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 Kensei Kontan

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PostSubject: Kensei Kontan   Kensei Kontan Icon_minitimeThu Jun 11, 2015 1:05 am

Kensei Kontan 7binD31

Kensei Kontan YFnOF7T

»Name: Kensei Kontan

»Alias:The Black Death

»Age: 756

»Gender: Male

»Birthday: 12/21

»Rank: Ex-Captain

»Division: 12th

Kensei Kontan N0niGfe


"Look beyond the obvious, see past the face and into the heart."

Kensei, surprisingly, is a very honorable person. While he may seem distant and cold, even to potential allies, he genuinely cares about those he forms bonds with, be it friends, subordinates, or rivals. Kensei will usually avoid killing the defenseless, but if it must be done, he will not hesitate. In battles where someone challenges him, if they do not interest him, he will gladly kill them, but if they do interest him, he will scar them, but try to inspire them to try again when they are stronger. Kensei genuinely enjoys a challenge, and loves to inspire people, regardless of how it may seem to others. Even though he has a sense of honor, it is shaky at best, and hard to pinpoint where wrongs and rights are when dealing with Kensei. For example, in a fierce battle with someone, Kensei will often spare them for no reason, yet he will, just as often, murder them for no reason as well.

"I have always seen things in a different way. Everyone sees things from their own perspective, mine just tends to be more indiscriminate."

To go along with his deranged sense of honor, Kensei is very understanding. He has the interesting ability to see from another person's perspective. While not really an 'ability' so much as a state of mind, it is indescribably useful when leading a group. While Kensei dislikes failure, he will not punish his subordinates when he knows it is not their fault. He will, however, push them to try harder next time, and perhaps even spend time training them to make sure they can do it better, whatever 'it' in the given situation is. Complications arise when it is indeed the fault of his subordinate, which causes him to get very annoyed. Such cases are when one of his allies lets their emotions control them, causing the failure. Kensei is also a good listener, giving advice to nearly every situation, except relationship advice. Asking him for relationship advice would be similar to asking a blind man to describe colors. That is to say, his experience with relationships is... nonexistent. In fact, Kensei may become confused when flirted with, or simply embarrassed. That is one of the few situations he doesnt know how to react to.

"Do not test me."

Kensei's most powerful, yet rarely shown emotion is his rage. Very few things can actually enrage him. Destroying his property, he can deal with. Killing anyone he cares about will enrage him fully. Unlike most rage, Kensei's rage is a cold focus, forcing him to focus on how to kill someone, disregarding most others. Should someone attempt to get in his way, his rage will partially direct towards them, but if it is an ally, he will probably listen to reason. For most, rage is a distraction, while for Kensei it is a focus. This means he may become less observant on the whole, but more observant when it concerns the target of his rage. Because of his rage, Kensei has tried his best to learn how to control his emotions.

"You lost the moment you decided to make me your opponent. I see through all of your tricks, boy."

Kensei is quiet, reserved, and calm. Because of this, he listens far more than he speaks, which has made him become far more observant than the normal person. Of course this also instilled a joking paranoia within him. He offer thinks to himself, in a joking manner, that everything is out to kill him. For the most part, this is to amuse himself, but it also helps to compare potentials to reality, giving him an incredibly accurate judge of character and intentions. His observations, early in life, caused him to become quite intelligent, in many areas. Often, he will sit in a class in the human world just to learn more. He is very interested in new inventions and discoveries, and seeks them out frequently.

"I don't give a damn what you are, I only care about who you are."

Kensei, regardless of paranoia, does not care much about race, gender, or age. He never understood racism, sexism or other forms of discrimination, and he does not tolerate it. To put it simply, bigots enrage Kensei to an extreme degree, but not enough for him to kill them outright, unless they do something exceedingly stupid. If a hollow pledges to follow him, he will not care, so long as he/she is loyal. The only things Kensei really hates are boredom, and bigots. He hates boredom to such a degree that he will do random things to alleviate his boredom, even at minute levels. This means if he gets the slightest bit bored, he may create some random invention that simply should not exist.


  • Science - The information provided by science is both abundant, and useful. Kensei loves learning, so science is an obvious enjoyment.

  • Sex - Who doesnt? More than that, Kensei does not experience physical pleasure in almost any manner, so the one obvious way to experience it is through sex.

  • Discussing controversial things - Kensei's... strange mentality disrupts his ability to understand why certain things are controversial. In this, he may learn why they are and further his understanding of the psyche.


