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Gwynevere bets on black
Gwynevere bets on black

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PostSubject: Gwynevere    Gwynevere  Icon_minitimeFri Jun 12, 2015 3:17 am

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»Name:(Gwynevere Wei)




»Birthday: (July 12th)

»Rank: (Lieutenant)

»Division: (Third)

Gwynevere  N0niGfe

»Personality: (Loud, cocky and obnoxious. Gwynevere lacks all the grace and piety that her namesake was known for. Her personality is tragically crass considering that she was once a sky wall flower. She's benignly sadistic. She doesn't so much enjoy the physical suffering of others, mainly just enjoying seeing them humiliated. She's kind to those she likes, treating them with kind respect even if it's a bit of a domineering love more than anything. She brags, and curses even when she is clearly outmatched and maybe even being defeated. Claiming how pathetic her foe is even if she's being curb-stomped.)

»Likes: (
Flowers, she used to pick flowers with her mother while she was alive, not that she'd eve admit it.
Getting more powerful, she likes seeing more and more powerful foes falling beneath her flip flops. Besides she needs to become powerful enough to kill Kensei and the rest of the captains some day.
Umbrellas, they keep the sun off of her porcelain skin, and keep her dry in the rain.
Kensei, he spared her life when he didn't have to. Made her more powerful than she could have ever dreamed of, and opened her eyes to a whole new world of power. She sees him as a father, older brother, and best friend.

»Dislikes: (
Water, she died by drowning in a river, so has a bit of aquaphobia.
The Thirteen Captains, she believes they sent her on a suicide mission to get her out of their way.
Hollows, you don't fight something for almost fifty years without developing a healthy hatred of them.
Kensei, he humiliated her by being her only target to survive her assault. He experimented on her, even implanting a hollow inside of her. He takes her around on his insane adventures. She sees him as a mountain to climb, and a target to kill.

Gwynevere  AKwUgTq

»Appearance Picture:(Optional image of character here, if too big put in spoilers)

Gwynevere  Hiyori-sarugaki-do-bleach-7

»Eye Color:(Brown)



»Hair Color:(Blonde)

»Extra:(A verticle scar starting two inches below her belly button and finishing two inches above it.)

»Appearance Description:(She's a short boyish young lady. She might become a loli at some point in her life. She's flat as a board, and very sensitive about it so don't mention it to her. She hardly has any fat on her body and is mostly lean muscles lacking any definition at all. She keeps her Hair in two spiky blonde pigtails.)

Gwynevere  R0nbQ83

»Historical Information:(Gwynevere was born as the daughter to two history nerds who were absolutely in love with Arthurian legends, and named her after the legendary queen Gwynevere Pendragon. Both of her parents taught at a university had had very good positions so she had a very pleasant childhood. She was surrounded by cute plushy things, and loving people. She still carries her love of fluff into her current incarnation.

When she was six the was a huge storm that lasted from early into the morning until late in the morning the next day. While her parents were outside their house checking out for damage she sneaked over to the storm canal that was a few yards away from house. She stood on the slanted surface of the canal and watched as the storm water rushed by. As she was in her usual flip flops while this going on, of course they slipped on the surface and sent her rolling down into the water. And of course she didn't know how to swim, so of course she drowned and ended up washed up on an embankment three miles away purple as a violet.

She woke up dead the next morning in the Soul Society and began her training as a soul reaper not too long after. The training was hard and Gwynevere didn't enjoy it very much at first. She lived such a sheltered life as a child that she'd never even known of hardship or strife in her life. So when she was faced with it in the afterlife she simply didn't know how to handle it. At first she shut down, became very withdrawn and didn't talk to anyone. Almost dropping out of the program. However at some point it came to time to spar with her fellow students with fake wooden swords. She finally had enough and just unleashed her full impotent rage upon her opponent  breaking his sword with a single blow, and breaking his bones not many strikes afterwards. Seeing an opponent broken and defeated before her like that awakened something in her that day. She liked fighting, and proving herself stronger than someone else. She liked being in charge and seeing people sniveling beneath her!

