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 Relius Clover

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PostSubject: Relius Clover   Relius Clover Icon_minitimeThu Jun 11, 2015 1:27 pm

Relius Clover 4LASF5K

Relius Clover HTLITxl

»Name:Relius Clover

»Alias:The Nameless Hero of Vivar, Guilt



»Birthday: March 15th

»Rank: Espada

»Espada Group:  9

Relius Clover ZN5CUSo

»Personality: Relius is happy with himself; this also means that he harbors the ability to stand up for himself. Not just physically, but verbally as well. Relius sees himself as a man of great integrity, and he would never belittle himself or the actions that he takes. Relius was always seen as a man that could forgive and forget, he doesn’t hold grudges and can always find a way to move on with his life. Revenge only creates an unbreakable circle of violence, and preying on the weak who already lost the will to fight leaves a bad taste in his mouth. Playing into his personality, he doesn’t necessarily go for the killing blow. Relius only does what is necessary to keep himself alive. Relius can sure talk up a storm; he doesn’t have any problems with communicating with others. Relius can strike up a conversation with any individual, even shinigami. Relius has a great sense of humor and can make a joke about anything. Sometimes the best medicine is laughter, and it’s better to just laugh something off then keep it harbored inside. Relius always found a way to keep the feelings of others into consideration with his words and actions. Due to this fact he is incredibly understanding of how other individuals feel and can strongly empathize with them when tragedy or conflict strikes. Every choice made is influenced directly by empathy in the form of reaching a decision based on how he perceives others will react.

He might have good intentions, but they won’t come into play before his nap. Relius has a bad habit of putting things off and fooling around instead of taking things seriously. Going into his personality, he could be seen more often in the human world than huneco mundo. Even though Relius can mean well, it’s not that hard for him to have his attention split up. Relius could see a butterfly go past him in the middle of a conversation and completely tune out whatever the individual is saying. Most of all, hes not the one that talks the most, his bird like hollow companion does most of the talking for him half the time. His outgoing personality is only because he has Toto as a friend, Relius doesn’t speak much or at all when  Toto isn’t around and Relius is around people he doesn’t know well.  Relius has this strange problem of never sitting still, he could be twittering his thumbs or tapping his foot. Either way, Relius always finds his way to be active. His actions are similar to an individual that has ADHD. Relius is always finding something to do or finding something to entertain himself with. He can always seem to find ways to entertain himself, but those forms of entertainment is just as easily short lived.

»Likes:  paranormal studies- What happens when a ghost tries to study another ghost? Relius finds his own race entertaining, and he would do more of the hollow version of people watching than  munching away immediately.

Birds: Which is one of the reason why he keeps toto around. Relius sees the small bird like hollow as a pet,

Fighting for his own reasons: Nothing pouts Relius in the mood more than his own purpose for combat. When he feels inclined to combat someone, he's alot more serious and i kind of reminds him of when he was alive.

»Dislikes: Gambling: Relius used to have a gambling problem, Black Jack was his favorite game, but served as the bane of his existence at the same time.

Hangoers: Some would say that it’s simple, don’t drink if you don’t like hangovers. However, Relius  can’t help it, and being a spirit with a headache is definitely something he hardly enjoys

Cats- Cat hair makes him sneeze a lot, and  it can make him unbearable to be around. He doesn’t dislike the animal themselves, just the hair.

Relius Clover EQzAKwZ

»Appearance Picture:

»Eye Color:blue



»Hair Color:Brown

»Extra:Aspect of Death: Guilt, Relius harbors the emotion that indicates he violated a moral standard he believed in. That belief was the idea that even peasants had their place among kings, an equality standard and sacrifices that would not be in vain.  He rallied the pesants of vivar to take up arms and fight, only for them to be lost in time and not remembered. Instead, he bears the legacy by taking the credit of the 1000 men that died unwillingly. The guilt of being granted the honor he did not deserve,  and the looks on the faces of the families that lost their loved ones. That feeling is carved inside his soul.

»Appearance Description:The color of Relius’s eyes is Aquamarine blue.  Aquamarine blue eyes are clear, piercing blue-green and are very striking.  There is usually almost equal ratio of yellow to blue (with blue slightly predominating) in the iris.  Aquamarine blue eyes tend to resemble the clear tropical seas of the Pacific.

Relius also contains short brown hair. The hair color reminds you of amber, taking on a brownish yellow tone. The hair is usually slicked down due to his helmet like mask pushing it down.

Relius has pale skin color, which helps set off his hair and eyes. He contains no known blemishes and his teeth are well in order. Relius contains a fabulous bone structure along with mile high cheekbones. He also has long eyelashes, and full eyebrows. Relius has broad shoulders but his posture always tends to slouch, indicating a feeling of laziness. Relius has an athletic body, with full figured lips. He also has a small pointy chin and a snub shaped nose, which most researchers say to be the most appealing nose type. He also has a perfectly proportioned mouth. Relius does contain facial hair, a small soul patch that is the same color of his hair that is located on his chin. A soul patch is really a small patch of facial hair just below the lower lip and above the chin.