  • Talking with people who are fucking stupid - No one likes having to explain why grass is green, Kensei likes it even less than most people.

  • Listing things - Kensei dislikes having to place things down on paper, especially in list formation. This is because he finds it hard to rate things in terms of best to worst, without including variables and possible scenarios in which the list is not true.

  • Being interrupted - It is rude and childish. Period.

Kensei Kontan AKwUgTq

»Appearance Picture:

»Eye Color: Yellow

»Height: 6'2"

»Weight: 210lbs

»Hair Color: Black

»Extra:  Aside from his piercing eyes and swept back hair, only his facial hair really stands out. His mustache is disconnected in the center, forming the two ends of the mustache without it ever meeting. His chin strip beard is connected to a soul patch which seems to be a straight line of hair. Added to that is the odd, triangular spikes of hair which grow diagonally towards his eyes from the end of his sideburns on both sides of his face.

»Appearance Description:

"I refuse to lose who I am!"

Kensei attempts to look more human than anything, due to his love of humanity. Kensei prides himself on how human he looks, while some once belittled him for it. Due to this, he often took trips to the human world to steal or buy clothing, depending on whether or not he could get his hands on any experimental bodies to possess. Ironically, he cares little of fashion, simply wanting to look more human than shinigami. When he was younger and weaker, it became something of a joke that he would preform such tasks for the sake of seeming human. Many of his superiors at the time believed it was because he wanted his opponents to underestimate him. Not many realized that it was simply his way of stating that he may not be physically human, but he would never lose his humanity. He refused to.

"I am me, not you. Do not expect me to try to change that."

The first thing one must note of his attire is his long trench coat, which is open in the front. The inside and outside are both black, though the sleeves are covered in a red pattern. The neck of the trench coat displays another red pattern on the inside, giving Kensei a theme of red and black, often in swirled patterns. His pants are simple jeans, which are baggy enough to leave room for both comfort and movement. They are held up by a tight belt, which has a gold buckle, while the rest is made of brown leather. Finally, his shoes. His shoes are boots with two belts, one right above the ankle, and one a few inches above that one. Both boots are black, leather, and they add an inch to his height. Aside from that, one would note the cross on his neck, and the hat on his head. The hat was his attempt to keep the sun out of his eyes. The wide brim was his main reason, but the fluff feather on his left side helped with his choice. The hat is a typical captain's hat, but the black outside and red inside match Kensei's color pattern perfectly. The cross on the other hand, was a gift his mother gave him when he was still alive. While his memories are foggy, he remembers that moment perfectly. Gaining the cross was easy, since he did it as soon as he could. The cross, to him, symbolizes the strength of his resolve to remain himself, regardless of all other things, and it reminds him of his religion constantly, telling him that he must keep moving forward, regardless of outside influence.

"My body may not be the most adequate depiction of my strength, but that does not mean I will accept any less than the best for it."

In his life, he was weak at first, but he honed his body and craft into a deadly weapon. In his new life as an vizard he decided to keep his body fit, regardless of the fact that it did not actually matter. He knew that regardless of how the body of an vizard looked, they could be strong. Physical fitness as an vizard did not show physical strength. Actually, the appearance of any spiritual being could easily be deceptive when it came to strength. The gillian and Vasto Lordes proved that much. Because of his pride in his human life, he strives to maintain the peak physical form he had as a man. Unlike body builders, who are called form physiques, and even function physiques, Kensei simply focuses on moderate musculature rather than the ridiculous protruding muscles that form and function physiques have. Overall, Kensei has well defined muscles with little to no body fat, giving way to someone who looks designed to fight.

"You must show your power in your posture, to let your opponent know you have already won before the battle begins."

Kensei shows an interesting posture, both in battle and out of battle. For the most part, Kensei seems to be constantly bored with the way he either folds his arms, or simply holds his hands in his pocket. His relaxed posture shows little interest in the enemy, either intimidating them or infuriating them. He rarely smiles, even among friends, though most of his friends can tell his emotions rather easily due to simply knowing him so well. Generally speaking, Kensei's mouth is in a constant frown, though due to the angle of his eyebrows, he may look angry. Everything else in his posture denotes pure boredom. He stands with his spine straight up, and stares people dead in the eyes, giving him the presence of a leader. Although most of his face rarely moves, his eyes often narrow or widen, though not very overtly.