From that day on Gwyn ceased be be the quit little wallflower she was, and become the tomboyish runt we all know her to be today. She learned that she enjoyed rubbing her success in people's faces, she enjoyed boasting and humiliating people weaker than her. She wanted to get to the point where everyone in the society feared being humiliated before her. So she trained harder and harder. Went on more and more dangerous missions. She joined up with division three and went on many missions

She discovered if there was one thing she liked just as much as people begging for her mercy, it was them begging for her help. On her missions with her squad mates she play a little game where she'd only provide support to the people she liked. She was so good at her supporting roll that the team mates who were used to it found their combat efficiency severally hindered by it's absence. No one got hurt or killed by her doing this, she'd only with hold support until the person outright asked for her aid, at which point she'd supply it. It was a fun game for her, it reminded the team just how vital she was, especially when she saved them from the jaws of death.

It was only a game until her Lietenant a three other reapers went out on a mission together. They encountered a large force of hallows. Two of the other reapers were instantly killed, and eventually the third fell as well. Together the leutanant and Gwynevere managed to defeat most of the force, except for the largest of the hallows. It was a glorious fight and Gwynevere knew she could gain a lot of acclaim from it, maybe even a promotion... if there was a spot on the roster to be promoted to...

With her support the Lietant was even matched with the massive hallow. She scored a critical hit on the beast and just about had it defeated, when the beast unleashed it's Cero. With Gwyns support the attack was almost laughably avoidable. However at the worst time possible it seemed that Gwynevere's Kido sheild buckled under that blast, leaving the captain a smoldering blast. It was a tragic loss for The third division. However it was a new beginning, with the majorly wounded Hallow easy prey for Gwyn she dispatched it, and came back to base the only survivor of the massacre.

From that day she was promoted to Lieutenant and served admirably. It seemed that her lust for power was at last satisfied. She became less bloodthirsty and braggy after her promotion. She stopped all of her little games and treated each of her squad mates as treasured friends. Her captain was almost like a father to her, and she served the soul society with a new zeal. The whole thing became less about her, and more about defending those closest to her. Her personality mellowed out, and she actually became a loving person.

Leadership it seemed fit her well.

She was making many friends, and was starting to return to the friendly girl she was befored the joy was drowned from her lungs. She was actually becoming wildly popular with her divisions and beginning to eclipse her captain in fame.

So when the news that a Captain had defected from the society, and she was assigned to track him down of course she wanted to sign up. Her and twenty other soul reapers went after the captain of the 12 division.

The leader of her squad the captain from her own division sensed that something might have been off about the signature they were chasing after, so he sent Gwynevere to the 12th division to scope things out there. By some stroke of luck while she was checking out the division in question she saw Kensei escaping into the human world. She foolishly gave chase escaping into the human world as well and meeting him in battle.

He easily dispatched with her despite her best efforts. Then he opened her eyes to the truth. He claimed that he was he was the victim in all of this. More importantly he noted that Gwynevere had been sent to hear death by chasing after him. The rung with her heavily. It made so much sense. Why of all people was she sent alone to chase after the Real Kensei? Her own captain sent a well known support character to head after a captain? Why? Because her captain was afraid of Gwyn's sucess! They were afraid that she'd eclipse them and challenge them to their position. It was so clear now.

So long as Gwynevere was subservient to the soul society, she was useful. However once she started paving a path for her own she had to be dealt with. Now she understood, the society wasn't about protecting souls and the innocent they were all about their own selfish goals. That's why Kensei had been sent away too, they didn't need him anymore.

Then amazingly Kensei didn't kill her. He allowed her to live, and travel with him, so long as she submitted to a few experiments of his. Which she accepted. She couldn't go back to the soul society. Not until she was strong enough to change it to her vision. No more squabling Captains and their power struggles, just soldiers under one vision.

With Kensei she nursed her hatred for the soul reapers and their defunct system. She needed to gain more power, and Kensei was only too happy to supply it. He experimented on her, binding a hallow to her soul and transforming her into something he called a Vizard. Thanks to him she'd become more than Just a shinigami, she'd become the future of the soul society.

