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Laws of the Seireitei BFXHzMl
Laws of the Seireitei DhN90Tq

Laws of the Seireitei OYbQr1B

Laws of the Seireitei FhjElgO
Laws of the Seireitei UV3zQQ7

Laws of the Seireitei C3HA1yv
Laws of the Seireitei UL5b2L6
Laws of the Seireitei L1rF1uo
Laws of the Seireitei EBCcQVz
Laws of the Seireitei TNZacwt
Laws of the Seireitei 4iRDwxw
Laws of the Seireitei IbxCsx2
Laws of the Seireitei ELyo1Oi

Laws of the Seireitei SqJg4s9
Laws of the Seireitei ShAAjC7
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 Laws of the Seireitei

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PostSubject: Laws of the Seireitei   Laws of the Seireitei Icon_minitimeFri Jun 05, 2015 1:11 am

Here lies the rules within the Seireitei of which all Shinigami must be forced to follow.  If the said rules are broken consequences dependent on the situation will be deemed when necessary.

Rule Book of Gotei 13

Section 1: Basic Laws of Shinigami

a. If shinigami is 3rd seat or underling, shinigami must listen and report to the Captain or second seat of the division.

b.If shinigami is approached by a commanding officer that is not of their division they must still proceed with respect and do what ever is asked of them.

c.If shinigami user is caught using their shikai or bankai without reasoning, the shinigami will be put to treason and possibly be put to death.

d.If shinigami goes rouge all shinigami within the Seireitei are on order to apprehend and or kill the rouge shinigami.

e.Shinigami must at all times protect the Seireitei and the world of the living, if a human dies in the world of the living it is up to the shinigami to purify the soul or reap it from the earth to prevent from hollow attack.  If human is killed by the hollow the shinigami can not intervene and turn the human into a shinigami with their own powers if done the shinigami and the substitute shinigami will be put to treason and executed upon capture.

Section 2: Hollow Encounters
a.If a shinigami encounters a hollow they must not think but must act upon immediately in the death of the hollow.

b.The use of shikai and bankai are permitted when attacking a hollow however if the hollow is of low class such as menos and not Vasto Lorde Bankai is not permitted.

c.If shinigami encounters an Arrancar or Esapada member and they are not either Captain or second seat ranking they are to report immediately to their commanding officer, attempting to attack unless really needed is suicide and will not be accountable for said actions. Proceed with caution.

Section 3: Vizard Encounters
a.If a shinigami encounters a Vizard shinigami members have full permission to use Shikai or Bankai to protect themselves, be advised Vizards were once Captains or Second Seat members of the Gotei 13 as such proceed with caution.

Section 4: Quincy Encounters
a.If a shinigami encounters a Quincy, shinigami members have full permission to use Shikai or Bankai to protect themselves, be advised Quincy hate members of the Gotei 13 as such proceed with caution.

b.Kill on the spot, take no prisoners they are dangerous and should be handled, if caught allying with Quincy shinigami member will be deemed a rouge shinigami.

Section 5: Shinigami and Their Kido

a.Shinigami are only allowed to use Kido in the Seireitei upon practicing, being a member of a medical division, or protecting the seireitei from harm.

b.The only form of kido that is forbidden from use for reasons and may only be used by captains if need be are Gisei Hado, if any shinigami member that is lower than Captain seat uses Gisei Hado the shinigami will be removed from his or her seating and be deemed as a rouge shinigami.

Section 6: Shinigami and Their Division Duty
a.First Division:This division is in charge of all thirteen divisions, any members within this division are well respected and are known as the elite of the thirteen.  Even the lower members of first division are held highly.

b.Second Division: This division is in charge of military combat and the like, this is the only division that will speak directly to the captain of the first division.

c.Third Division:As it is stated for now this division is rather well to be unknown for its requirements, they often help with a little of everything.

d.Fourth Division:This division is in charge of medical care, these members are well known for their medical habits.

e.Fifth Division:Much like the third division it is unknown as to what they are responsible for but they are too seen helping around with what ever the other divisions require help in.

f.Sixth Division: This is the law abiding division, not to say the others aren't, but the members of this division are often seen as strict and do not tolerate foolish behavior.

g.Seventh Division:Members of this division are free flowing and often live life to the fullest so to speak.

h.Eighth Division: As it is seen the eight division has never been noted on their requirements.

i.Ninth Division:Those of this division are often seen as a security force and guard the Seireitei with their lives, they are also in charge of art and culture.

j.Tenth Division:As it is seen the tenth division has never been noted on their requirements.

k.Eleventh Division:Those who are of this division are combat specialists skilled in weaponry, they are often seen practicing with their swords rather than Kido.

l.Twelfth Division: This division is responsible for creating new spiritual technology and research.

m.Thirteenth Division: As it is seen the thirteenth division has never been noted on their requirements.

Section 7: Shinigami and Their Ranking

a.Captains and Second Seat Officers are allowed to learn and user bankai and shikai.

b.3rd seat and underlings can only learn shikai.

c.Shinigami can challenge for a higher seat however if they loose the battle they are either removed from their division entirely and deemed as a traitor or they are placed in a lower ranking than they once were, this is up to their commanding officer.

d.3rd Seat and underlings must speak formally with Captain's or Second seat officers.

Section 8: If Laws are Broken
a.If the laws are broken depending on which rule is broken will result to either disbandment from division, seating, and possible execution.  Keep in mind the one rule of gotei 13 is to make sure the Seireitei is a peaceful place, if caught fighting without permission, researching hollows without permission you will be deemed an enemy of the seireitei and will be prosecuted for your actions.  Be advised.

Section 9: Zero Division
a. The Zero Division is made up of the five most powerful Shinigami in the Seireitei, and they have the special duty to protect the Soul King no matter the cost, but they are once in awhile seen out and about hunting Menos level or higher Hollows or Arrancar, and if a serious threat is posed to the Seireitei like the Captain-Commander Dying, These five are picked and/or voted in, By either the Soul King, or like how one would obtain a Captain slot, But Only Captain's may be eligible.

b. Other ways to get in is to make a huge contribution to the Soul Society, Ie if you were the creator of Zanpakuto, or Artficial Souls

Soul King- Leader of the Zero Division and seen as ruler of Seireitei basically

Zero Division Second Seat- this is the one the other four seats answer to, usually given orders by the Soul King Himself

Third Seat- This Seat is one of a Master Swordsman usually, such to the point of being a blacksmith

Fourth Seat- This Seat is usually given to the Best Inventor, who usually make something of signifigence to the helping of the Seireitei in some way

Fifth Seat- this Seat is occupied by the Best in the Kido Corps usually, showing great promise in Kido usage and creation, anywhere from healing to destruction Kido
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Laws of the Seireitei
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