Relius’s hollow like attributes starts off with his helmet, it would remind an individual of a Viking helmet. It was a white mask with four horns, two horns on each side of the head and pushed a little outward showing a line. Relius’s mask only covers up his head and his nose, leaving the lower half uncovered. Relius’s hollow hole is located in the middle of his collar bone, but this does not affect his breathing at all. Finally, Relius contains a small bangle on the left arm, around the bicep. Relius wears the traditional arrancar uniform that consists of a white jacket, black sash, white hakama, black tabi and white zōri. Most of the time, Relius would leave the jacket open with the collar up. He also contains black gloves.

Relius Clover 2dNVYy1

»Historical Information:

Relius Clover was born in 1040 AD in Vivar, also known as Castillona de Bivar, a small town about six miles north of Burgos, the capital of Castile. His father Roberto Clover was a courtier and a cavalryman that fought in many battles and brought it upon himself to only have strong women give birth to his children. A warrior by the name of Isabella Hernandez was the one that was given the right to have Roberto’s child, she died shortly afterwards. His father’s duties have led Relius to be raised by his mother’s family, which was consider aristocratic. However, Relius turned out to be a humble child that even took pity on peasants. He spent most of his childhood helping around in Vivar, his large allowance was split amongst those who were less fortunate than he was. Relius even played with the other peasant children of the village, who gladly accepted Relius as one of their own. It definitely was a split between family ties, Relius’s behavior seemed unfitting and unnatural as a relative of the Hernandez family. As Relius grew older, he started to wonder why things were the way they are.

Relius was disowned by his father as soon as word came out, and he soon became one of the peasants that he loved to socialize with so much. However, this brought much of a rise amongst the peasant. There was even talk of kingship amongst their ranks, an individual that never considered them lesser. His teen years were practicing swordsmanship and chopping wood, which leads all the way back to the origins of the house of Clover. Relius never understood why his father saw his mercy as an impurity; it was a different feeling to him. Relius was a strong man, and started to get much attention within Castillonia. While making an honest living teaching the way of the sword and chopping wood, his story still stands as the king of the peasants. These words actually reached the ears of Rodrigo Diaz, who was also known as El Cid at a later time.

There was a shortage of men for the upcoming battle of the Moorish stronghold of Zaragoza. There was a promise of Relius being able to restore his name as royalty as well as given the chance for the peasant’s to prove themselves. Relius was told to sway the pedants of Vivar, and have been training them before the raid happened in 1057. It was a hard fought battle, most of the pesants died because they were at the front lines, Relius was at the front lines as well. Relius survived, but the same could not be said for the casualties of the men that put their faith in him. Relius was overcome with guilt, those brave individuals were labeled as nameless, and their existence into the battle was squandered as well. The nameless heroes of Vivar, was a real live event that was reduced to a peasant’s fairy tale. However, Relius’s service in battle was not neglected and he received his name of clover restored back to its original state.

Even as an aristocrat, Relius decided to live his life as a warrior instead. He needed to find a way to lose the feeling of regret he harbored towards the individuals that he basically lead to their death. In 1063, Relius met his end at the battle of Graus. He fought gallantly, but died with a spear going straight through his chest. As he was dying, there was this one ideal that he had left. War had no happy endings; it was only a means to an end. Relius felt guilty, he fought so hard and rallied the men of families, all so he could obtain his name. It was just a name, which was gone, becoming the nameless hero of Vivar. After his death, Relius felt like he was still here. He felt like there was still something that he had to do, he couldn’t abandon his people. This obsession grew, as he felt some attachment to Vivar. Any noble that harassed the peasant’s caused his chain of fate to deteriorate, becoming a hollow.

A Hollow

As a hollow, Relius was obsessed with standing up for the people who couldn’t stand up for themselves. Whenever he saw anything that posed as a threat towards the peasants, he attacked them and devoured them. The flavor and sensation of devouring was hard to ignore, and Relius continued to eat. People started to wonder if it was the retaliation of the peasant’s in Vivar, And sought to slaughter them. At that time, it was one of the biggest feasts that Relius came to be a part of. At the same time, Relius lost the drive and taste of humans and proceeded on to the great beyond. By the great beyond, what was really meant as the final destination was huneco mundo. Relius decided to test his worth against other hollows, awakening a lost feeling of fighting in the war. This excited him, the taste was also memorable.
His lifestyle as a hollow only consisted of eating other hollows, which resulted in his evolution into a Gillian. At that point, Relius lost all of his previous personality or desire to eat. He was motionless like a stone, The years went by immensely as bits and pieces of his mind started to come back to him. The hunger also returned, he started eating other Gillian. He devoured the Gillian just the same, and most of them didn’t even fight back at all. It was a horrid feeling, the pinnacle of suffering to lose yourself. To continue on without a purpose forever, it was definitely the horrors of his life. Even if the small purpose was just to feed on others, he would take that instead of being motionless.