Until she returned to slay the captains of the soul reapers she would serve under Kensei. She was his devoted servant doing anything he asked of her. She was loyal to him without question, for it was him that gave her a true vision, and a true power. She'd serve so long as he was more powerful than her, once she was finally able to kill him, that's when she knew she was ready for the soul society. )

Gwynevere  LpOnnoQ

See Stat System For More Information

General Skills

  • Durability: Average

  • General Speed: Advanced

  • Strength: Proficient

  • Weapon Skill: Proficient

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Trained

  • Mental Deduction: Trained

  • Pain Endurance: Average

  • Focus: Trained

Racial Skills

  • Kidō:Dangerous

  • Cero/Bala:Advanced

Gwynevere  MPjUcuj

»Your Sample:("Where the hell are we? What the hell was that? Who the hell am I? How the hell did we get here? Why the hell are we here?" Five key and slightly vulgar questions we'd all come to ask ourselves, as we awoke on the other side of the veil.

I felt the first breeze of creation caress my check, awakening me from my death-like slumber. The sensation was odd, and shocking. Feeling where there had been none for what felt like ages. It wasn't just the wind, I felt something else. Grass. Lush and green. Like a sumpcious carpet beneath me. I was laying down. Where?

My eyes snapped open only to snap shut just as quickly. The orange light from the setting sun forced my eyes shut. My heart began to pound. I suddenly found myself with the unsettling realization that I didn't know where I was. I opened my eyes once more, and gritted my teeth waiting for them to adjust to the blinding intensity of the dull setting star. From my back I could see a cloudless blue sky, which grew darker, and more purple with the setting of that golden eye.

Then I heard it. A noise that put an end to my slow awakening. There was a scream. Then a gasp. My gasp. My own shocked gasp. I was not alone on that grass under that sky. There was another and he was having a worse time than me. It was a boys scream, manic and desperate in the worst way. I could hear him panting, and mumbling. Worse than that, I heard others. They groaned, whispered, and sounded just as confused as I felt.

I couldn't afford to lay on my back any longer. A boy was screaming, and I was still half blinded by the sun. I began to prop myself up on my elbows. I could feel that silky grass brushing against my forearms like a lovers dress. Had the sounds of terror not disturbed me, I felt like I could have spent an eternity rubbing my cheek against those soft blades.

With a great amount of effort I pushed myself into an upright position. My muscles moaned and creak, as if covered in an age's worth of rust. It was only now that my eyes were fully adjusted to the light, and at long last I could see.

A score of teenagers were spread across a field at the mouth of a forest. All of them looking like I felt. Like they'd just awakened from a coma. Most were still laid out on their backs, their brows twitching as they slipped into consciousness. A few were like myself and had managed to pull themselves into a sitting position.

There were at least forty of us. Just on the outside of some Brooding forest, some were even propped up against trees. The field it's self was nondescript, a few hundred yards of empty grassland. Beyond that, salvation. Some kind a building. Tall and beige. The survival part of my brain told me 'Hey now, there's a place you want to be. Only problem was that my legs felt like jelly filled bags. I couldn't even stand at the moment. No There was only one who was able to get himself up onto his feet and walk around, the screamer.

A tall lanky kid with glasses, and hair like coal. "Where the hell are we?" He screamed. His chested heaved up and down and his breath was labored.

I never learned his name but that was the first in a long list of questions we'd all come to ask.

I found strength in my legs. Watching him freak out like that, I wanted to do something. Wanted to put my hand on his shoulder and calm him. Slowly and shakily I rose to my feet. I felt like a toddler. Those first steps aren't as easy as you may think. I wondered how this boy had managed it. Maybe all that adrenaline was helping him out. I whished I'd had that. With all that was going on I felt inexplicably calm. Even when there was a voice in the back of my mind that was telling me something I didn't want to think about. That I don't know where I am, and I don't know who I am.

For that moment at least I was able to push that voice to the back of my mind. The boy was only ten feet from me, and I had long legs. I only had to make a few steps to make it to him. I just had to remember how to walk. One foot, and then the other. One foot, and then the other. One foot, and then the other.

That was my mantra. I threw my right foot out in front of me and crashed down on it. Then did the same with my left. Suddenly I was that much closer to the boy. I could almost touch him. I reached my arm out, and took another step. This time it was almost graceful. Just a few more feet. Left foot right, left foot. I was just inches from his shoulder just inches from comforting him.
Then he fixed me with those wide blue eyes. They were so filled with terror and confusion. They were so big and vulnerable. I was so enamered with his almost palpable fear that I didn't notice his fist flying into my jaw.

