging. His conversation with Master Chiro had scared him. He wasn't sure that he as a ninja was up to the task. But he knew if he could just get this puppet finished that it'd be able to protect them.

By the time dawn rose over the moist needles of the pine tree Li Dian had the body and all the limbs complete. He just didn't have the mechanisms for them installed. Or a few other features that would contribute to a working puppet. But he was pretty darn close.

xxxxxxxx In the mountain pass xxxxxxxxxx

It was just after lunch when the company finally crossed into the Land hidden in the peaks. Immediately at the border there was a heavily defended check point. The check pointed defended the entrance of a mountain pass. In the center of this pass stood the check point. A small concrete wall guarded by six samurai wielding nasty looking spears. Atop the wall stood four archers, each with an arrow already notched. "Tight security for a little country." Li whispered.

"They were expecting us." Naki announced cooly.

"Submit to inspection!" A guard announced gruffly, approaching the group as they closed in on the road block. His five friends advanced as well.

Sabanto ever the diplomat answered with a cool smile. "Of course! We've got our papers right here." He handed them a fat stack of passports, and papers.

The guards went about invading the groups personal things. One opened up Master Chiro's bag and pulled out the manuscript for his newest book. "What's this Master Chiro?"

Master Chiro's slightly wrinkled face stayed calm. "Well I am a writer aren't' I?"

"More seditious material, that'll be banned by the end of the month?"

"Well I wouldn't be a very good author if someone didn't consider my material Seditious."

"I should just do you a favor and get rid of it now. Save us all the trouble of having to break the presses again."

"Well if it's all the same to you, that's my favorite part of the whole writing thing. I'd hate to have gone through all of this trouble, and not get to see it happen." The guard just snorted, and threw the papers to the ground. Chiro quickly scurried to pick them all up.

One of the guards took them while the other guards began to inspect the adults. "What of these two?" A guard asked referring to Naki and Liu Bei.

"We are both Samurai of this land." She produced a coin turned into a necklace from her armor. "This coin allows my master and I to enter and leave this land with our weapons."

The Guard snorted. "I know what I does." He left their weapons alone but didn't stop from ripping open their bags and checking what was inside. "Someone check the boy as well."

A bolt of metaphorical lighting flew through the group. They had had vivid memories of all the strange weapons Li had stuffed inside of his pack. He didn't have permits for any of that in this land. They were going to arrest them all for sure now! What were they doing searching a minor anyway. The group waited with baited breath as one of the guards approached to inspect Li dian.

"Sir there is no need to inspect my Grandson." Master Chiro announced, trying to sound Calm.

"We check everyone those are the rules."

The whole time Li simply stood starring at the blue sky. It'd been a few months since he'd seen the sun directly. He'd almost forgotten how bright it was. One of the guards emptied out Li's bag and the group let out a long sigh of relief. No weapons came spilling out from pack. Only food, water, camping supplies, and a rolled up scroll. "He's clear." The guard announced, returning to his post.

"Well Chiro looks like your publisher took care of everything. You're free to pass. Just don't get too comfortable in town. I hear the senate is working on some new censorship law. This may very well be the last Book you ever write!" With that the guards opened up their checkpoint and allowed the group to enter the country.

"Well that was fun." Li announced brushing off his bag. He was glad that he took the time to seal all of his weapons within his scrolls last night.

Once the group was far enough from the check point they erupted into a flurry of complaints. They were outraged by their treatment by the guards, and with good reason. Those searches were beyond necessary for a authors entourage'.

"Master." Gripping her blade. "Those men are no better than common thugs. They disgrace our order with their actions."

"Indeed my dear." Liu Bei agreed. "We will rebuild our order when this is all said and done with. Honor will be restored."

For some ungodly reason Li decided to speak up. "Well if you ask me, your honor has never been lost. You two are doing what's right for you country. That's the most honorable thing you can do."

Naki snorted for what must have been the 11th time in the time Li knew her. "A ninja wouldn't understand. Leaving our order, destroyed our honor. Having those thugs in our order, destroyed our honor. Opposing the ruler of our land, destroyed our honor. We will never be able to regain it, but perhaps we will be able to leave our order untainted upon our deaths."

"That's a harsh honor system. If you doing this goes against your order, then why join us?" Li asked.

"Sometimes what's right, isn't always what's honorable."

The group moved on through the mountain pass. Rocky walls lined their path on both sides. After a few hours on foot they came over a hill, and over that hill was Kibo village in the distance. "Not far now." Sabanto announced happily. "It's good to be home."