Kensei Kontan R0nbQ83

»Historical Information:

Kensei Kontan Dracul11

Born in the year 858, in the Byzantine Empire, Kensei was born into nothing. His blood was poor, and almost all his family were dead. In the early years of his life, he learned that he was different in many ways. Other kids liked to talk to each other, while Kensei often preferred silent contemplation. He was always smarter than other kids, even most adults. Not only that but his physical strength and speed were much higher than anyone he knew. The biggest difference was in what he saw. Other kids had imaginary friends, things that didnt exist to play with, to ease their confusion of life. Kensei's tried to eat him. Repeatedly.

Realizing how no one took the threat of these beings seriously, Kensei trained his body. Every day, he worked hard to be able to fight these monsters. For most, the idea of killing a giant demon would be frightening. Kensei took it as a challenge. Unfortunately, his body was not ready to begin training as much as the adults did. Even so, he, as a child, was stronger than anyone he knew personally, and aspired to be the strongest man in the world. A daunting task for anyone, but even as a child, Kensei's ambition was limitless. 

Kensei eventually earned money through both legal and illegal ways. He did anything he could to get money, except of course sex, he was only ten at the time after all. Eventually, the Royal General heard about his ambition and the two made a deal... which is to say the Royal General kidnapped Kensei and put him through the most rigorous training he could. Kensei excelled at everything except spying. From assassination to frontal assaults, Kensei was a born strategist. The Royal General decided to keep teaching Kensei until he was able to withstand the full physical training. In fact, the only flaw Kensei really had was his inability to function in a normal life. His mind was constantly moving him, urging him to do something. The Royal General abused that, making Kensei read and learn as much as he could, hoping to create a weapon of war.

It is very likely if Kensei hadnt made a habit of beating the shit out of anyone who crossed a certain alley, then steal their money, he would never have been found out to be skilled by the General. Kensei proved his usefulness and the General formed an idea. It didnt matter that Kensei was an orphan, it only made it easier for him. Kensei was a clean slate, which let the General mold him into whatever he wanted. The General wanted a weapon, and he would eventually get it. 

When Kensei was finally caught trying to look up the creatures he had seen in the library, the General realized that Kensei was even more different, both a good thing and a bad thing. As it turned out, the General decided that Kensei seeing whatever he did was neutral, since it neither helped nor hindered him. Actually, it helped him, in a round-a-bout way. It had been the spark to ignite his motivation. The General did not care about it, and left Kensei alone, though Kensei was often picked on from the recruits around his own age. They left him alone rather quickly though, due to both the General's favoritism and Kensei's lack of mercy.

Teen Years
Kensei Kontan Kenpac10

Kensei's body finally began to develop, causing the General to literally throw him into physical training, often involving lions, tigers, bears, and once, an elephant. Kensei survived all of it, and became stronger for it. From his 13th year until his 16th, he did little but physical training and drills. Anything physical. As it turned out, regardless of the fact that Kensei was stronger than average, he was jack shit compared to any trained soldier. He sought to rectify that. 

The Royal General, after Kensei's basic training, began to personally train Kensei in the use of swords. Kensei took especially well to both single and dual sword style. He was horrible at first, only reacting to moves, rather than using a style. As it turned out, he never developed a style, he simply became so good at predicting and redirecting attacks, he didnt need it. Kensei became known as Death Eyes, which he enjoyed greatly. His time with the general had carved a sadistic pleasure into Kensei, where he began to enjoy the fear he received. 

His first time in war was also his most famous, up until his death. The Battle of Bathys Ryax was his first battle, in the year 872. The specific orders were to kill any of the Paulicians who did not recant. Kensei did not give them a chance. In this specific battle, Kensei killed hundreds of men, armed and not. Children and women were not spared either, dying at Kensei's hands. As with many things in his life, his lack of honor until then was caused by his time with the General. He had never learned mercy or generosity. He only learned power and how to use it.

Over the next few years, Kensei encountered a variety of opponents who spoke of honor, and he decided to find out what this honor was. He looked to the libraries, which spoke of morals, he sought out the knowledge of more experienced soldiers, who scoffed at the idea, he sought out anything that could help him understand, until he began to look into Christianity. At the time, Christianity was a very skewed religion, preaching both love and, due to the influences of politics, hate. Kensei grew irritated at the terms he did not understand, Morals, Honor, Love, Hate, Hope... 

To combat his newfound ignorance, Kensei sought out the information which only civilians seemed to have access to... rumors. Yes, Kensei eavesdropped on hundreds of conversations, trying to see if there was something he could learn from the weaker but often smarter civilians. He heard many rumors of 'making love', and began to ask about it. Unlike present society, the culture of the ninth century was filled with people willing to explain. In that year, Kensei began to 'make love' to many different women, still trying to understand what love was. 