Now the kid was a scrawny little twig, but in my state he might as well been the heavy weight champion of the world. When his bony fist made contact with my jaw I crumpled to the ground. I felt the heat radiate from my jaw into my neck and skull. I was only vaguely aware of him dropping his knee into my stomach. "Where are we?" He mumbled manically. I opened my mouth to say something, I don't' know what. Then he punched me.

I could taste blood. That rich metallic tang. I could taste it running down my tongue, and pulling in the back of my throat. I didn't want to swallow, but I didn't want to gurgle on it either. I was so overwhelmed by my newest sense awakening that I hardly paid any attention to the boy throttling me.

Fingers around my throat, a ringing in my ear, blood in my mouth, and a familiar darkness was creeping into the edges of my vision. I was in danger of returning to that coma I'd just awoken from. I can't read lips ,but I was sure that he was still screaming his questions at him. If only the ringing in my ears wasn't so loud, maybe I would have heard them.

Then I felt those fingers being torn away from my throat, and my assailant being thrown off of me. I wasn't in the state of mind to question why. I could only gasp wildly as I forced as much air into my lungs as possible. The darkness at the edge of my vision began to recede. "What's wrong with you?" I heard being yelled over the ringing in my ears. "You're going to kill her!"

I forced myself onto my side, so I could see what was happening. I moaned silently as I felt a small stream of crimson spit drool out of my mouth. Directly in front of me there was a pair legs covered in blond hairs. The legs feet were stuffed into a pair of leather flip flops. Then further out from those legs was my assailant. That skinny terrified boy, scooting himself away from whoever my hero was. I shifted my head ever so slightly so I could get a look at my hero. Khaki shorts, and an orange Hawaiian shirt stretched across wide shoulders. "You were going to kill her!"

The boy kept on crawling backwards like a naughty dog. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." He whimpered. "Where am I? Where am I? Where am I?" He kept repeating it over and over, as he crawled further and further away from us. Until his back came into contract with a tree and he let out a terrible shriek. "I can't remember anything!" he cried out in shock.

His own scream awakened that voice in the back of my head. This time it was louder and more persistent. It kept on repeating one terrifying question. 'Who are you? Who are you? Who the hell are you?' I heard the voice screaming this into my mind. Which each utterance I felt something growing in the pit of my stomach. It was that same palpable terror that they boy was overcome with. The terror was overflowing from my stomach and spreading through my body.

I heard a growl from the treeline. If the voice in my head, and the ringing in my ears weren't so loud I would have given it a thought.

I closed my eyes, plugged my ears, and held my breath. 'Shut up. shut up. I don't know. shut up!' I had to shut it out, and shut it up. Couldn't think about that. I wasn't safe. It was getting dark. Couldn't let the terror rule me. Not yet, maybe later. not out here with the people. Maybe when I'm alone. Not with that kid. My throat was raw, and the taste of iron was making me sick.

I crawled up to my knees, and shoved the voice back into the void.

I got to my feet. The second time was harder than the first. My throbbing head wanted to pull me to the ground. I placed my hand on my hero's shoulder. Whether it was in thanks or for support I couldn't' tell.

He craned his neck to look at me. Short blond hair, and small brown eyes. A wide smile that stretched from ear to ear. "You okay?" His voice was soft, calming. Maybe because it was the fist voice I heard that wasn't screaming.

I nodded in the affirmative, and gave him a weak toothy smile. My teeth were dyed red from the blood. I broke contact with him and took a step backwards. They boy was still screaming. My head felt like it was going to split in two I couldn't take it.

Like a low thunder on the horizon I heard the growling again. This time I had the consciousness to head that call. "What was that?" I tried to croak out, but I couldn't find my voice.

There was a loud rustling from the forest. "What was that?" Some girl called out. A good ten seconds after me I might add.

My hero and I both took a few steps back. The boy however still kept on screaming his head off. Shut up, shut up. I still wonder what drove the boy to his madness. A panic attack? Did he know what was coming? Was he already insane. I couldnt' say. Not with any certainty.

What I do know however his how he met his end.