Li Dian picked up his pace a little, and approached Liu Bei from behind. "Psst Bei. Don't look but there are two men up on the cliff to our right. They're about to attack. Take the group and run." He placed a smoke bomb into the Samurai's hand. "Good luck."

No sooner had they finished their conversation, before a man with painfully pink hair jumped in their path. "Well well." The man announced in a purring cat voice. "I didn't expect you to get past the check point. And to think the chancellor wanted to kill you legally. Ho hum. It looks like it'll be my way then." From his waist he drew two Katana's from their sheaths. He raised on high above his head, then drew it down across the ground creating a line in the sand in front of him. He took a jump backwards and pointed towards the line. "That's the point of Safety, you have six seconds."

Up above them came a thunderous rumbling sounded off from the mountain walls. They looked above and saw an avalanche of rocks streaming down the mountain walls. "Run!" Li Screamed forming the hand seals for substitution Jutsu.

The rest of the group managed to make it pass the line in time. Avoiding the wave of stone as it came crashing down the pass. However From what everyone could tell Li had gotten crushed by the rocks.

As the group ran for safety the Pink haired Ninja in front of them charged, both his swords aimed to kill. Liu Bei, and Naki charged ahead of the group meeting the warrior face to face. Their four blades crashed. Despite having two opponents the man seemed more than capable of fending off the two samurai. The pink haired ninja purred. "Well you two were able to counter by attack, You Samurai are pretty good after all. However." He took away his hands from his swords, but blades remained in the air as if held by a phantom wield. "I've always found that you lot are lacking in the Finesse department." From his back he drew Two More Katanas. "Wind Style: Dance of Shiva!"

Liu Bei, crushed the smoke bomb in his hand and let the smoke explode from his hand blinding this ninja. When the smoke cleared the ninja found his enemies running at a swift pace towards the village. "Dammit." He spat clearing his eyes. He craned his neck over to his brother who was standing upon the avalanche zone. His brother was the other half of the "Howling Mountain Brothers." A fairly dangerous dou of rouge ninja. They'd usually been caught up in attacking travelers in the road, but somehow they'd found themselves as the trusted assassins of this Countries Chancellor, and they weren't going to mess this gig up! "You make sure that twerp is dead, I'll go after them. We meet up at the publishing house!" He sheathed three of his blades and sprinted after his targets.

The younger brother, a quiet man named Ox (For Obvious Reasons(He was big, that's the obvious reason)) walked amongst the ruble scanning for Li's broken body. It didn't take him long, before he spotted a shot of bright blonde hair popping out from the rocks. "Found ya." He announced stepping over to his victim. Ox pulled out a kunai from his pouch. He grabbed ahold of  Li's head with his free hand and pulled it back, his plan was to slit Li's throat. Strangely though when he pulled back on the head the entire thing popped off! "Huh?" He turned the head over in his hand, and saw that it was actually the head of a human sized puppet. What sort of trick was this? He noticed the mouth of the puppet flop open. Then a blinding flash of light erupted from the puppets mouth. Seraing Ox's Corneas "I'm blind!" He shouted covering his eyes with his hands.

Out from the shadow's came Li Dian! With a katana in hand he flew at Ox. The blinded man made for easy prey. With a quick slice Li Severed the man's Achilles' tendon's leaving him alive yet unable to stand, or walk. As he began to fall to the ground, Li used the rest of his momentum to ram into his opponent, sending him flying away from Li's puppet. "It's called Substitution Jutsu. An oldie but a goodie" He pulled his puppet out from the rubble, and slung it over his shoulder. Why'd he have to make such a heavy puppet!!!!


-Lazy Writing Time Skip-

Li Dian clutched the manuscript against his chest as he sprinted through the Museum. Behind him he could hear the heavy foot steps of Naki behind him. He wished he could just fly out of here, but The ninja had smashed his Raphael to bits, he'd need some repairing before he'd be useable again. "Do you really think Liu Bei will be okay?" Li shouted over his shoulder.

"Master will be okay. Those thugs don't stand a chance against him. The fact that they're even called Samurai should tell you how far our order has fallen." The two of them surged down the marble halls of the museum. Behind them they could hear the fast approaching steps of the enemy ninja. "This guy however is going to be a pain!" They felt a wave of pressure surge down the hall shattering glass as it went. "Duck!"