When he finally broke down and asked one of the girls, she laughed and explained the idea of love, which partially confused Kensei, but he questioned it no more, having found his answer, though he barely understood it. After that, she became his informant for all social things, which was both hilarious and downright depressing, as she was two years younger than him. 

Kensei Kontan Bleheh10

When does a boy become a man? When he first takes a life? When he lives on his own? When he grows mentally? If it were any of those things, Kensei would have been an adult by the age of twelve. For Kensei became a man when he learned how to not kill, yet still win. Mercy was not something Kensei was familiar with, but he used it on those who interested him enough. He wanted a challenge, someone to test himself fully against, an opponent he could stop holding back against. He saw many potential rivals,  but none grew as he wanted them to. 

After so many years of being the best, of being the human weapon for the Byzantine Empire, Kensei tired of it all. He did the unexpected, killed the Royal General, slaughtered the platoon of soldiers nearby and escaped without a scratch. The reason he was capable of doing this was due to his discover of reaitsu, a power he had no name for until after he died. The main use of this power was the ability to exert his will into the physical world, by means of hardening his body, predicting attacks, and simply overpowering anyone with a weak will, with nothing but his willpower.

Kensei left the Byzantine Empire, becoming a renowned mercenary. He lived his life with enough money to be called a noble, buying expensive clothing because he liked it, rather than because it was in fashion. Yes, even in those days, people flocked to each other's opinions like flies to honey. Kensei became known for a great deal of things. His reiatsu, his swordsmanship, his strange sense of honor, his stoic face, and his lust for a challenge to his skills. Eventually, he found the challenge he had been waiting for.

Yusabi was a man who had trained much harder than Kensei had, for much longer. He was also gifted with reiatsu. The problem? He was a shinigami gone rogue. He believed humans were the real enemies, not hollows, and began to slaughter as many humans as he could. When he met Kensei, he was determined to kill him. The hundred year old shinigami was amazed at Kensei's skill, and his manipulation of reiatsu. Unfortunately for Kensei, Yusabi was a decent shinigami, which meant he made even superhumans look weak. Unfortunately for Yusabi, Kensei did not know how to quit. Eventually, they ended their fight with each of them stabbing each other in the heart, though it was apparent that Yusabi had far more wounds, a testament to Kensei's sheer skill with his sword.

Kensei Kontan Hollow10

Even though he had skill with reiatsu, and had died by a zanpokuto, Kensei had died as a human, and became a hollow due to his anger. Anger was the first thing he felt, but he had been in control of it for years. For little more than a week, Kensei was a raving monster, devouring all in his path. After that week, however, he began to remember things about his life. His dying mother, giving him the family cross, the General's training, his favorite subjects to learn about, and his religion. Kensei eventually got another hollow to talk about what he was now, the hollow, a vasto lordes who was surprisingly kind, spoke of how Kensei had lost his humanity, to which Kensei replied simply 'I refuse.' 

The Vasto Lordes, as it turned out, was an old hollow who had come back to his senses and acted human once more. Kensei was lucky that the Vasto Lorde found him so interesting. The information Kensei secured from the hollow was unbelievably helpful. Finally, the Vasto Lordes had one condition for giving Kensei the knowledge, which he had spoken of only after he had done so. The Vasto Lordes was tired of living as a monster, and asked for Kensei to kill him. Kensei replied that he would devour him when Kensei became a Vasto Lordes himself, if he still wished it. They parted on decent terms.

Of course, Kensei was still a very low level hollow, and he wanted to get stronger. Doing what any hollow did, he ate. However, unlike the others, Kensei trained. It got him into a few dangerous situations because he often tired himself out with training, but he was able to survive. Kensei's first few years as a hollow were usually filled with nothing more than eating and training, since most other hollows couldnt speak yet. Kensei had always been different, death had not diminished this.

Kensei did not go into Gillian state, he went straight to Adjuches. The reason is simple. Kensei's power of overpowering other people's wills with his own had persisted through his death. The sheer power of his will easily crushed any other he had consumed. It took years, but Kensei eventually reached the top, becoming a Vasto Lordes. He killed and ate the Vasto Lordes he had first met, becoming incredibly powerful because of it, along with his own power. 

However, the loneliness began to weigh on Kensei. He was never one for enormous crowds of people, but he had small groups of friends in life, but in death...