Out from the edge of the forest came a predator. It appeared only thirty feet to my left, and I could feel the stares of the others on the beast. It walked out with a sort of cockiness. It's four bizarrely muscular legs carried it out silently from the underbrush. It was a monstrous lion creature, with angry red fur. The mane was made of long spindly bards like those on a lion fish.

I felt myself freeze. As this creature coolly made it's way to the screaming boy. It's toothy maw pulled back into a snare, as it came closer.

The boys screaming only got more feverish as the thing approached. It was pure blind terror now as this creature made a B-line for him.

The Beast reared back on it's hind legs and stood at a foot teen feet tall. It's barbed filled mane fanned out like the hood of a lizard. Then it roared an ungodly cacophony of raged filled screams that made the ground under my feet quake.

Hell no.

I may have only learned how to walk a few minutes ago, but this thing was more than a good reason to learn how to run. I turned around and bolted. I didn't know where I was going, but it was away from that thing! As I turned I realized that everyone else had, had a similar idea. Only they'd had it much earlier. They were hundreds of feet ahead of me. I could even spot the orange shirt of my hero making a B-line for the concrete building.

I took my first step towards that building with a comfortable ease. It was like I'd been running my whole life. Good lord what if I was an Olympian, that'd be amazing. From behind me I could still hear the screaming. Only now it wasn't so much screaming, as horrible gurgling death throes. Talk about motivation.

I darted, dash, sprung, sprinted, shot, whizzed, and tore my way across that field. Clumps of grass and dirt flew out from under my feet. On the horizon was that building. Grey, and angular. Yet it shone with all the hope, and glory that a place of sanctuary could. Inside that building I could finally freak out. Away from that demon. That's be nice. A good long mental breakdown. Like that boy's, only quitter. Maybe I'd cry. Who knows? I feel like mental break downs should be a spur of the moment thing.

Beneath my feet the ground turned hard. The well manicured grass gave way to concrete, and nature became human engineering. I, and the rest of the kids found ourselves faced with a huge flight of squares. In my humble opinion these stairs seemed to match those found on a mayan pyramid. They were twenty feet wide and reach twenty feet into the sky. On either side were tall imposing walls, which I'd later discovered were actually planters. They made up a padio that over looked the fields, and forest.

For many of kids this signaled a good spot to rest. Behind us the beast was gone, along with the screamer. The stairs were tall and the run was long, but I pushed on. My lungs burned, my legs yelled horrible names at me, but I pushed on. Me and a few others. I could see of flash of orange to my left, and up ahead of me I could see a pair of feels clicking tiredly up the steps.

Until 'snap'. One of those blue heels bent awkwardly on the step, and the girl in them lurched backwards. She was like an avalanche coming right at me. A tumbling mass of silky black hair, and plaid blue cloth. It was like I was playing Donkey Kong. I was the plumber, and she was my barrel.

Jumping would have been such an easy solution, but not today. As she came tumbling towards me I bent forward, and scooped her up into my arms. Doubtless in the dwindling light I looked absolutely heroic. The Damsel was in my hands, the wind blew through my hair, and my godlike muscles bulged. All I needed was a flock of doves to fly over me.

I gritted my teeth, and did all I could not to fall down the stairs myself. I was half tempted to drop the girl. God she was heavy.

Maybe I would have too. Maybe I would have if she didn't look at me with those eyes of onyx. Those glassy orbs renewed my sense of altruism. That compassion had gotten me strangled earlier, but now it'd earned me the shy smile of a pretty girl. I call that an even trade.

Her stony eyes disengaged with my own as she turned her head aside. "Sorry." She grimaced. "I'm not used to running in heels."

"Neither am I." flip flops or best.

Her wide lips cracked into a slight smile. Her eyes kind of crinkled when she smiled. I like that. Her face grew troubled again, all too soon for my taste. A storm grew over her face. She was thinking of the boy, and the beast. I could tell. Those screams still hung heavy in the air. "What the Hell was that thing?" Little did I know that that would be my first encounter with a hollow. I'd come to have many many more with those monsters.

For now, shelter, and an answer to what's happened to all of us.)

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Gwynevere bets on black
Gwynevere bets on black

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Boom finished
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Kiando Gorre
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Kiando Gorre

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Everything looks good though the red is a bit much for the text and...well everything is all bunched but everything checks out..

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