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 Stat System Concern

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PostSubject: Stat System Concern   Stat System Concern Icon_minitimeThu Jun 11, 2015 5:26 pm

Hello you lovely people of Bleach LD. I am new to the site and have just posted an application. Everything was going great until I reached the part where you must distribute your points to your stats etc.

The thing is, I have no idea what any of this means and how it compares.

Quote :
Average: You are the weakest of the weak and the slowest of the slow. (0 Point)

Proficient:You are still weak but not as weak as before same with slow. (1 Points)

Trained:You are now trained in your strength and speed but you are still not that strong or fast.(2 Points)

Advanced:For humans this is the strongest and fast as they can get, to other races this is still weak and slow.(3 Point

Expert: You are now getting some where in your strength and speed you can now slay hollows of menos class. (4 points)

Dangerous: Your speed and strength are incredible you are at the midway point and can potentially stand up to a low level arrancar or shinigami.(5 points)

Skilled: Your power is now near it's full limit at what it can do. (6 points)

Master: This is the strongest and the fastest of the fast this is the final level of power your character can have.(7

I was given that as an example in which to distribute my 30 stat points. The system is pretty vague and doesn't explain what each level means. Nor does it give any really indication as to what the differences are from one level to the next.

I get that people must work and build up their stats. But it seems like a lot of work to put in for something that isn't well thought out. In addition to this, adding will skills to the equation exhausts the whole thing even more.

My suggestion would be that you ought to keep will skill separate from your general skill points. As in the amount you get to distribute towards them. As it stands, to have a balanced character, you must sacrifice a whole lot of other skills to keep it even. I understand that you can increase stats, but the system still lacks something.

It current have at least 6/7 unneeded levels to it. And these levels could be condensed into perhaps 4 categories. One can use even the basic principles of Bleach and apply it to this situation. Zan-Ken-So-Ki

Zan: Weapon Skill
Ken: Hand to Hand
So: Movement: Sonido, Shunpo, Hirenyaku etc
Ki: Kido, Ginto, Cero etc.

You could set that up into four stages. Unskilled, Skilled, Expert and Master.

Then you could take it a step further and add in stuff like physical strength, agility, will power, endurance etc. All part of the same system, but will different layers to account for different things. Then you could probably give a comparison between a skilled person compared to an expert or master. Heck. Why not throw in Reiatsu points into it? Since we all cant fight forever, and will eventually run out of juice during a fight, right?

Just a innocent suggestion. But may well turn into a valid one based on opinion etc.
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PostSubject: Re: Stat System Concern   Stat System Concern Icon_minitimeThu Jun 11, 2015 7:04 pm

As much as I appreciate this gesture, this site is laid back, so adding those into the mix like you suggest would just take away the laid back so I will not be doing that. Point blank in the stats it tells you the difference from Average to Proficent that is X2, Proficient to trained X3, and so forth. I do agree that they can't fight forever, but as stated before this is laid back so I will not be making those changes, as put if you want a strong character train for the stats you want. Human level is from Average-Advanced making that the base and final max power a human can ever achieve meaning this is the max point to a human's strength, and Expert-Master is the max point a Super Human or non-human can max out to in strength, speed, ect. That is explained from Human Stats to Super Human Stats, Humans can't surpass human stats unless Fullbringer.
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Stat System Concern
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