After searching for many years, hundreds, Kensei found an answer. Upon finding the material known as 'Seki Seki', Kensei delved into the sciences behind spiritual transformations. While the knowledge was rather common in Seireitei, it was much harder to come by in Hueco Mundo. In this, Kensei spent many years on his own, researching the differences between Hollows, Humans, and Shinigami. Unlike most, though, Kensei's goal in his research was not an increase in power. In fact, if he were correct, he would become far weaker than his current state, at the gift of humanity.

That was the plan, at least.


Kensei Kontan __hawk_eye___mihawk_by_yukinokarasu-d5bvon5

In reality, Kensei's experiments had transformed him into a shinigami, as he could not replicate a chain of fate that bound humans to their bodies. Worse, his prediction of power loss was correct, though it was not as bad as it could have been. Rather than reverting to the shinigami equivalent of a gillian, Kensei retained enough power to roughly match a captain in battle, though he had neither his former cero abilities, nor new shinigami abilities, instead being a powerhouse, with little to no skill in anything other than swordsmanship, which he had managed to remember from his previous life.

Kensei's escape from Hueco Mundo was one for the record books, as never before in history had any shinigami beat a hollow into submission enough for it to open a garganta, especially when said hollow was an adjuches close to reaching Vasto Lordes. As amusing as the event was, it was also proceeded by more absurdity. While Kensei had no body, he found he could still read and learn about the way the human world had grown since his death. When he read up on his former empire, Kensei was rather amused to hear of his own legend, although hearing he had reached his title of "Strongest Man in the World" was truly incredible, even if it had only been declared after his death. The history books even suggested his deeds were myths! Even better, though, he had managed to remember the majority of his life through these books.

Kensei's fascination with the human world eventually dwindled, just enough so that his curiosity about the Seireitei was more prevelant. This meant he had to track down a shinigami and explain the situation. He tried that, five times. Each time the Shinigami suggested he visit something called the "Maggot's nest", and he suggested they visit hell. Finally, Kensei decided to make up a story about how he had been trapped in Hueco Mundo for so long that he forgot how to use the Senkaimon. The sixth shinigami he met believed his story and helped him to enter Seireitei.

Kensei's presence was immediately noted by just about anyone worth their weight in copper. The Captain Commander at the time, as well as most of the captains, appeared before him demanding answers. Deciding to prevent everyone from believing him insane, Kensei explained the situation using the false story that he had used to convince the shinigami to open the Senkaimon for him. For the most part, he was believed and put through several tests of character, before the Twelfth Division Captain decided to 'take him under his wing'. In reality, it was quite the opposite, as Kensei constantly had to correct the man. It did not help that Kensei was more blatantly powerful than him. As such, the Twelfth Captain did a very Kenpachi-ish move, challenging Kensei to a death battle. Kensei easily dispatched the Captain without a problem, and because of it, ascended to captaincy, having learned of the usual shinigami things through said captain.

During Kensei's time as a Captain, he delved into the sciences behind everything, and nothing. When Kensei learned of space and of the concept of space without matter, he became incredibly curious as to how this was possible, and began to research how it was possible for nothing to exist. Of course that became unimportant once something horrible started to happen, or rather, resurface...


Kensei Kontan My_mas10

In his hurry to become human again, Kensei had overlooked the importance of a body, as well as the stubborn nature of reiatsu. While most of his reiatsu had changed into that of a shinigami, a tiny, imeasurably small portion of his reiatsu had maintained its Hollow Nature, not relenting to the experiments he went through. The amount of hollow reiatsu inside of him, however, was so small that it laid dormant for well over fifty years. During those fifty years, he had managed to become the Captain of the Twelfth division... famous for his experiments.

Because of his rather well known experiments, it was assumed that he had turned himself hollow when his mask first surfaced. In this, Kensei was ordered to appear at a trial. Because he wasnt stupid, Kensei knew quite well what would happen, and simply ran. Using his vast reserves, Kensei enfused a massive portion of his reiatsu in a small orb, throwing it towards the other side of the Seireitei, distracting his pursuers enough that he could escape to the human world. Because of this, he survived relatively unscathed. However, his hollow reiatsu began to develop a personality, which was not very helpful towards Kensei's goal of becoming human. In fact, according to his research it made it entirely impossible. However, Kensei was not one to be deterred, and decided living like a human, in the living world, was enough. Besides, he would likely lose an incredible amount of his power if he went human, which would make him easy pickings for any spiritual being above shit tier.