Relius transformed once more after hundreds of years into an adjuchas, traveling the sands of huneco mundo and feeding on every hollow he came across. However, with every single hollow that he devoured, he started to remember a few things that he seemed to forget. The feeling he had when he died, it was still a unknown variable and he searched hard to find the answer. More years passed, and Relius came across a few hollows that were going to get killed by other hollow. He felt something as he watched, and jumped in the fray. He protected the weaker hollows from getting killed, or he tried to. There were so many of the hollows that were on his level, he brushed aside and watched in horror as the weaker hollows got killed. Relius then remembered completely what that feeling was, it was guilt. He hated himself and tried to break his mask in an attempt to end himself, but it had the opposite effect. It furthered his evolution and he became an arrancar.

As an arancar, Relius killed all of the other adjuchas, eating them as well. He also realized that the smallest of the adjuchas, a little white bird, was still present. The birds name was Toto, and it became Relius’s new companion. Since Relius never bothered to feed anymore, his hollow kills were basically meals for Toto. It seemed like a friendship, but Relius harbored the guilt of not being able to save Toto’s comrades, so he allows Toto to tag along to make up for it. He travels the sands of huneco mundo, the nameless hero of Vivar. His following is starting but will history repeat itself?

Relius Clover WFk4Ag9

See Stat System For More Information

General Skills

  • Durability:  Advanced

  • General Speed:  Expert

  • Strength:  Advanced

  • Weapon Skill: Expert

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced

  • Mental Deduction: Advanced

  • Pain Endurance: Advanced

  • Focus: Advanced

Racial Skills

  • Cero/Bala:


Relius Clover OPqcaY4

»Your Sample: Relius was busy thinking about the past, such a deep past it was. He looks at the sky as the hot sun beams upon his face. His hollow friend toto lands on his shoulder as he helps him look for shizu in the forrest. "Toto... did he really leave?" Toto makes a few caws before he answers." Ahh.. you idiot! It was bound to happen... hey.. are you listening?" Relius was too busy digging a hole, wondering if there was an underground city that Shizu had escaped to. "It was said that he retreated to an underground fortress or... something. " Toto started pecking Relius on his head, Relius ducks down and tries to protect it. "Ouch... why did you do that for?" "Ahh... your an idiot Reli... you are going to get yourself killed one of these days if your left alone for too long. " Relius smiles and pets the parrot like hollow. "Dude.. your my best friend. And thats one of the reasons why you decide to stick around, i'm not going to let anyone eat you... actually i would be quite upset if someone did. "I concurr young Relius..." "Your using that smart talk again.... you really... know how to... bore me to death. I mean that cant be entirely true, perhaps you mean well with your educational dialouge. But all i really know is ... well... how to.... walk around and... stuff." "Shut up Relius..... " Relius shrugs as he fills up back the hole, he wipes the sweat off his forehead and then heads deeper into the forrest. "Very quiet in here, i wonder what everyone is doing. Most likely running for their lives, that seems to be what everyone is doing nowadays. Trying not to die is... the normal around here. This is why i like the human world better, you get to stay away from all of the random nonsense that goes on in huneco mundo. And...... i still didnt get my free taco...." "Being an arrancar doesn't mean that you get free food Relius...." "Relius looks at the strange bird and shakes his head." "Toto, you are a very funny person......" From what is apparent to Relius, he is talking to his best friend toto...that doesnt exist. Toto is his imaginary friend that Relius has created in response from the shock that he received of getting his butt handed to him from salzabor. Apparently, being insane is contagious as Relius continues to have conversations with himself. He begins to realize this as he rubs his eyes a few times and check on his wound that Salzabor inflicted. "Yep... still crazy... but i still cant get that voice out of my head." "Hey bro..im not just a voice.." "Relius rubs his mask a few times and looks around, the bird was nowhere to be found but he can still...hear him." "Toto?" "Yes its me.... " "How are you doing that?" "Shut up Relius, act natural... someone is coming..." Relius jumps back and has his hand on his sword, he was not sure who to expect, all he knew was that he had to defend himself.

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Denied you are not an Espada, you do not get 30points
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such a short Sample but approved make your application to the organization by using the template located here.http://bleach-ld.forumotion.com/t27-organization-template

then posting it here http://bleach-ld.forumotion.com/f12-organization-applications
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Relius Clover
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