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 Espada History

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PostSubject: Espada History    Espada History  Icon_minitimeFri Jun 12, 2015 1:07 pm

~The Original Six~

This is the tale of the original six the men that lead the land under many different alias and code names which would have taken the sands of Hueco Mundo by storm, though they all didn’t have much knowledge of one another it would come a time were such a thing would become null as they would become face to face with each other and the outcome would be the formation of the first born Espada the elite of elite class that could be found within Hueco Mundo that would live behind the walls known as Los Noches. However, they didn’t live behind these walls for the aspect of fear no, it was the opposite it was so that the weaker hollows could attempt to thrive and become something more for the potential to add to their ever expanding army, therefore, as this tale continues the generation of miracles it would seem the sands would have called them will be revealed and all their stories told as for in the end it would have been an inevitable fate that they all would come together to rule over the white sands that they would call home….

Shall we begin with the tale of the oldest of the espada known as Wolfgang Jakkalera, this would be the man who would have been branded as the Segunda espada and be known throughout the lands during his prime and even now as The Jackal and having been given the aspect of intoxication upon his death. However, you may ask what would have made this man seemingly so great as to earn the position so high within the espada organization and that would be his brilliant strategies upon the battlefield and his overwhelming desire for not only knowledge but power that would have lead him to be one of the first ever born Arrancar of natural causes, his tales are spoken of even now across the sands only growing higher in praise or in some cases exaggeration… He is a man that was well known for his battle skills that would have led him through the one hundred year struggle during his late eight hundred year mark of roaming the world as a hollow, his raw ability and power that would have lead him to lead a group of hollows upon the frontlines of the battlefield in the western division of the war claiming all the land within that area as his own as he would roam with his group of soldiers that would have taken the land by storm…

However, there was another within this war that would have gotten his fame through more solo means only being told of as whispers among the people as though just a guilty warrior roaming looking for his salvation within this horrid world this man would be known as Relius Clover, or rather The Nameless Hero is how he was spoken of among the sands wind. Unlike many other espada that would have come to be he would have been more of an enforcer of justice doing in his power what he could to seemingly save those of the weaker stature only striving and eating for that of survival and not to seemingly gain just power for his own agenda or success, no he was one that truly stood out from the band that would have gathered that one fated day… However, nothing much could be told about this man as he was one rather surrounded with mystery not choosing to be one in the spotlight but a man that moved within the shadows for many centuries to obtain the power that was given to him, therefore, he would have been marked as the Noveno espada gaining the aspect of guilt upon his death some would have called it…

Furthermore, the next down the line of these men would have truly been an interesting specimen he would have gone by the name of Axel Oscuro and been named King of the Desert at least within the Eastern parts of Hueco Mundo though his name wouldn’t have scattered across all the lands for it seemed the fame of others grew to swiftly before his could have reached the mouths of others, as he would have been only in his early four hundreds when the one hundred year war would have erupted, however, none the less among the men that would have gathered to form this organization he seemingly would have been the one with the highest spiritual pressure though this truly didn’t mean anything more than he had eaten more than the other would have it did give him the lead way to earn the ranking of the cero espada among those who would have gained their number that one faithful day, however truly he would have only been the cero espada once he would have entered his Resurrección seemingly even having more spiritual pressure than Bardo within this mode… Though while he is in a pre – released state his number would remain that of ten which would in some people’s eyes may have been an insult but to Bardo it was an illusion to grant the some humility and respect for his fellow espada as for with the alias of King of the Desert the man would swiftly need to learn discipline otherwise who knew if another war would outbreak even among the ranks of espada….

Though in addition, to those stated above there was another man who would have been given the ranking of the Quatro Espada known as Kiando Gorre arguably the most lazy among those who would have meet, however, showing a great deal of promise giving him lead way with Bardo to be such in nature however, not much could be told about this man other than his great feats of battle in his prime of not being that of nearly a sloth in comparison truly not earning his number through accomplishments but the pure potential that Bardo saw within him during their first meeting and nothing more…

However, then there was the group’s leader known through the sand as many names however, the alias as to which stuck with him would have been on account of his crimson eyes and his swift nature becoming well known as the Crimson Flare or that of a name long forgotten to him, stalker of shadows for he wasn’t a man of great power when he was in his hollow days no he was one of great speed and intellect being able to use his sheer speed to obtain what he deserved and that would have been evolution, swiftly growing within the one hundred year war using all the weaken hollow as his pray using the shadows to seemingly cover his movements and being gone from ones sight before they could even knew that he would have devoured their friends or foes, however, he wouldn’t have simply been given the leader position of this organization no rather he was the founder the one who had seemingly brought all these men together and would have been the one to mark them with their numbers. He was what he called absolute and his orders he wanted to be followed as such, he didn’t show this side to the men upon their first meeting no rather he would have won them over with charismatic approach and sheer words not even lifting a finger in the manner of showing is true strength for it wasn’t needed, his tales were that spoken across all lands not for the fact of his accomplishments but rather his old friend that would have now been the Segundo espada would have spoken of him even to his army, and with this his tale would have vastly spread like wild – fire reaching the ears of many however, his face being a mystery to all almost as though a shadowy legend that was never truly spoken of other than in tales that is who would lead the espada and would guide them toward whatever true goal they would have set in mind knowing that only victory was the outcome… this resolve and his overwhelming nature would have seemingly earned him the title of Primera Espada and the aspect of solitude upon his death…

However, the last espada that would be known across the lands would be Arturo Vela the easiest to be described for he was well known only for his love for destruction and the ability to cause it which granted him the number of sexta among the original espada and though not much was known of him during the one hundred year war his name would slowly being to become more spoken of as of late pushing him to be a rather surprising member among those around him taken what seemingly was the youngest title though not leaving his name unknown to those of the land which he ravaged….

So these would be the men that started the organization known as the Espada, The Generation Of Miracles, a group of seemingly misfit individuals that had grown to power through their own accomplishments and feats finally meeting under one name to form the most powerful organization within the sands of Hueco Mundo to rule over not just the little areas that they once did but it all as a whole for the name of a greater cause and to finally get rid of the problem which seemingly pushed them toward this drive for power known as the Shinigami…..
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Espada History
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