Li dove to the floor, sliding underneath the blade of air surging overhead. He grounded his flesh upon the broken glass. As he stood to his feet he noticed the marble walls of the building now had deep gashes where the jutsu had struck. That was a powerful move. "Naki we don't stand a chance against this guy."  He pulled out a paper bomb wrapped kunai from his scroll.

"I could have told you that earlier." Naki announced pushing Li Forward. She grabbed li's hand. The one that had the kunai in it. She ran with him down the length of hall until they finally came to a window. "Just outside this window on the other side of the street is the publishing house! Get there as fast as you can." She let go of Li's hand and took a step forward.

"What are you doing?" Li Asked, worriedly.

"Buy you some time." Naki announced kicking Li powerfully in the chest and sending him flying through the window. It was tough love. She kept her eyes forward as she glared down the approaching pink hair ninja.

"Hey I didn't expect to see you guys killing each other. Could have saved me the job." He gave a slight laugh, and began unsheathing his four swords. "But I don't see a book on you missy."

Naki gripped her sword and motioned her head over to ruined display. "That case once held the serenity vase. It was considered to be the best work of pottery to ever come out of this town." The case was now filled with broken glass, and shattered clay. "You've already destroyed one priceless work of art, Master Chiro's book won't suffer the same fate."

With his four swords full unsheathed the pink haired ninja gave her a cocky grin. "You must think yourself an artist to say something like that. Tell me your name so that I may have the poets speak it forever."

Naki gripped her sword tightly with both hands. Along the hilt she kept the paper bomb kunai she'd stolen from Li pressed tightly. She didn't want her foe to see it. "I'm Naki of The Land Hidden Amongst the Peaks! I am the fastest Samurai in our land, and my art is my sword! Attack me if you dare!"

"You're a little nutty aren't you?" The pink haired ninja crouched down ready to launch forward. "Very well! Wind Style: Dance of Shiva!" He burst forwards his four blades ready to slice through Naki's light armor. For a split second she saw her jump backwards, before launching into her own attack. Probably to build up some momentum. However she wasn't expecting him to be so fast! Obviously because by the time the two combatants me they were in her original spot.

Naki stumbled forward suddenly feeling incredibly light. She heard her sword clammer to the ground. "My Arms." She whispered placing her chin upon her opponents chest. "How fast does someone bleed out when they loose their arms."

The ninja let lose a smile as she felt her warm breath on his chest. "Within a minute."

"Sounds good." With the speed she was known for Naki swept the ninja's feet out from under him, and fell upon him. She did all she could to be as heavy as possible. But the lack of arms wasn't helping.

"What you think slowing me down is going to help?" The Ninja laughed. "I'll kill your friend when I get you off, and if he's made it to the presses I'll burn it down. And if they've already printed books, I'll shred them, and if people have already read them I'll cut them in two!"

"I'm not buying time." Naki murmured weakly into the man's chest. With a great effort she tossed her head to the side, motioning to a Kunai with a burning paper bomb on it. "Sorry it was so sloppy, but I didn't actually see Li Dian do it the first time. Something tells me this isn't how it would have done in our fight. He'd probably still have arms."

"You bitch! Get off of me!" She shouted desperately.

"I know it's a terribly dishonorable move. But sometimes what's right isn't' always what's honorable."

xxxxx Around the same time xxxxxx

Wheezing, huffing, and moaning Li managed to throw himself into the publishing House, manuscript in hand. "I got it." He breathed stumbling to the floor.

"He's got it!" Master Chiro, shouted running over to the boy.

"You're alive!" Li shouted gleefully!

"We all are" Liu Bei answered with a smile stepping forth. "Thanks to your keen eyes, we survived that avalanche. Wait where's Naki?"

Oh Shit Naki! "Oh she's...." Li Began before a powerful explosion rocked the building. Li felt around for his paper bomb kunai. His heart skipped a beat when he realized what happened. "Master Chiro." He announced grimly. "I think you may want to add someone to your acknowledgments before you send that to the presses."

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I'm gonna ask you use the actual trait names and not the numbers please
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I did, I just put the numbers next to it.

Okay full disclosure the first two I didn't. In case someone calls me out on that edit XD
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no you did not, you just did that now "Last edited by Li Dian on Mon 15 Jun 2015 - 10:13; edited 1 time in total" <---please refrain from lying.

Now then your assessment.

You are all set please go apply for the Gotei-13 Organization.
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>.> Didn't lie, lol I even said.... never mind. TYVM
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