Kensei eventually settled into a nomadic lifestyle, writing books and earning quite a hefty sum of money, allowing him to live as a very VERY wealthy human, except he wasnt human. Instead, he created a custom gigai to allow him to seem human, while keeping his power, Zanpokuto, and Mask. Kensei rather loved the design of his mask, and decided to wear it as much as possible, even creating a false one for when he was too tired to bring out his actual mask.

Kensei Kontan LpOnnoQ

See Stat System For More Information

General Skills

  • Durability: Advanced

  • General Speed: Master

  • Strength: Dangerous

  • Weapon Skill: Dangerous

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Expert

  • Mental Deduction: Expert

  • Pain Endurance: Advanced

  • Focus: Advanced

Racial Skills

  • Kidō: Average

  • Cero/Bala: Proficient

Kensei Kontan MPjUcuj

»Your Sample: Kensei stared at the fool before him. Was this child serious? He wanted training? Kensei supposed it was possible, but why would a little kid want to be trained by Kensei? Not that he wasnt ridiculously powerful, but a child would only want to be trained by such a monster if he had a very powerful ambition. "Tell me little hollow... why should I stop and train you?" The question was spoken with the same authoritative voice he used when commanding one of his subordinates. Firm, deep, but calm. The fact that the boy did not even flinch was interesting enough, but when he responded that he wanted to become an espada himself, Kensei was decently impressed. To hold such ambition as a child, barely out of their thirties... Well, perhaps the hollow was a child as a hollow, but if he were human, he would be an adult. Humans developed faster, it was a simple fact. Not many knew that there were born hollow just like there were born shinigami. Fewer cared. Sad enough that no one really bothered to look into the prospect of cross breeding naturally, but to find that no one even really understood what a hollow was, other than hollows themselves...

Kensei smirked. "Are you prepared to go through hell to achieve your goals? You will feel more pain than you could imagine, go through worse events than you have heard, and you will be tested in fire. Are you prepared for that?" The boy looked nervous for about half a second, before his posture and expression became resolute. He nodded. Kensei grinned fully now, the boy was an interesting hollow. "Very well. Go test yourself against one of the numeros, Ill even let you pick."

Normally, Kensei would not be so interested to see such a child fight, but when the child had such ambition that it was practically palpable... He got excited. That was, until the child was literally eaten by the numeros in two seconds flat. Kensei sighed, face morphing into an emotionless stare. Sure, the kid had ambition, but without strength it was useless. He could have stepped in for the kid, but it was so sad it wasnt even worth the trouble. When you want to train under Kensei himself, you have to at least have some modicum of power. Hell, the numeros the boy had chosen was the weakest in all areas. Kensei was unsure why he was even alive, but it didnt matter. The strong devoured the weak, and the weak but ambitious had the chance to become strong. The fact was, the boy would have died the second Kensei began to train him. Literally, one second in and the boy would have died, especially since the first lesson Kensei bothered to teach anyone is how to dodge. Some even attempted to block when he attacked, which was commendable, but fruitless. Like trying to block a meteor with a pencil, they always failed... except for those who were his level, but that was a given.

He found himself sad though. A boy who could have held potential had ended up dying. It was depressing to think he may never meet his perfect apprentice. Someone who could keep up with him, who could at least give him a challenge. Perhaps even someone who could match his intellect as well as his power. That would be fun...

That was when he saw her. At the time she was just another arrancar in the crowd, but Kensei saw something in her different. She was not stronger than the others really, but she was... different. It was like looking at himself when he was younger. She was probably older than him, but he was one of the people who aged far faster mentally than he did physically. His physical age was somewhere around two hundred, but mentally... he didnt have the patience to count that high. Either way, he could tell this one was special. Perhaps she would come into power, perhaps she would die like the rest, but Kensei simply knew, whatever she did, it would be interesting.

At worst, the girl would fail, which was no problem considering Kensei was effectively immortal. The real question he wanted answered was WHY. Why did this girl stand out, when the others, many of which were stronger than her, failed to grasp his attention at all? What made her special? He wanted to find out. Following his natural curiosity, Kensei decided to choose her. After all, why choose the boring and obvious choices, when the special one was right in front of him, wanting his attention even more than the others.

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[quote]»Age: 1156[quote]

We are laid back on the ages but anything over 1000 is too much for me sorry
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Decreased to 756
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you have 37 points. . .that is not the amount of points you start with
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I screwed my math up a little... what I get for doing this so late at night lol. It should be right now, 30 from captain vizard, 5 for racial leader bonus that you mentioned in the cb, and 1 from rp sample, boosting Cero/Bala from Trained to Advanced
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